Thursday, June 30

bliss store is the place to be

 That, my friends, is the Bliss Store. Where they sell Vernors! Oh? Never heard of it? That's right... it's sold mainly in Michigan and a select few other states. If you're at a loss for what it is, it's Ginger Ale, but a million times tastier. 
 The neatest part about the Bliss Store is that back in the day (1800's) the store was owned by my family. Pretty rad, right? It's the only store within about 10 miles, so it's obviously the place to go when you need some munchies. Cooler this is that my cousin now works there, so I can go hang around there sometimes. Also, something unrelated to the store but the food itself... Black Licorice. It's my favorite. I feel like no one else on the planet really loves Black Licorice they only tolerate it. But me, I love the stuff. 
 Purple Striped Dress (Walmart); Peace Gladiators (Payless)
Aren't these shoes the cutest? I love 'em. I guess there are a couple plus' to having small, child size feet. Cute shoes. And clothes for that matter. The thing about these that's humorous is that they're velcro. Oh well. They work. 
 Look at the snoz. It's healing nicely. 
P.S. My hair looks super thin in this picture, but the picture lies. 
Can you have go-to looks for your hair? If you can, this is mine. 
Wanna know another reason I love summer? It gives me red highlights. I've never dyed my hair at all, and I don't plan on it. I like my hair how it is, but I love the red highlights. 
Well, I'm off to work today. Fun, fun, I know. I'm just a party animal. 

my rant on computers

Ha. Told. You. So. 
I really have been wearing clothes like I said all along! 
Pink Blouse(SecondHand, Tommy Hilfiger); Denim Shorts(SecondHand); Peace Gladiators(Payless, childrens department)
Don't you just love my posing face. I'm just a-dor-a-ble. 
Look at those Asain eyes*! I swear I could see out of my eyes, that's just how my eyes are when I smile. For real. 
Whatever I was laughing at must have been hilarious, if I gave ya'll my real Lauren smile. You're so lucky. You must loove my snaggle tooth. 
Jump. Jump. Jump. I adore this photo. 
I apologize guys for the lateness of this post, it was supposed to be put out yesterday evening, but my computer went spastic... once again. I really need a new one, wanna donate to the Mac fund? Send money to 555... juuust kidding. I've been getting so, so frustrated with this one. I have a Toshiba, and it's worked great. I love the Vista, it's just that I've had it for two or three years now (I'm thinking more like three) and I use it so much. I have to use for so much of school stuff, then there's hundreds of blog pictures on here. Unless I'm gone I use it at least an hour or two a day. Yeah. That's probably not a good thing to admit. Buuut, tis true. 
Ok, people, I will be coming with another post. Just pretend that this was yesterdays, kk? Thanks ya. 

*I hold nothing against Asians. Actually, I wish I was Asian with every fiber of my being. I take pride in the fact that people sometimes think I'm Asian, because apparently I have Asian eyes. I believe that Asian people are some of the most beautiful people in the world. I'm thinking the only reason I have Asian eyes is from my Native American blood. I'm Chippewa. 

Wednesday, June 29

oh wheeeere is my hairbrush?

Another hair post! 
How excited are you?? Uber excited, I bet.
My hair is growing splendidly, the pony tail is now 14 inches long! In the beginning of May it was 12 inches, last month it was 12 3/4! It's grown sooo much this last month. I'm not really sure why, I'm thinking it could be a result of a couple of things.
-It's summer. Hair grows faster in the summer, so I've read, due to hormones that release themselves during the summer. 
-I also eat a lot healthier during the summer. I crave fruits. Seriously. I also drink a lot more water in the summer. 
I'm hoping that my hair will grow even more in the next two months. My one problem is split ends, I don't generally use conditioner so that's probably why I get them so often. I recently bought Garnier Fructis Length & Strength shampoo and conditioner. It's supposed to keep your hair strong so you don't get split ends. I'm using both of them, so hopefully it works. Even if it doesn't, it smells delish. 
P.S. If you don't know what the title is from, check it:

