Thursday, March 31


Oh goodness. 
I want this bike. 
But, sadly, I don't live in Australia. 
That's just another reason to move there. 
If you live in Australia, you can bid on this baby by following this link. 
And while you're at it, you can buy me a matching one and send it my way. 

Tuesday, March 29

hey there delilah

Okay, so you know those clothes that you see on other people and are all "I wish I could pull that off." 
Yeah, that's always been me about white t-shirts. 
I know that's a weird thing not to ever wear, but I've just always thought they looked so dumb on me. No matter what the style. 

But, then, I found this shirt. 
Actually... it's Scarlett's. But anyways, on with the story. 
So I found the shirt, put it on, found it was extremely comfortable, and then decided to wear my darkest jeans with it. 
Then, I was all, "I need something to dress this up a bit."
I'm not good with accessories, so that was out of the question.
But then, I remembered something absolutely glorious!
I got these adorable shoes a couple weeks ago. 
And they're a pretty color. AND they're super comfortable. 
How do you like my goose bumps? Hot right? 
Also in this picture you can see my scar on my left ankle.
I actually have one just like it on my right ankle too.
They're from two or three years ago from ice-skates.
It was my first time ever going ice-skating. I didn't know not to wear ankle socks. They're super deep, and were sooo painful.

The whole outfit still looks casual. 
But, pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. 

I would like to inform the world I'm excited for tomorrow.
I get to see my bestest friend tomorrow, and I haven't seen him for roughly a week. Which is insanity. 
I just love Wednesdays. They hold so many of favorite things.
Piano lessons
Youth group
Being with my best friends.
AND the week is halfway done!!

Clothing Checklist:
Sarah Jessica Parker Dark Jeans (Thrifted/Giftish)
White V-Neck Tee (Borrowed)
Roxy Wedges (Thrifted/Giftish)
You know what this means?? That whole outfit was completely free. I love free things. 

P.S. Do you get the title? 

Monday, March 28

free hug?

I could use one. 
I have a horrible headache. 
I hate those with a burning, firey passion.
So that is my Monday Must-Haves. 
Cause I must have a hug. Plus that whole idea up there is pretty darn cute. 

Sunday, March 27

the importance of being earnest

Guess who's been neglecting her blog?
Obviously, you. 
Kidding. It's me. 
I've actually been in Indiana since Friday with limited Internet access. I went to see a play that my cousin was interpreting for (in ASL). It was sooo good. 
So I'll give you a little photo-dump. Enjoy!

Don't tell anyone... But. 
I was involved in illegal actions. There wasn't enough room for all of us once we got to Indiana, so my little cousin and I switched places being in the trunk. It was a little crowded. 

Ahh. I got to SWIM.

While swimming, Casie (my cousin) and I forgot to take off our mascara. 

While in Indiana I found these rainboots. 
HELLO KITTY. So perfect. 

I saw this cute little house. 
It's hot pink!! (the lighting wasn't superb)

Hilarious poster. Read it. 

I am finally an official fashion blogger.
I took a picture of my dinner. 

That concludes the photo-dumping.
I had such an amazing time, I really missed my cousin. 
Ahh. Love them. 

Monday, March 21

MMH #2

Another round of...
Monday Must-Haves
*cue applause* 

Can you say awesome?? 
Cause that's what this is. Completely awesome.
I've been looking for an initial necklace, but have yet to find one I like. And usually if I do like it, it doesn't come in an "H" 
(Which, by the way, my real name is Hannah. My middle name is Lauren. I prefer Lauren.) 
But this one, is perfect. Seeing as I adore Scrabble. And it's cute. What could be better? 

Basically this is just adorable. 

This is just cute.
I love the colors. I love the lightness of the fabric.

Ahhh. I love love love this. 
So cute. I wanteth. 

Ok. One more thing that's a favorite. 
Yessss. They make me happy, tho I've never won anything.
Right now I'm entering in this giveaway.
It's wicked. Annnd I wanna win. 

OK. Well I'm done for the day. 
It's been a long, and not so great one. 

P.S. If anyone wants to get me any of that cool stuff, I'll send you my address. (: 

Saturday, March 19

Maple Syrup

Know what's exciting? 
Making maple syrup. 
I shoulda took more pictures, so all you city folk could see how the process works... but it was actually my first time, so I was trying to figure it out. 
I wish I was a better photographer, like Scarlett, but I am not. 
This picture is sorta blurry, buuut if you look close you can see the drop of sap.
And. Just so you know, I tapped that tree. 
Yup. I hammered that little spicket right into that ole' Maple tree. 
That is the beloved "Sugar Shack". I spent a good three hours in that little shack today. It was SO incredibly hot in there. 
I literally have red sunburn-like marks on my legs from standing next to the fire while stirring the syrup. 

