Monday, July 30

The Reverse Roll: A Hair Tutorial

Look who finally got around to making the tutorial I've been promising for, oh, I don't know... eons. I've been doing the Reverse Roll for a long time, I actually originally learned it from a Klutz hair book. Anyone else remember those books? They were the best... Anywho, it looks pretty. Great for summer. And pretty darn easy. 
It's a good thing Noey took the pictures when she did, because afterwards I promptly got ice cream in my hair... how do I always end up doing things like that? {Sorry for my face in some of these pictures... but I can't really change it

P.S. If there's anything you're unclear of in the directions, please let me know and I'll try and explain it better! 

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  1. Super cute pictures and hairstyle! I like!! =D


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