Tuesday, June 28

biiiig ticket

Please, darlings, excuse my lack of posting.
I do have a totally valid excuse, but I don't want to bore you with my everyday boring life. Oh, wait, this is my blog about my boring everyday life with some pictures of my clothes thrown in! Ha. I may now tell you why I didn't post last week.
I know everyone in the world has jobs, and it's not much of an excuse, buuut last week I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Now that don't sound like no thang but a chicken wang, but on Wednesday night I had to pack. Pack, you say? For what? Well I'll tell you what: Big Ticket Festival. If you happen to live in Michigan and do not know what Big Ticket is... I shun you. Not for realz. Just Internet-Drama-Pretend. I still love you. For ya'll who don't happen to know, Big Ticket is a humongo Christian music festival. They used to have it every year in Gaylord, MI (woot! woot!) but then the idiots nice people who run Big Ticket decided to move it all the way down to Ionia, MI. 
What all this means is I had to leave my house at 5:30 am on Thursday morning to get there around noon. And Lauren doesn't wake up at such a ghastly hour. I wasn't a fan of Big Ticket being in Ionia, it was muddy as heck and I may have ruined a pair of shorts. *Insert sad face* I liked Gaylord about a million times better. But there were amazing bands that I was so happy to see. Skillet (um. amazing!!), and the best was... FIREFLIGHT. Goodness, she can sing. And how about Levi the Poet? Look him up, cause he is freaking amazing. 
But, I did wear some clothes during the weekend. I didn't always look fantastic, but I kept warm when I had to and cool when I had to. So I count that as good. I'm sure Scar'll have some pictures, and I'll prolly have a few at a later date. 
Peace, ya'll. 

Monday, June 20

MMH #13

1. Funniest mug ever. Plus it was two dollars. 
Oh, P.S. I was laughing uncontrollably in this picture because my Mother pointed out the fact that I don't even have an ex. That does not lessen the hilariousness. 

2. I don't think I need more of these, because this picture is the best. 
Except for this one: 
 You have now seem my real smile. Cute, right? Love, love, love that little snaggle tooth. 

Sunday, June 19

the stars are bright in your eyes

Ya'll are in for a treat in the next couple days, because I just got two whole grocery bags full of adorbable clothes from thrift stores! Three or so new dresses, this lovely tank, some skirts. All things that scream LAUREN. 
I'm absolutely for sure ticked right now, wanna know why? Well I'll tell you straight up homies! (I'm so gangster. Word.) It's my day off, right? I worked the past two days, and I'm going to be working the next three days. It truly sucks for one reason. The last two days were absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to be at the beach all day. And since today's my day off I had it all planned out: Go to see Pirates 4 today (for the second time, it's the bomb.), have dinner/lunch at The Depot (Best deep fried cauliflower eva) and then go to the beach. Yeah. Plan ruined. It's freaking cold. Life... ugh.
Arizona Tank (Thrifted); Hollister Cropped Hoodie (Thrifted); Denim Capri's (Thrifted); Purple Bandana (Scar's)
I had to show off one of my funny faces. I feel as if I don't do enough on here, and I'm truly a funny face kind of gal. I love just making weird and random faces at little kids, they give you the funniest looks. Ahh, the enjoyment I find in harassing people. 
So you see my face here, right? Well that is my:
"Bro, I got a story for youuu" face. 
See that on my elbow? Yeah... I ran into a wall on Wednesday. He was extremely rude too, didn't even say excuse me.
See that on my alligator leg? (If anyone knows some sure ways to get rid of dry skin, I'd love to know. I've been using lotion like craaazy, man.) Well that's the funniest story of them all. I was playing soccer (MUCH to my chagrin) and I was the goalie (I did catch the ball once, it made me happy.)... whilst being the goalie I tripped over the goal post thingie. While walking. It hurt like none other. 
Alright, peace be with ya'll. Sorry for the long post. I've missed you people! 

OH! Almost forgot! 
to my littlest sister, Rebekah, who turned 11 today.
And Happy Father's Day to all the Papas out there, including my Daddy even if he's in heaven. It still counts, I'm sure. 

Thursday, June 16


As always I went to Keiko's blog today, and low and behold there was a link to this awesome article. I went to read it and the follow up, and it was just... wow. It's great to know that I'm not the only one who feels the way all those girls felt. 
Sometimes I feel like my blog will go nowhere because I don't have the newest, most fabulous clothes. Or because I know nothing about html and I can't make my blog look professional and unique, and I don't have the money for someone else to do it for me. Or maybe because I live in the boondocks, and am a country girl who sometimes doesn't look all that fabulous but I like what I'm wearing so I post it. 
Blogging is supposed to be all about being you, and sometimes I find myself thinking:
"If only I could be like Paige Renae and have super long legs."
"I wish I could look as sophisticated as Autie
It could go on and on. What I know I forget sometimes is that I'm not Paige, and I'm not Autie. They look absolutely beautiful for them, but me, I look pretty darn good in a flannel shirt and some ripped up blue jeans. And that's my put together look. And you know, nothing's wrong with that. I shouldn't have to wear a certain kind of clothes to be a style blogger, I just need to be wearing clothes. 

in which lauren rambles...