See, the thing about me is, I like being clean. And I like looking nice. But, I know how to get down and dirty with the boys. All my life I hung out with boys, as there were no girls my age, and I've kind of just kept those friends all through my teenage years. 
Basically, girls, if you don't have a guy best friend, you need to get one. He'll be the best friend you'll ever have. But, maybe that's just me. 
Anyways, happy Saturday. Have a good one. 

Thursday, March 17

St. Patty's Day

Wanna see cute baby pictures of yours truly?
Annnd a little autobiography? 
Checketh the "About" page up top. 
I revised it. 
Annnd it's cool. 

Oh. By the way. Happy St. Patrick's Day. 
I didn't wear green today. Even though I should of. I'm Irish you know, I shoulda shown some more pride. Oh well.
Did you wear green? 

Wednesday, March 16

keepin' it realio

 Guess who lives in a place where she doesn't have to wear a coat cause it's 50 degrees? 
This kid. 
 Guess who begged her sister, Scarlett, to let her borrow that lovely lacey vest?
Me, again. Wow, ya'll are good. 
Guess who left her straightener on and let her mascara tube melt to the straightener? 
Yup. Me again. 

I'm gonna give you a glimpse of the real Lauren. 
Sometimes I feel like it's so easy to be a pretend person on the Internet. 
And I don't want to be a pretend person. I wanna be real with you. 
I feel especially when I blog about fashion that I let you all believe that I look nice all the time. 
So. I shall show you some awesome pictures I just took. Cause I'm vain and take pictures of myself when bored. 
 That's what I look like when I try to wink. 
I'm not a good winker, but I try really hard. 
 That's what happens when I start laughing.
My little eyes just disappear, and then you also get a glimpse of my oh so lovely crooked tooth. 
Seriously, I have (what I think are) horrible teeth. My mouth is super small, and there isn't enough room for all my teeth. Like, I honestly still have baby teeth. 
That is what a look like when I try and roll my tongue. 
And then the excitement when I realized I actually did it. Yeah. That was the first time EVER.
I was proud. And thats why my eyes just popped out. 

The clothes:
Purple T: JCPenney (with a giftcard. aren't those glorious?)
Destroyed Jeans: JCPenney 
Grey Vest: (Courtesy of Scarlett) JCPenney. 
Slipper Shoes (anybody know what they're actually called): Payless 

P.S. Check out the song below. It's wicked. 

the blessing

I thought I might share a song with you all. 
Me likes it. 

It's just plain awesome. 
Plus it has Mark Hall in it. And let me tell you, that guy is amazing. 
Not only on Casting Crowns albums, but also live. 
Which is something I love. 

A post about my actual outfit to come. 
Be a blessing (: 

Tuesday, March 15

watermelons are a girls best friend

Whoa. My first ever post about nails. 
This is sort of shocking to me, only because I almost always have my nails painted.
It's like this weird habit of mine. 
But, I've been getting pretty bored with just normal painted nails, so I decided to try something new.

Now. I'm not someone who ever goes looking for name brand stuff, nor do I really know anything about good brands. Of anything, really. 
Seriously, I just pick clothes I like and don't look at the tag the majority of the time.
Makeup? I don't know what the heck I wear. As long as it doesn't make me break out and looks good, I'll try it. Whether it's from Walmart, the Dollar store (yes. I have makeup from the Dollar store, and it works like a charm.) or the most expensive place there is out there. 
It doesn't really matter to me. 
So, because of that I don't know anything about nail polish brands. I use what I like, if it doesn't work well I won't buy that kind again. 
But, there is one thing I know well. Cheap. 
I don't like spending tons of money on things I wear, I'd rather be able to buy some gas for my truck. 
So all my nail polish is generally under 5 dollars and can be found at Walmart. 
But, hey, it looks good. 

Monday, March 14

Must-Haves Monday #1

I've decided to show you all my "wishlist." 
I think what I shall do is update this every Monday.
Show you all my favorite things of the week. 

I think I've already show you all these shoes. 
I still adore them, and I'm pretty sure I need them to survive.

I'm pretty darn sure this is one of the cutest Hello Kitty things ever created.

I seriously think this would be cute to wear in my hair. 

I saw this book last week when browsing through the bookstore. 
I wanna read it so, so badly. Mainly because for awhile I was 
really thinking about becoming a music therapist. 

