Monday, January 30

MMH #16

1. How cute are these nails? 
I'm definitely all over the whole Nautical thing. 
2. I've wanted a fork ring for a long time, but, alas I couldn't find one. I can't wait to try and make my own! 
3. I love my hair, but I wish I could do messy buns. But instead it just lays flat. All the time. I thought the bird pin was especially cute.
4. How adorable are these cupcake gift boxes? My BFF Tanner would love one of these... too bad his birthday was in December. 
5. Hello. Would you like to come home with me?

Also, if anyone has any good recommendations for little black dresses I'd LOOOVE to know. I've tried nearly everywhere, and I cannot find a cute (tasteful. modest. classy.) one. 

Sunday, January 29

havin' a hallelujah good time

Sunday's are hard days for me. 
If you know anything about my life story (Yes. I am aware that I've barely began my life.) you may understand why. Then again, you may not. 
I've went to church since before I was born. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the ripe old age of three. At Mancelona Youth Camp I rededicated my life to him when I was around 13 (14?). So you could probably be safe in saying that I've spent the majority of my Sundays in a church. With my family. 
Church was my safe house. When my Daddy lost his job my freshman year of high school things got a little hard, but church was where everything was always normal. Church was where I had people who anonymously left Christmas gifts on our doorstep. Church was where I'd sit next to my Daddy and he'd lean down and whisper how pretty I looked. Church was a good, safe, beautiful place. 
Then a day came when even church wasn't so normal anymore. My sixteenth birthday. The day my Daddy died. It was unexpected. It was brutal. And even church became hard to go to. Not because I hated God. Not because I blamed God. But, simply, because Daddy wasn't there. It ended up that I had big shoes to fill, being his daughter and all. 
Even now that I go to a whole different church than the one I was raised in, it's weird. It's weird walking into a church without a Daddy there. It's weird. But, you know, that's okay. It's how my life is now, and I refuse to be bitter. I refuse to let what has happened to me define who I am as a person. I refuse to be sad all the time, because I deserve to be happy. Maybe your circumstances are out of your control. Maybe you're not able to work at your dream job. Maybe you've lost your best friend, be it by death or by a falling out. I only have one thing to say to you: Be joyful. Do not let what's happening define who you are as a person. I'm not going to say it's easy, but it is possible. Optimism is a lifestyle choice, choose it. Nobody is bring you down but yourself. 

On a lighter note: If you know what the title is from (without google) we will surely be best friends for life, guurl. 

Saturday, January 28

Six Tips for the New Blogger

I've been blogging on Ivory Giraffes for a little over a year now. Although I'm by no means extremely successful in the blogosphere, I have learned a few things. I still consider myself a newbie, but I've compiled a list for those who are first timers. (And included some of my all-time favorite pictures from the past year)
1. Be true to yourself. 
As much as I wanted to be anonymous, it was hard. Really hard. And looking back at my earlier posts I can tell that in my fight to be anonymous I changed how I talked. I created a new persona to go along with my new name. My whole reasoning behind revealing my real name is because I needed to be true to myself. And since then I've found that I love blogging even more than before. It's not a chore. I don't have to gear myself up to be someone else. Being true to yourself may not guarantee oodles of followers, but it does guarantee that you'll have an ultimate blast!

2. Make your blog look as good as you possibly can.
I don't have the money to have someone who's knowledgeable in HTML  redesign my blog. But I do have the power to make it look as good as I can. Keep it clutter free, and make sure your pictures are good. One thing I'm extremely proud of on my blog is the high quality pictures. 

3. Scheduled posts are your best friends.
If you dedicate one day a week to write out as many posts as you've thought of, you will be so much less frazzled. Usually I write out in my day planner what posts I want for the upcoming week on Sunday, and then I go onto my account and write up some of the things I've got. Some things can't be written out until the day of (such as outfit posts), but it will relieve so much stress if you have even half of your posts for the week written up in advance. 

4. Forget about numbers. 
This is one that I'm really trying to teach myself about. And it's super hard. When you don't have many followers you immediately notice when you have a new one. But don't be obsessed about it, it will only drive you nuts. If you're interested in blogging for the followers, you should probably quit now. 

5. Don't be afraid to take a little break if you need to.
If you're in school and your exams are coming up, take a break. The blogging world will not die without you. I promise. Your followers will understand. You need to make sure you're living your life, and if in order to do that you have to give up blogging for a week so be it. 

