Monday, July 30

The Reverse Roll: A Hair Tutorial

Look who finally got around to making the tutorial I've been promising for, oh, I don't know... eons. I've been doing the Reverse Roll for a long time, I actually originally learned it from a Klutz hair book. Anyone else remember those books? They were the best... Anywho, it looks pretty. Great for summer. And pretty darn easy. 
It's a good thing Noey took the pictures when she did, because afterwards I promptly got ice cream in my hair... how do I always end up doing things like that? {Sorry for my face in some of these pictures... but I can't really change it

P.S. If there's anything you're unclear of in the directions, please let me know and I'll try and explain it better! 

Friday, July 27

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Sad Hunter :( Happy Hunter :) 
Days off generally consist of me cuddling in sweatpants with my boy and eating Cracker Jacks. And Mint M&M's. And watching Hunter try and fix the DVD player so we can watch 27 Dresses. Okay, so I actually tried helping him with it. But my job was mainly just to see if it was working yet, and take pictures of him. It's a tough life.
We never did get the DVD player to work, so we just watched it on my laptop. Bummer. 27 Dresses is seriously one of the best girl movies in the history of the world... after She's the Man. Both of which Hunter actually enjoyed watching. But that may have been because he was getting kisses every once in awhile in between watching. That's probably more it than anything else.
I love how in the first picture you can see Mini-Sister playing Wii. Somehow she figured out how to hook that little sucker up, but couldn't manage to figure out how to hook up the DVD player. Also, on an unrelated note: While we were gone at camp my Mom had a wood floor installed. I'm secretly in love with it. Shh! Don't tell my Mama. 

Wednesday, July 25

Purple Gurple

I had been thinking about making a picture-an-hour today, but when I got this brilliant idea it was already eleven. So how about a "Picture-Whenever-I-Feel-Like-It"? Does that work? Okay.
Sunday night I walked down to the local bookstore while I was working {A testimony to how absolutely dead it was...} to get a card. You know those cool Quotable cards that you can usually only find at bookstores? Well, I found one I wanted and then started roaming the notebook shelves... what a bad idea! I always find some notebook I want. But this one. I had to have it. It's a five year one sentence a day journal and I've been wanting one ever since I gave one to my friend for graduation. The cool thing is that once I'm done with it, I'll be graduated from college! Neat-o idea, amirite?
This is actually the card I got. Isn't it pretty? I would buy one of all of them just to frame and hang around my dorm room. Actually... that's a pretty good idea. I just love getting these cards for people, they just seem like the perfect cards on every level of humanity.
During camp we sang a song based on this verse. It sort of completely hit me in the gut in the most amazing and perfect way.
While I was at camp I painted my nails one day and they were starting chip into this hideousness. So I finally, finally, painted my nails again. Usually I have such a hard time decided what color but this purple was just calling out to me. I'm sort of head-over-heels in love with it. 

Tuesday, July 24

I'll Be Your Life-Long Kissing Booth

My name is Hannah. I'm eighteen.
I'm four foot ten inches short {Not tall}.
I enjoy anything Mango, and I'm really fond of beverages.
I hum a lot. And sing to myself.

That's Hunter. He's seventeen.
He's a lot taller than me.
He enjoys running, and loves Gatorade {Even though Hannah prefers Powerade}. 
He laughs a lot and cracks corny jokes. 
{Also a really good singer, just won't admit it.}

Most important thing about us?
We love each other. 
A whole freaking bunch. 

Monday, July 23

You Demand It All

 There comes a point in everyone's life when you have to choose. For some they might not face the decision until they're sixty, and for some when they're twelve. For me, it happened this year at camp. Cliche sounding? Maybe. True? You better believe it. 
Over the course of the past week I learned some valuable things. Things that might seem obvious but they never really sunk it. I chose to start believing everything that I've been saying to others. Things like:
God loves me. 
I'm good enough. 
It's not my fault. 
God wants me to be where I'm going. If He didn't want me at Bethel I wouldn't have gotten accepted, and I wouldn't have gotten scholarships. 
And lastly, being a Christian is a huge decision. It's a life changing decision. And it's serious.   

I had fun. I listened to great music {Mini-fact: The guy who is singing this is related to the Veggie Tales guy!}. I made choices. I played Ultimate Frisbee with a cantaloupe, and was whacked with nylons full of flour. I learned some valuable things about attending Bethel. 