This picture is so pretty. I love cameos. 

How about the cutest baby giraffe ever?

I really want this thing someday.
It reminds me of my Aunt who adored pigs, and it's just too cute. 

I've recently started to really like dream catchers. And feathers. 
These earrings are gorgeousness. 

So you all know of some things I want now. 
I give you permission to send me donations so I can get these things.

country bumpkin

Ok. So I know these are sort of filler posts. 
But I feel as if they're really effective at this stage in my blog. 
Why you ask? 

Reason numero uno*: I'm sick. Aaaand not being sick, I don't really feel like looking all too nice. So I don't. What sucks most about my sickness is that it's all asthma related. So I'm not contagious or anything, I just can't breath. 

Reason number two: I want you gals (yes. I'm a country bumpkin who says "gals") to really start to get to know me. What's the point of this here blog, if you don't really know much about me.

I don't know if you've realized this, but, I'm not super duper stylish. I try to be. But it doesn't always work for me. So, in no way, shape, or form do I really consider this a fashion blog or a style blog. A lot of what I write on here does have to do with clothes. But it's more of just... a Lauren blog. It's my quest for pretty things. For beauty. In any form. Whether it be clothing, poetry, pictures, anything. I love beautiful things. 
So, be prepared for my next post!! 

*Please do not let this lead you to believe 
that I know any Spanish. Cause I don't. 

Sunday, March 13

top ten list of things i love most in the world.

I decided to put together Lauren's Top Ten List of thing I love most in the world. 
So here goes.
(From 10 to 1)
10. The sound of a single violin
9. Sun shining on a wet floor
8. An empty church
7. The smell of rain
6. Lemonade in a Mason jar
5. Cuddling
4. The beach
3. Kisses on my forehead
2. My best friend's eyes 
1. My best friend. 

Friday, March 11

swimsuit season

Ok. So it's only March. 
Buuuut, I've been looking for a bathing suit. 
Last year I got this super cute one from Delia's, purple and polka dotted. But, I was really disappointed in the quality. I had it one summer and I found that it's already starting to fall apart a little. Now, mind you, I live in my bathing suit in the summer. No joke. I only take it off for work. Sometimes. So, that might be the reason. 

For me to buy a bathing suit there has to be some "givens". 
1. That it's fairly modest. Now, I do not wear one-pieces. I hate them with a burning passion. They're completely uncomfortable. I do not wear bikini's. I wear tankini's. They're super comfy, and (I hope) super flattering. Now, I will admit that the tankini's I wear show a bit of tummy. But, I don't find this inappropriate. 
2. It has to be good quality. I put a lot of wear and tear on my bathing suits (like I said, I literally wear them all summer long). They have to hold up at least one full summer, and preferably two. 

3. It has to be stylish. I know that L.L. Bean has great quality, pretty, and modest bathing suits. BUT, I do not like the style. I want to look like a teenager, not a mom (or rather in my case a 12 year old). 
4. It has to be affordable. Now, if I have to pay $50 for a good quality bathing suit, I will. But not much more than that. 

So that said I've been searching for quite a few days for one I really like. I've been to about a trillion websites.  And I'll do a little review on each one.

The pros: Plenty of tankinis. They're pretty good quality, as I've had one from there before and it lasted me two summers. Definitely some cute ones. And extremely affordable, especially if you get one during their sales. I literally bought the top at full price and the bottoms for 99 cents. It was great.
The cons: They all look the same. So after you've had one, you've had them all. There are never any new shapes or anything. It's really obnoxious. 

Hot Topic:
The pros: Definitely stylish. There are some adorable bikinis on there. Even some Hello Kitty ones. I waaant. They are also extremely cheap. 
The cons: There are absolutely NO tankinis. It's like, what the heck, why not? I'm also not so sure about the quality. A lot of Hot Topics stuff is pretty good quality, but I'm really not sure it'd last me two summers, or even one full one for that matter. 

The pros: I know they're good quality suits. I've had a one piece from them before, and it's super sturdy. Also, definitely stylish. They're all super cute, and I want most of them. The price isn't too bad. Especially cause I know it's good quality. If I found one I really loved from there, I'd pay the price.
The cons: Once again there are no tankinis. Bummer. 

The pros: I'd say the quality should be fairly decent, seeing as all the clothes I have from Aeropostale hold up pretty darn well. My guess is that a suit from there would last me around one summer. All the suits are super duper cute. The colors are adorable. I love, love, love the brightness. They are also afforable.
The cons: Take a wild guess? No. Tank. Inis. 

