Sunday, January 1

In 2011 I...

I started this blog as a "fashion" blog and developed it into a life/style/hannah blog. Since then I've had 225 posts, 14 followers, and 5,698 views.
I read all of the Harry Potter books.
I was the lead in a play and thoroughly enjoyed myself. (I also fell off the stage opening night... leave it to me.)
I went camping for the first "for real" time. It was fun and I got eaten alive by bugs. 
I got my nose pierced. 
I got to see Pirates of the Caribbean's midnight premiere, and Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight. 
I found out who my real friends are. 
I've had 365 days with my boy. 
Ultimately, it was a good year. Some things were hard but it was all in all a great one. 

I can't wait to start out this next year. This year I'll turn 18. I'll graduate. I'll hopefully be attending the college of my dreams. 
Goodbye, 2011 it was nice knowing you. Hello 2012, treat me well why dontcha? 

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