Monday, July 16

Wall Flower

 I'm headed off to Mancelona Camp this week, so I have a few scheduled posts. I apologize for the fact that I won't be able to mod comments until I come back, but don't let that stop you from talking back to me!
The other day we spent a wonderful day at the beach, shocker there. I'm basically a complete beach bum. But whatevs. Gosh, my lips look so dry in that first picture. I swear I use lip balm 24/7 but the dryness continues. Maybe that's a sign that I need to drink more water? Probably. Noey said that the third picture was weird, but I just liked it. I'm not sure. 
I've been reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and although it's good I'm not exactly sure what to think about it. It's definitely a unique book. 

Well, I'm off to catch a few more rays before work and then pack for camp afterwards... which may be weird to say because if you're reading this I'm already at camp. But whatever. You understand me. 

Saturday, July 14

I'll Love You Forever I'll Like You For Always

Dear Hunter, 
Sometimes we don't agree on everything. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it usually upsets both of us. I'm sorry for not thinking things through sometimes, and forgetting how it might make you feel. I don't mean to do that, and I hope you know that. I love you, and I am forever mad when I find out I hurt you. You mean so very much to me and I'm sorry for all the times I end up hurting you. I'm so thankful for you, and I appreciate you so much. 
I had one of the best times I've ever had with you on Thursday. I like how serious we are most of the time, but it was fun to have fun and be extremely silly. We don't do that very often. I liked seeing you bouncing in the seat next to me while I drove. I liked walking to my car hand in hand while eating ice cream. And I especially liked when you let me play on the swings. 
The point is:
I love you. A whole bunch. And I know that it's going to be hard when I move away, but we can make it work. Really. I love you.
Love Always,

P.S. You're really the most handsome boy in the world. I'm serious. Your eyes are killer, and your freckles make me swoon {Can I have 20 points for that word?}. 

Friday, July 13

Summer Secret Sisters Revealed

Last month I participated in a blog swap! It was my first ever time, and I'm definitely afraid I did not so great a job. I was so extremely confused on what exactly to do, especially the whole "don't tell who you are" part. I guess I thought that even in your package you weren't supposed to tell who you were! Go figure that you actually were. I also felt uber bad because I had to send mine out late as the send-out day was actually the day before my graduation party and I was in a state of utter chaos. The other thing I felt really bad about was that I was supposed to send nail polish {I actually picked out three of the cutest colors} and once I got to the post office I was told it was illegal to send it through the mail! Urgh! 
Lucky for me whoever got me also wasn't quite sure about the whole secretive thing and I'm not sure who you are! {If you're reading this tell me who you are, preeeetty please} I'm so so so loving my lotion that she gave me! It was absolutely the most wonderful scent and I've been in total need of some lotion. So thank you! Not pictured is a whole bag of Jelly Belly's which I promptly ate all of. 
I had Crystal Palmer  and lucky for me she loves purple. I tried to have a theme of everything purple and too bad I wasn't able to send the nail polish because it was two shades of lovely purple and then some purple sparklies. I never ended up getting a picture of everything I sent her but it included a {purple} headband, a {purple} friendship bracelet with an evil eye, some lavender Bee Bar lotion, homemade raspberry jam {kind of purple...ish} and a Nicholas Sparks book. 

All in all, I had a really great time with this Blog Swap. It was a first for me, and I hope I have the opportunity to do it again. Anyone thinking a Secret Santa during Christmas-time? 

Also, a question for all the other ladies who participated in the swap:
How do you find out about other swaps? 

Wednesday, July 11

Life's Tough... Get A Helmet

Cheetah Bandeau- Victoria's Secret; Grey Racerback- Victoria's Secret; Denim Shorts- JC Penney {4 years old!}
Who's a very happy camper and has two thumbs?
This kid. 
Who just got a huge package from Victoria's Secret? 
This kid.
Who doesn't have to work for the next two days?
... If you didn't answer "this kid" something's wrong with you lady, or Hunter. Seeing as Hunter is probably the only male specimen who reads my blog. 

After eight long days of working, I finally have two days off! I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with myself... okay. I do know what I'm going to do with myself. Send out thank you cards. Go to the beach. See Hunter. Go to the beach. Oh, and go to the beach. 