6. Have fun with it!
If you want to post about something different from your ordinary, do it! This is your blog. Your part of the world wide web. Do what you want, and have a blast doing it! Post what you love, and the world will be able to tell. 

Friday, January 27

what i wore// frumpy chic

Greay Slouchy Sweater- TJ Maxx; Jeans- Thrifted (Delia's); Boots- LL Bean

I've finally defined my style: Frumpy chic. 
Hear me out, when are you your most frumpy looking? Generally when you're in your worn in comfiest clothes. The baggy stuff, the stuff that doesn't cling to you. So my deepest desire every time I put some article of clothing on is to have the "frumpy feel" without looking frumpy. An illusion that I'm trying, when in all reality I'm just as comfortable as when I'm wearing my PJ's. Genius? I think so. 
How about some outtakes? 

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Thursday, January 26

a photo an hour// take two

Woke up at 10, you jelly? Drank my favorite, Yogi tea.

After devotions I decided to dress myself. 

That's pretty much all my school for the day, with the exception of French and piano. 

Lunch! Yummy! 

I redid my french manicure. New trick (especially if you have little hands and fingernails): Use a detail paintbrush. 

I've been using this new lip balm, and it's delish. Plus it's keeping my lips very soft and luscious. 

I couldn't pick just one of the kitty. Mercy is just way too cute for her own good.

If you've ever looked at my Tumblr you may realize that I love Christmas lights. They're just so darn pretty.

Getting ready to go to youth group. I've had these L.L. Bean boots since fifth grade. 

That's my Uncle Bruce, who is also my youth leader.

Look at my handsome boy!

Hunter took over my camera. 
This was his favorite picture. 

I really enjoy doing these and trying to figure out what to take pictures of during school. Lucky for you guys I only took pictures of books once! All the pictures after 5:00 are a wee bit blurry, I have such horrible lighting in my house! I definitely think I got more creative this time around. 

See my first Photo an Hour

Wednesday, January 25

it's the little things...

... like a brand new hello kitty toothbrush! 
if you've been around for awhile you know about my very unhealthy obsession with none other than hello kitty. (seriously. just search "hello kitty" on my blog. there are literally more hits for "hello kitty" than for "hunter".) if you haven't been around for awhile, well let me fill you in, i love hello kitty. end of story. 

Tuesday, January 24

i'm currently loving...

1. CoverGirl TruConceal- This stuff is great and just what I've been looking for since way back in May! I really have pretty nice skin, with the occasional spot around my nose and this is perfect for covering up a little redness. I love, love, love it. 

2. Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express- I love mascara, and I'm totally diggin' the effect that this one has. Usually I've ended my makeup routine once I put a little concealer and mascara on. 

3. Victoria's Secret Love Spell Shimmer Mist- First off, the smell. Oh, dear Lord, this stuff makes me want to smell myself all day. I actually have the lotion, the body wash, the spray, and the shimmer mist. I swear that the shimmer mist smells better than the regular spray.

4. Baking Soda- I have really good teeth in the respect that I've never had a cavity (although they're dreadfully crooked). But I've always thought that they were extra yellow. After doing some research as to what they best (and cheapest!) way to whiten them was, I decided to try good ole' baking soda. So far I haven't seen huge results (I've been using it for a week) but I really feel like my mouth feels ten times more clean with baking soda than with regular toothpaste. 

5. L'Oréal Hydra-Renewal Continuous Moisture Cream- In the winter my skin gets super dried out. Especially on my forehead, and this stuff works wonders! When I notice that I'm getting a wee bit flaky I use just a dab of this and my face becomes that of a baby angel!

Monday, January 23

MMH #15

1. I sort of love piercings. Mainly because if I get tired of them I can just take them out. I'm thinking my next one shall be a triple forward helix. Super pretty, right? 

2. I'm totally loving this dress from ModCloth. I'm thinking for my graduation party.

3. I'm so diggin' this hairstyle. I'm really trying to find some more interesting things to do with my hair while it's growing out. The layers are now just obnoxious, and I desperately want to get rid of them. 

Sunday, January 22

let my lifesong sing

I don't talk about my faith a lot on here, but I've decided to share a favorite worship song every Sunday.
This is one of my favorite. Especially sung by the original artist with all of the verses. The meaning behind this song is beautiful, and everything about it makes my heart leap up to praise. 

Saturday, January 21

until the stars fall

This weekend I will be doing who knows what. Usually my weekends are full of cuddle time with the boy, but unfortunately for me, he is away. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad that he's away having fun. But I shall miss him terribly. I already miss him terribly.

