Tuesday, June 28

biiiig ticket

Please, darlings, excuse my lack of posting.
I do have a totally valid excuse, but I don't want to bore you with my everyday boring life. Oh, wait, this is my blog about my boring everyday life with some pictures of my clothes thrown in! Ha. I may now tell you why I didn't post last week.
I know everyone in the world has jobs, and it's not much of an excuse, buuut last week I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Now that don't sound like no thang but a chicken wang, but on Wednesday night I had to pack. Pack, you say? For what? Well I'll tell you what: Big Ticket Festival. If you happen to live in Michigan and do not know what Big Ticket is... I shun you. Not for realz. Just Internet-Drama-Pretend. I still love you. For ya'll who don't happen to know, Big Ticket is a humongo Christian music festival. They used to have it every year in Gaylord, MI (woot! woot!) but then the idiots nice people who run Big Ticket decided to move it all the way down to Ionia, MI. 
What all this means is I had to leave my house at 5:30 am on Thursday morning to get there around noon. And Lauren doesn't wake up at such a ghastly hour. I wasn't a fan of Big Ticket being in Ionia, it was muddy as heck and I may have ruined a pair of shorts. *Insert sad face* I liked Gaylord about a million times better. But there were amazing bands that I was so happy to see. Skillet (um. amazing!!), and the best was... FIREFLIGHT. Goodness, she can sing. And how about Levi the Poet? Look him up, cause he is freaking amazing. 
But, I did wear some clothes during the weekend. I didn't always look fantastic, but I kept warm when I had to and cool when I had to. So I count that as good. I'm sure Scar'll have some pictures, and I'll prolly have a few at a later date. 
Peace, ya'll. 

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