...and has weird dark circles under her eyes. 
I'm dog tired, and I dunno why. 
Enjoy my rambling, humans. And once again, thanks. 

Wednesday, June 15

munchie munch munch

I went to the glorious beach today! From 11 until 5.
As said... it was glorious.
In case you're not aware: I'm in love with junk food. 
For real home sizzles. Whenever I go to the beach, I must stop by the only store in within 15 miles, and fill up on my needed munchies. 
On this fine day I bought:
Nantucket Lemonade
Black Licorice
Lemon Drops (my new fave!!)
Sunflower Seeds
AND Funyuns

How cool is this picture? 
I didn't even do it on purpose. How awesome am I? Pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. You like my nails? They're nice and glittery. 

Hello Scarlett! 
You sure do look cute in your little friend's sunglasses. 

Among other things that happened today:
After 3:30 or so my favorite boy came to the beach. We got to hang out for awhile at the beach, and then him and Tanner (the one with the sunglasses) came to my house and we watched.... She's the Man!! My favorite. 
We then went to youth group... where I decided I'd make my favorite boy happy by playing soccer. I was goalie... and I tripped over the goal post. While walking. 
I then had a mental breakdown with resulted in my talking like a four year old, and I started rolling on the ground laughing and what not. I think I got too much sun. (If that's even possible.) 
I also received a Hello Kitty plush doll in the mail today.

Monday, June 13

summer is here in full bloom


I may not be the most fashionable I've ever been in these pictures, but I sure am happy! I spent the entire afternoon (literally. from 1 until 5) at the beach. In case you don't know, I live a mile from Lake Michigan, and it's the prettiest beach in the world. One of my favorite things to do at the lake is wash my hair. I know, it's probably bad for the environment. I'm probably killing all the fish. But I recycled a bunch of pop cans today, so it all equals out. My hair's getting longer and longer, but my bangs just never seem to grow. Pooey. One more thing of rambling: Do you see that picture of the root beer? Yeah... this chick took it. I'm proud. 

 People of the world, I have an announcement: I need to learn how to for real smile in front of a camera. Sometimes I do, but most of the time I don't. I think I just need to loosen the heck up! I'm so tense all the time. 

MMH #12

How about a Monday Must Haves that has to do with what I did today? You down with that? Saweet. 

1. I've listened to this song non-stop today. I even went as far as to look up the chords so I can play it on my piano. 

2. My healing nose!! Yippee!! 
Although last night I thought I ruined all progress made... I almost ripped it out and it started bleeding. It was frightening. 
I need to pluck my eyebrows or something... I'm just scared to. Cause what if I turn out with no eyebrows? 
What would be worse? 

3. Building a sand castle with some of my favorite people in the world! Fuuun!

4. Drinking Stewart's Root Beer. It's the best in the world. Hands down.

5. I just love me some outtakes! 
I'm pretty sure my Mom was making fun of me or something, and I was trying to explain myself. I use my hands to talk a lot of the time. 

Stay tuned for the real pictures... they're pretty snazzy.

Sunday, June 12


Time spent not blogging includes (but is not limited to):
Looking fabulous but not taking pictures.
Looking like crap and not taking pictures. 
Taking the ACT's (whilst looking like crap)
Annnd, painting my toenails Hello Kitty pink and adding sparkles!!
I've decided that I have cute toes, or rather toenails. 
I like their shape. 
I shall resume the blog tomorrow, with normal crap.
Liiike Monday Must Haves, anyone??? 

Thursday, June 9

i diiiid it!!

I fully realize you humans deserve more than some crappy webcam photos, but what's a busy girl to do? Like for real. I'm mega swamped. But somehow I found time to do something I've wanted to do for a long time today. You notice?

In case you can't tell the difference... I finally got my nose pierced.
Anyone who is thinking about getting it done: 
It didn't hurt at all. I felt slight pressure, and then it was done.
I super duper like it, but I'm sort of paranoid about it getting ripped out. 
I'm sure all newbie's are frightened of that, though. 

P.S. I love being a goof-off.