A funny tidbit about the boy & I:
We're both terribly forgetful. I'm always losing something, and so is he. I don't know how we have yet to lose each other.
Anyways, he's forgetful & so am I. Last night the boy came to my house. We watched my cousin & sister play Wii, we played games, & when the night was coming to a close he needed to call his dad to tell him he'd be a little late. Well, guess what? He couldn't find it. We called & called it, we searched. We finally gave up hope that it was in my house, & he left to search elsewhere. (elsewhere meaning the ditch that him & the cousin went into on the way over). Alas, he did not find it.
As I was about to go to bed last night, I decided I needed my iPod. I couldn't find it. Conveniently. So I get on good ole' Facebook & talk to my boy, & tell him about how I lost something as well. He tells me where he last saw it. Wasn't there.
Eventually I found the iPod, but the boy never found his phone. Which is awfully sad, seeing as he'll be away all weekend & I have no means of communication with him at all. I'll probably be Tumblin' it up all weekend out of pure boredness.

Friday, January 20

jo, your one true beauty!

I love classic literature*. It's one of my "things". I read Little Women when I was around twelve or thirteen, which I believe is the perfect time to read such a book. I always found myself somewhat like Jo. I was the tomboy. I was clumsy. I was forever doing the wrong thing. I was always surprised that I never ended up burning the hair off of Scar's head like Jo did to Meg. The other thing I could always relate to Jo was her love of her hair. It was her one true beauty, and it was such a sacrifice for her to cut it off. I always thought she was very brave for doing that. 
I find myself like Jo when I post updates on my hair. If Josephine March were suddenly transported to the modern day you could be sure of two things: that she would have a blog, and that she would probably occasionally talk about her hair. 
The last time I gave you a hair update was back in September! And all along I've been thinking that my hair hasn't been growing. My hair is now 20 inches long. Twenty inches! That's up five whole inches. Wow. I'm really pleased with the progress. I'm especially pleased with the progress of my layers. Back in my early days (ha!) I had very layered hair (Something like this) and now I'm trying to get it all back to one length. I'm really really happy that my shortest layer is now to my shoulders. I've thought about cutting it all to that length... but that's not going to happen until my shortest layer is at least halfway down my back. 
To help with my hair growing I've been doing a number of hair treatments. One was a store-bought Cholesterol treatment, and the other was just Olive Oil. I found that I liked the results of the olive oil better, but the Cholesterol treatment smelled delicious. I've been really working on keeping my hair healthy by not washing it as often. Which, I find really hard to do with such straight hair. I feel like straight, sleek hair gets oilier ten times faster. 

*Except for Tom Sawyer. That is one book I will never be able to stand. Ever. I just hated every stinking minute of me reading that book. 

Thursday, January 19

what i wore: in details//boys

Floral Top- TJ Maxx; Grey Cardigan- Target; Jeans- JC Penney 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love this top? The colors. The print. The lace. The cap sleeves. Everything about this top screams GIRLY and I love it. Normally I don't wear lots of girly things (other than Hello Kitty of course) but I really love girly things. It just isn't seen in my clothes too often. 
I wore this to church when leading worship, and then later when I hung out with a number of my friends. Actually, now that I think about it, they were all boys. A lot of girls get bored hanging out with guys, but I really enjoy hanging out with them. Watching them play video games I don't understand, listening to their banter. I've always had more guy friends than girls, and I don't ever regret that. The thing that I appreciate about my guy friends is that I know that as much as they pick on me, and me on them, that I can count on them. Guys (at least the ones I know) have this sense of loyalty that I've never seen girls have. They may punch each other, but they don't mess with each other's inside feelings very often.
As girly as I can be, as much as I love my florals, as much as my guy friends make fun of my girliness, I'd gladly take five of my best guy friends, over one girl acquaintance any day. 

Wednesday, January 18

instant gratification

Back in Novemeber I told you guys about my thrifting adventure in which I found a Polaroid Land Camera. Well, it's been awhile but this past week I finally got some film for it! I had been looking around on eBay, but I just wasn't willing to spend $55 on expired film when I wasn't even sure if the camera worked. So instead I hopped onto The Impossible Project's website and purchased some film there. 
I was completely impressed with the Impossible Project. My package came in under a week, and the package had good instructions and everything. 
Lucky for me, my camera worked! I was, and still am, beyond thrilled! My first picture came out a little... horrible. But there's no way I'm getting rid of it, because it taught me quite a bit. Like I need to follow directions and make my camera go on the darkest setting possible, and it's super important to shade the picture from light the second it ejects from the camera. 
All in all I can finally say that my thrifting purchase was a success, and there will be many more instant pictures to come! 

