Tuesday, September 6

knitting up a storm... or a scarf.

 A day spent with a kitty above your head...
and knitting needles in your hands is definitely a good day. 
Even if the said kitty was trying to ruin all your yarn. 
It's starting to get chilly outside. (Around 50 degrees yesterday!) But, I will continue to relish the little bit of sunshine that I do get. Even though school starts tomorrow... my senior year. Wowza. 
I'm now off to enjoy myself with Scarlett, Tanner, and Hunter on our last day of freedom before school starts back up. Three of us are homeschooled, but poor little Hunter has to get up at an un-Godly hour and ride a bus. Ha. 
Anywho, I'm out to see Rise of the Apes and get some deep-fried cauliflower! 

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