The pros: There are definitely a good amount of modest ones to choose from. Also definitely good prices. 
The cons: From what I've had of clothing from Kohls, none of their stuff lasts too long. Mind you, I'm rough on clothes. So the quality is iffy. Now. For the style. I'm not a huge fan of how most of their's look. The colors are too... cutesy I guess. That's probably the wrong word. Also, too many of their bathing suits of "boy short" bottoms. I don't know about you, but those are freaking annoying. I hate the stupid seam, they give me freaking wedgies. I hate them. 

The pros: Definitely good quality. I love how Pacsun has all the great brands under one roof. It's like heaven. They are also all definitely stylish. The price is... decent. For the quality it's worth it, buuut I'd rather not spend $40 on just a top. But, if there was sale.... (I'm a total cheapskate). 
The cons: AGAIN! No tankinis. It's soo disappointing to me, especially when I see an uber cute bikini. I always think in my head "Why couldn't you have made a tankini JUST like that??" 

The pros: There are a fair number of tankinis on there. I was pleasantly surprised. I also like how they're not all the same. The quality is obviously good. I mean, that's what Roxy makes. Swim stuff. Obviously stylish. Super cute, bright, happy colors. I'd also say it's fairly affordable, because of the quality. I found some tankinis for $50 for both the top and bottoms. 

Saying all of this... I shall show you my favorite pick of all. It's from Roxy and it's totally cute. 
The coolest part about this suit is that you can also change it so that it's a halter. But I sorta like the way it is in the picture.
What color do you like better? The pink, or the yellow? I'm really not sure. I'm sorta leaning towards the pink, but I also love the yellow.

So? What's your swimsuit criteria? 
What's your favorite place to get a suit? 

Sunday, March 6

i want you and your beautiful soul.

You poor souls haven't seen a picture of me in around a week.
I bet you're just completely full of grief. 
So. I shall give you a picture overload to make you feel better.
 I must confess: I've grown to like the color pink. It's weird. 
My all time favorite color will always be blue, followed by purple, and now green. 
But, pink has made its way into my favorite colors list. Along with red.
I took these pictures this Wednesday. 
I live about 3 to 5 miles from the church I go to for youth group, and the last two weeks I've walked. 
Well, not all the way. 
I'll leave around 6ish (it doesn't start till 7) and then my Mom'll pick me up on her way there.
Last week I got over 3/4's of the way there. BUT, it was freezing. 
I love the picture of the field. If you look super close, you can see the lake behind the trees.
That is Lake Michigan. I live about 1 mile from it. Tis wonderful in the summer, but frigid in the winter.
 These pictures are from today. 
It's a whopping 30 degrees out today!! HEAT WAVE BABY!
The sad part is... I'm dead serious. 
But I decided I needed to make Spring realize how much she wants to be here, by wearing a bright and happy yellow Hello Kitty shirt. 
Ain't it cute? 
Isn't it also cute how you can see the color of my bra? 
(Ha. You guys didn't think I needed to wear one of those, did you? Well. I do. So there.)
I must also say that in the above picture I realized that I have really long eyelashes. 
Sometimes when I find things I like about myself I think I'm a bit vain.
But I think too many of us girls put ourselves down all the freaking time. So I've decided I'm gonna try to find one thing a day that I like about myself. Maybe it won't always happen, but, hey, why not try? 
Because believe it or not, you're beautiful.
And I'm beautiful.
And it's most definitely not wrong to say that. It's not being vain. 
God made us to be beautiful, and He accomplished His mission. 
You and your soul are beautiful.

Did that remind anyone else of Jesse McCartney?
Anyway, I hope your week was fantabulous, and your weekend even more so. 
Listen, and melt girls.

*Please note: All pictures were taken by me and not Scarlett*

Thursday, March 3


I've been in hiding. 
Because... well... I have something to tell you all.
But I'm really ashamed. 
I must take a deep breath and just say it....
I'm... um... quitting the 30 for 30. 
What? You can't read that? 
Urgh. Fine. 
I'm quitting the 30 for 30. 

I shall now go and hang my head in shame. 
But, I've decided I have waaay too much going on to be trying to remix my clothes. 
I think I bit off more than I could chew. 
But! I will tell you that I was waaay more than just 12 outfits in. 
There were numerous times that I did get dressed, but just didn't take a picture.
So I was on about outfit 20 to 25. 

But I've decided the next 30 for 30...
I'm in. 
And I will do it for realz. 
But it was a not really thought out decision on my part.