Friday, September 30


I apologize for not having a for real picture of the night, but I did not know I was going to be attending... my first football game of the season! 
See, I went in to work at four o'clock this afternoon and was scheduled to work until eight. Well, I did. And it was dead. There were literally about seven sales ALL day. Three of which were made while I was there. Anywho, because I had to work I had to tell the boy I would not be able to make it to the homecoming game. He was sad. I was sad. But because we closed five or so minutes before eight o'clock I was able to rush out of Mackinaw into Pellston. It was splendid. 
In other related topics, I'm sorry (sort of) that I talk about the boy so much. So, so, so much.  But he is my best friend. And he is really important, and since this is my life/style blog, and he's such a huge factor in my life he must be included. From this day forth I shall refer to him as "the boy". So you know. 
In even MORE news... I have a Pinterest. I still don't know how to work it. I'm also contemplating a Twitter. I had one once... but I forgot the password. What do you think? 

Thursday, September 29

what i wore//miss matched

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's late. 
But here's the thing... I had this outfit on yesterday for youth group, right? It was absolutely smashing, and total "Lauren" outfit. I loved it. It was inspired by this girl and her super cute outfit.  We were running a bit behind so I told Scarlett we'd take a picture after we got home... yeah, we didn't. As soon as I got home, I took my pants and my flannel shirt off and roamed around the house in my underwear. 
I have no regrets. 
I actually really like this outfit anyways. Almost better than what I was wearing yesterday. I feel as if I've reverted back to my middle school days, where my biggest hope in dressing myself was that absolutely nothing matched. I feel just... happy in this outfit. All the non matching colors, the tights underneath my pants, layers, and most especially my mismatched socks. 

In more clothing talk, I need a pair of boots. I'm thinking I love these pair. I'm pretty sure they're screaming "Lauuuuren. Buuuuy me. We're super cute. And we have fuzz". Or maybe these ones. Notice the fuzzy pattern? I just think if I'm going to live in Northern Michigan, and have to go through Autumns and Springs I need a pair of boots like those. Ones that aren't going to make my feet roast to death like snow boots, but not make my little piggies go numb! 

Monday, September 26

what i did// drawing with the boy

Hunter and I are great artists, aren't we? 
Who else draws a narwhal, pterodactyl, and platypus all in one picture? 
Who likes Hunter's submarine? I thought it was splendid, he did not. 
Ha, and you thought Scarlett was the artsy fartsy one! 

Friday, September 23

being girly

Is he sweet or what?
I'm such a freaking girl. 

what i do// jogging

I'm a girl of frequent new endeavors. 
The newest? 
Running. Ok, slash that. Jogging. I don't run, I'm pretty sure that these stubs of legs are not cut out for full out running, and neither is this asthmatics lungs. So I jog. I've been using the Couch to 5k, and I'm on week 3. So I'm finally actually doing more jogging than walking, and I'm excited about it. 
My one thing I'm not so crazy about is my lack of "keep moving" music. I'm a Chopin sort of girl. I liked relaxed, beachy songs... but they're not ideal for trying to keep moving. Right now the only things I have that's at all suitable is Three Days Grace. Which I like. But when you only have one CD of theirs, it gets a little old. 

Any suggestions my fellow people of the universe? 

Thursday, September 22

what i wore//raking leaves

Number one: Although I know this isn't something terribly fabulous, it is what I wore. And I liked it. I'm not always wearing pretty cardigans and flannel shirts. I like wearing sweatshirts when the weather is cool and let me tell you... the weather is cool. But, I do feel as if I can wear it in a fashionable type way. Or am I super wrong? 
Number two: Sorry for the utter darkness in these pictures. I wore this when I headed for the little Bliss General Store to return pop bottles and then youth group and just as I was getting into the car I remembered I hadn't taken pictures yet. So I had to take them after 9 o'clock. I still like the picture though 
Okay, isn't this the coolest sweatshirt ever? Um, yup. It is. I'm sure of it. It's a Girl Scout sweatshirt from Germany. My cousin used to live there and I bet you can guess what she was. A Girl Scout. All in all, as simple as it is, I like this outfit. It was perfect for raking leaves and playing on a nice fall day. 
P.S. Best part of the day? 
Hunter wasn't supposed to come to youth group tonight because of a Cross Country meet. Well he got 16th place out of 50 (Yes. I am proud of the boy.) Apparently he sat up front with the bus driver and got him to get him home as fast as possible, so that in the last 45 minutes he magically arrived! And then he sat next to me, and it was blissful. 
The end. 

Tuesday, September 20

what i wore//grey

So I'm in love with this shirt. 
It's comfy, and I'm totally digging the grey. I've decided recently that grey is my favorite neutral. It's like black... but softer. And doesn't make me look so pale. Plus it looks fabulous with absolutely everything. Like yellow. If you pair yellow with black you just look like a bumble bee, pair it with grey and BAM! gorgeous. 
So I've been struggling with this post... how are you supposed to spell grey/gray? At first I was spelling it gray, then I thought maybe not. Grey. Gray. Oh! The confusions of the English language. It's just like color. Or colour. Which route to take?? Or even favourite. 
Something completely unrelated to clothes or the color (colour??!!??) grey/gray. Have I ever told you of my distaste for girls? Like. For real. I'm pretty sure that this should be the theme song of my life. I'm not even kidding. At all. Maybe it's just because the majority of the girls that I've meant are the sucky mean girl ones. Or maybe it's because the majority of the people I hung out with when I was growing up was boys, mainly because they were the only options. But, really. Girls are mean. And when they mess with my people... well my Gryffindor colors shine through. I become bold. Very. Very bold. And courageous. 
Now that my rant is over, I have a serious question:
How do you spell grey/gray? 