Tuesday, June 7

not what i wore

 White Eyelet Skirt (Rue21)+Blue Tank (Aeropostale)+Get the Heck out of My Face Bang French Braid= Warm weather coming

Yeah, I'd like to say this is what I wore today... but it'd be a total lie.
I woke up around... 10ish (sleeping in your own bed is glorious) and just hung out around my house in my bra and a pair of minuscule shorts until 12ish. Thank the good Lord for whoever invented strapless bras, because that's the only comfortable thing to wear when your shoulders are fried. It's days like today that I wish I owned a tube top, however immodest they are. I eventually put this on, but then decided to spend my day at the beach.
While at the beach I pretty much wore this, but with a baggy t-shirt tied up. It showed me tummy, but I didn't really care. I was at the beach for heaven's sake. 
So, although this is cute... I didn't wear it much.

happy happy birthday

I want the blogging world to give a big
to one of my favorite guys in the world:
Because I'm lame and barely ever remember to take pictures, I don't think I have any recent ones of him... at all. I have some oldies on my computer but I'm positive he'd be completely embarrassed if I put them on here. So instead here's a video.
Hunter's the one making out with the apple. Ain't he a cutie? 
He's a whopping sixteen today, so wish him a Happy Birthday, would ya?

tan lines

Hello people of the Blogosphere! 
Lauren is back from camping, and it was an ultimate blast. 
I seriously went cliff diving. It wasn't a huge cliff or anything, but it was a cliff nonetheless. I think Scarlett'll have some pictures soon, so you'll have to check them out. 
Until then, how about a picture of my burn? 
I'm a mega wimp when it comes to burns, mainly because I barely ever get them. I just turn brown. Annnd, I know everyone everywhere in the world hates having tan lines but I love having a tan line. Being able to show the word my work. Yes, I'm a bit weird, but you know you love me anyways. 
Also, whenever I have my webcam on I'm pretty sure Mercy just knows cause she jumps in my lamp. At least that means I have pictures of her, unlike my puppy who hates cameras. Boo. 
Just wait peoples, I think I should have a couple more posts for the day... that is if my computer stops acting like a turd. 

Wednesday, June 1

camping till the wolves eat me

People of the Blogosphere: 
I'm gonna be camping until Tuesday. 
Do not think I've died, but don't be surprised if I do. I hear there are a lot of bears in the U.P. (for non-Michiganders that means Upper Peninsula). This is surprisingly my first time actually camping, like for real camping. So there should be some pictures, but don't expect me to look fabulous. Cause it's pretty darn rustic.
Have fun without me, darlings (:

a wee bit about my life

These are always fun to me. I love getting to know a blogger, therefore I like doing them myself. 

A. Age: 17
B. Bed size: Twin Bunkbed (bottom bunk)
C. Chore that you hate: Probably dishes (just cause I hate food, and food in water is even worse) or emptying the cat litter.
D. Dogs: Right now I have a collie named Sophie, but my favorite dog I've ever had was a Blue Healer named Girl (I know... soooo original)
E. Essential start to your day: Peeing.
F. Favourite color: Blue for sure.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 4'10"
I. Instruments you play: Piano, Guitar (sort of), and the Ukulele
J. Job title: Well I'm a student, but in the summer I work in retail at a jewelery store. So... a fancy version would be Pandora Consultant 
K. Kids: My Ford pickup might as well be my child, his name is Ugly Truck 3
L. Live: In the middle of absolutely nowhere in a little place called Bliss (I am NOT making this up)
N. Nicknames: Well, you gotta remember my first name is Hannah and my middle is Lauren, although I prefer being called Lauren. So there's the obvious "Hannah Banana" "Hannah Montana" and all other Hannah-y nicknames. Among the odd are Hai-Hai, one of my Uncles calls me Betty (don't ask me why), and my "brother" calls me Sista-Woman.
O. Overnight hospital stays: When I was a baby I was in the hospital often.
P. Pet peeve: When tourists can't drive and cut me off. Bikers (which is weird cause I bike a lot, but there are tons of bikers who come up from everywhere and they treat us country bumpkins like absolute crap. liiike peeing in our yard for instance. and calling the cops on a one legged one armed man who told them to get off his property.)
Q. Quote from a movie: "Marriage. Marriage is what brings us here today!"
R. Right or left handed: I write with my right hand, but do absolutely everything else with my left
S. Siblings: Scarlett and Rebekah, both are younger
T. Time you wake up: Eeks. It depends on what I'm doing that day. Usually around 9.
U. Underwear: The cutest ones I can find. Life is much too short for boring underwear.
V. Vegetable you hate: Cauliflower
W. What makes you run late: The speed limit
X. X-Rays you've had: Teeth, Forearm, Growth plate in my foot, Stomach. Practically everything. I've had so many X-Rays it's crazy.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Brownies! Chicken Noodle Soup, Cheese Biscuits.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe. Obviously. But also Panda Bears. 

i whip my hair back and forth

So my hair doesn't look that much different, and you may even be wondering if it's grown at all... but I just measured and my pony tail is now 12 3/4 inches. So it's grown three quarters of an inch in around a month! Which is great because the average person's hair grows a quarter of an inch a month. So I'm super duper hair grower.