Tuesday, January 17

ships in the night

For most of the years of my life I've hated snow. I hate anything cold (except ice-cream!), and snow just so happens to fit in that category. I've always despised the winter months because all it leaves me is shivers. But, not this year! I've been desperately wanting the snow to start falling so I can have something to do. Sledding! Snowmobiling! Snowshoeing! Well, Mother Nature must have heard my cries for snow and decided to make me unhappy once again by not sending any! 
I was just losing all hope of ever getting what I want when low and behold there was a snow storm. In twenty-four hours my front lawn has transformed from being able to see grass to a think white blanket of snow. Thank you, weekend, for giving me my much desired snow! Now, I shall go frolic in it! 

what i wore//cinderelli, cinderelli

TShirt- Forever21; Grey Cardigan- Target; Jeans- Deliah's/Thrifted
Saturday night I went to a Russian Ballet. First of all it was magnificent. Second of all I think the men need to at least wear loin clothes. 
I've been going to ballets since I was but a wee one, and I always get quite dressed up when I go. This time I felt quite bad that I wasn't dressed to the nine with a dress and all things pretty, but then I didn't feel so bad when I was warm. Winter has finally sprung in Northern Michigan, and I need all the warmth I can get. Meaning pants and not tights. 
I really love this shirt, though it looks a bit more orangeish on camera than it is. It's more of a pinky salmon. This cardigan is still very high up on my list of favorite purchases ever. It was just what I was looking for, and believe me, I had been looking all day. Hunter was even starting to make fun of me because every time I found a grey cardigan I always found something wrong with it. Not this one though! It's perfect! 

Tuesday, January 10

tattoos on this town

As you may, or may not, know I'll be graduating in the spring... of this year. Can you believe it? Little ole me will be graduating! Okay, sorry for the freak out there. 
Anyways, since I was in about eighth grade I firmly stated that I did not want an Open House. At all. Ever. Under no circumstance. Well, turns out I've reconsidered. I guess I decided after seeing all the fun things that all the "regular" seniors get to do that I don't. Like Senior Prom (don't make fun of me, but would it not be super fun to get dressed up?), Class Songs, Caps & Gowns. All the stuff that screams SENIOR, I don't get to do. Which doesn't mean that I want to quick enroll myself into Pellston High. But I did figure that there's one Senior thing I can do. That being an Open House. 
So I went on ole trust Pinterest and created an Open House board. I'm trying to go with a vintage feel. I've also decided to make my own invitations. Scarlett's been helping me, and those are my two favorites thus far. 
I'm sure I'll have lots of little projects going for my Open House soon, and I'll make sure to keep you updated! 

Oh! P.S. I wanted to say a big resounding "Hello!" to my new followers! Don't be shy, comment away. (: 

Thursday, January 5

all the right words have already been said

Life off the blog has consisted of hanging out with my favorite, most beautiful cousin while she was home from college. I love hanging out with her because she's my only girl friend, other than Scar of course. Which, by no means, is me complaining. I love having guy friends. They're all like my brothers, I love having guy friends. I've always had more guy friends than girls, and I'm pretty used to it. But, every once in awhile I wish I had some girl friends living around me so we could talk girlie, and do girlie things. Thats why when Cas is home I disconnect myself from the rest of the world and solely hang out with her. 
I'm planning on coming back in full force, and have some goals for the blog for this new year. So in the meanwhile, hold tight and enjoy decent webcam pictures of me trying to write a song on my Ukulele. 

Sunday, January 1

In 2011 I...

I started this blog as a "fashion" blog and developed it into a life/style/hannah blog. Since then I've had 225 posts, 14 followers, and 5,698 views.
I read all of the Harry Potter books.
I was the lead in a play and thoroughly enjoyed myself. (I also fell off the stage opening night... leave it to me.)
I went camping for the first "for real" time. It was fun and I got eaten alive by bugs. 
I got my nose pierced. 
I got to see Pirates of the Caribbean's midnight premiere, and Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight. 
I found out who my real friends are. 
I've had 365 days with my boy. 
Ultimately, it was a good year. Some things were hard but it was all in all a great one. 

I can't wait to start out this next year. This year I'll turn 18. I'll graduate. I'll hopefully be attending the college of my dreams. 
Goodbye, 2011 it was nice knowing you. Hello 2012, treat me well why dontcha?