I've been thinking a lot about negativity and how it affects me. Affects everyone. And, then, when Michelle wrote about "Having it All" and how we as bloggers almost try to make it appear as if we have it all I wondered if I have that impression on people. That because I generally only write about good things if people think nothing crappy ever happens to me. I guess my reasoning for being mostly positive on Ivory Giraffes is because it helps me be more positive in real life. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not always this happy in real life. 
I have lots of bad days. 
I have coworkers who I do not get along with, and sometimes I'm not very nice to Hunter. 
There are lots of days where I fight with my Mama, and when I take the things I have for granted. I pee my pants. I get overwhelmed. I've had so many falling-outs with friends I held dear, and some of the falling-out was my fault. 
And writing things like this is why I love blogging. I love that we're all real people, and most of us don't try and make it out like everything is all great all the time but a lot of us do try and remain positive. We're not celebrities, we're just people with passion. 

Monday, July 9

Time is Love

Hollister shirt- Thrifted; Jean Shorts- JC Penney; Pandora Champagne D! & Giraffe Murano; 
I'm so. Freaking. Behind. on posting pictures of my cuter outfits. {And, heck, here I don't even have a full body picture. It's a long story I shan't bore you with.} I seriously wore this over two weeks ago when I went to my good friend's graduation party. Yeah, I'm bad. Even though I'm generally not a Hollister type of gal, I'm really loving this shirt. The gingham {Or is this plaid?}, the color, the fit. Everything about it. And these shorts. I've been wearing them practically nonstop whenever I'm not at work, as I'm not allowed to wear shorts to work. Boo! 

Life lately has consisted of: Beach. Work. More beach. And I'm becoming really burned out right now with the whole working thing. Seriously. My next day off is Thursday and my last day off was Tuesday before the fourth. That'll be eight days. Eight whole days! Now, I understand that I generally work six hour shifts, but still. Thats a lot of days without a break, amirite? 

The giraffe print bead is one of my newer additions to my ever growing Pandora collection. When I saw this about a month ago I knew I had to have, obviously. Plus, it looks so dang good on this champagne leather bracelet. Sometime I'll have to show you all my somewhat extensive collection. Also, I just recently got this star of David necklace from my dear Aunt Sandi when she was up for my grad party. I'm completely in love with it, and I think it's a cute little pun to have. {Don't get it? My Daddy's name is David... I'm quite literally the star of David. Ha.} I'm so huge on layering little necklaces that I've just been wearing this and my one from Hunter constantly. 

Alllllrighty, then. I'm gonna head off to the beach for a few hours before I go to work. Woot! Woot! 

Monday, July 2

I Wanna Love Like Johnny & June

June was a really great month. It was sad. It was happy. It was everything, and what better way is there to be?

On The Blog-

  • Ivory Giraffes had 17 posts {One of the lowest since October... hey. I was busy!}. 2,692 page views, which is about a hundred more than last month. I was pleasantly surprised by that, only because I had about half the posts of last month. Weeeeird. And. And. AND. I had 3 new followers. Up to 52, and you know what that means! A giveaway to be happening shortly!!
  • In all honesty, not a lot of "special" things happened on the blog this month. I didn't post much. I didn't interact much. It was lame. But life was great. Sometimes thats what happens though, you know? You have to take a little break from something you love so that you can remember to enjoy everything else. 
Off The Blog-

  • Casie moved away. Bummer of my life. But I'm really happy for her. She's already had a few interpreting jobs lined up, and get this: will be going on cruise for one of those jobs to Alaska! How lucky is she? 
  • I had my graduation party! Finally! After much preparation everything went smoothly and I couldn't have asked for a better day. Everyone I wanted to be there was there. Everything looked cute. I had fun. 
  • Work is finally in full swing, which makes for a happy Hannah! 
  • I crashed on my moped. Which was so awesome of me, but in the end really hurts. It's been two weeks and its finally starting to heal up properly. 
  • The beach. The beach. The beach. This last week alone I've went nearly everyday, and there is nothing better than that, I tell you! 
  • Hunter. Oh, Hunter. This month I've got to spend more time with him than usually two or three months during the school year combined. It makes for a much happier Hannah. 
Well, hopefully I'll see you around the blogosphere!