Ten points to whoever can find the giraffe. 

Monday, September 19

da plan, stan

So let me be straight up with you. 
Cause that's just how I am, you know, yo? 
Okay, so here's what I'm going be straight up with you about:
I'm busy. I'm in my senior year of high school and am doing so much my brain may possibly explode. I'm taking Anatomy, Chemistry, Algebra 2, Pre Calculus, French 2, American Civics, British Literature, Psychology, Language Arts. All the while trying to study as much music as I possibly can in my last year of high school, and studying to retake the ACT before December. And that's just my academic schedule. I'm still working my "summer" job on the weekends, and I go to my youth group every Wednesday. On Sunday's I'm helping lead a Bible Study for the older kids of the youth group, and hopefully I'll start back at a local gymnastics club teaching basic gymnastic skills to little guys and gals. I'm also trying to figure out what exactly I'm going to do after my senior year, and save a little time for hanging out with my friends and actually enjoying myself. 
So what I'm telling you is I'm swamped. And though my blog is nowhere near a humongous deal to the rest of the world, it's important to me. I get so much joy out of writing on here, and posting my outfits and daily happenings of my life. But, it's way too crazy trying to post pictures of my clothes everyday. But I don't want to quit the whole blogging thing altogether. I'm just going to do a few outfit posts a week. Probably one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. We'll see how that works. I've decided I won't post on Wednesday. Monday, Friday and Saturday will be fun things. I'm not sure what exactly yet, but it'll be awesome I'm sure. Cause I'm awesome. 
So be prepared for some epic changes. 

Saturday, September 17

sicky. sick. sick.

I'm so in love with this computer. Like completely totally in love. 
As if you want to hear more laptop talk.
Because you don't wanna hear about that, I'll stop. See I'm nice to you guys! 
In more (but still not so interesting news) I'm sick. Not deathly ill, but allergy flaring sick. Like I can't sleep, or breathe. My nose is stuffy, my throat hurts, my eyes water and my lungs are sore. It's not so great. I had to go to work, tho, so I covered up my lousiness with makeup, a thermal shirt, and a cozy scarf. It worked. I liked it. 

Thursday, September 15

chubby bunnies

Um. So I'm a goofball. 
And I really love me. I'm sort of extremely awesome. I actually really love my chubby cheeks in this picture. Sometimes I wish I had chubby little baby cheeks, is that weird? They're just uber cute. 
Okay, so anyway, what this whole post about is: 
I'm posting this from my new... MACBOOK PRO! 
Yeah. I know. I'm a cool kid now. 
I'm already loving it. And that means I can definitely post more regularly. Yippee for new computers! 
I'll catch ya'll later gators. 

Tuesday, September 13

i'm unbreakable. unlike you.

Oh. My. Goodness. 
Whoah. This is big, people. 
Like I said yesterday, sporadic posting shall soon be ceasing! Hallelujah! MacBook Pro comin' my way! Yeah baby!!!! So, so, soooo excited. Like you do not fully understand how excited I am to have a working computer. A computer that lets me into my email account (even if I barely use it.) and into my Blogger and Wordpress. Right now I'm just using Scar's, but I'd rather have my own to use. 
Also, in other news I've gotten some super cute shirts from TJ Maxx!! I love that place sooo much. I'm a Maxinista. Haha. Inside joke only my Mama and seester would get. Anyways, I shall chat with all again soon. 
Fireflight Tee; Deliahs Morgan Skinnies 

Monday, September 12

forget not that the winds long to play with your hair

I haven't had a hair post in about... oh I don't know, two or three months. So here goes!
My ponytail is now 15 inches long. Now the last time I posted about my hair (see here) it was the end of June and my ponytail was 14 inches long. I trimmed my hair in the beginning of August, and just last week. The ends were getting horrible. So the longest was probably 16 inches. It's okay with me to be losing an inch as long as my hair looks good, which it does. (:
My bangs are starting finally reach the point when I can tuck them behind my ears! Hallelujah! Right now, though, I'm still in the stage of braid them out of my face. Which is cute anyways! I promise to do some more of these in the months to come!  
P.S. Soon I will be posting more frequently! I'm finally going to get a new computer. A MacBook Pro to be exact!! Eeks. 

Thursday, September 8

Whale tales

Story behind the picture is that I did it to him first and really wanted to see how it looked, so I asked him to send it to me. My kind boy did just that. He's so nice to me. And that whale is pretty darn cute!
P.s. Tomorrow I shall have a hair post! Remember those??

Tuesday, September 6

knitting up a storm... or a scarf.

 A day spent with a kitty above your head...
and knitting needles in your hands is definitely a good day. 
Even if the said kitty was trying to ruin all your yarn. 
It's starting to get chilly outside. (Around 50 degrees yesterday!) But, I will continue to relish the little bit of sunshine that I do get. Even though school starts tomorrow... my senior year. Wowza. 
I'm now off to enjoy myself with Scarlett, Tanner, and Hunter on our last day of freedom before school starts back up. Three of us are homeschooled, but poor little Hunter has to get up at an un-Godly hour and ride a bus. Ha. 
Anywho, I'm out to see Rise of the Apes and get some deep-fried cauliflower!