Wednesday, October 31


How lovely is this sweater? 
It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm extremely fond of it. Literally a chunky sweater from Ireland. Ireland people. My lovely Aunt sent it to me, and there is nothing I love more than packages. While being in college I've realized how nice it is to receive a package, a letter, anything. I check my mailbox daily... and if I'm being completely honest probably hourly. But it also makes me realize how the written word is dwindling. Writing letters isn't common anymore, and I've found that I'm fairly inept at writing them. It's such a beautiful thing to sit and write a letter for an hour or so. Seeing two or more pages of ink on fresh paper. I enjoy doing it, more than I initially thought I would. Something about writing letters makes you feel like you're closer to whoever you're writing to. Like you're baring your soul more than any text will ever do. 

Monday, October 29


 Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm actually living in a new place. Not just visiting. It's  a very hard thing to wrap ones mind around. Most of this time I feel as if this is just some vacation that will soon be over with... but then I see my stack of homework and reality comes knocking at my door. 
I spend most of my days going from class to class and doing homework. But I'm so enjoying the college dorm lifestyle. The community that comes along with it. I've never been one for having many friends, girl friends especially. I just always felt as if all the girls I ever met just hated my guts. We never got along and I found the way to cliquey. But here. Here everything is different. I've finally found a place where I seem to fit in, and I don't even have to try. I've found people, girls, who actually accept me for me. They don't think I'm too conservative, they don't think I'm too worldly. They just like me. And sure, sometimes they make fun of my crazy antics, but I know that they love me. And I love them. I would honestly do anything for these girls, and I know that if I ever needed anything they would have my back. It's something that I haven't felt, well, ever. 

I am so incredibly blessed. 

Tuesday, October 16

Cherry Tomato

My favorite part of college? 
Wearing sweatpants to class without judgement. 
You remember how I used to be so "get dressed, Hannah! it will help you with school"? I'm not so much like that now. Sweatpants are the bombdiggity and I will wear them. Even if I no longer can be labeled a fashion blogger. It's all cool by me as long as I keep my sweats. 
Actually, I'm seriously in love with both my sweat pants and my shirt. I got the sweats from Old Navy a couple of weeks back {okay, so maybe it was a month... but who's counting?} and the long sleeve shirt from Target this past weekend. I'm basically in love. 

In other news, tomorrow is the beginning of Fall Break! I'm so excited and it is so so needed. Like seriously needed. I can't wait for some actual sleeping time! 

Tuesday, October 9

The College Experience.

I miss blogging so much, and I'm going to try really super duper hard to get back into it! I miss you guys, and the whole atmosphere of my blog. It's such a great stress reliever and I really think I need this fun place for me in my life! 

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I'll be writing again soon!