Friday, August 31

College Life Thus Far...

Can be summed up in these three pictures. 
Trying to stay cool in an dorm without AC.
And my adorable bed/living area. How cute is the Audrey poster? 

I'm resisting the urge to write a life update. Like all about school and stuff, cause who the heck wants to read that? Not I, said the little red hen. Instead I will just leave you all with these pictures and promise a better post in the somewhat near future... maybe. 

Monday, August 27

In Which I'm Becoming an Old Woman

Whelp. Look who's officially moved into Bethel College. 
I know, I know. Crappy Photobooth picture, but it's late at night {since when has eleven o'clock been considered "late" for me?} and I haven't really had the time to take quality pictures. Which is obviously a real bummer. 
Anywho, I've got yet another busy day planned out for myself so au revoir! 

Friday, August 24

Gotta Get Down On Friday

Literally. Gotta get down to Indiana on Friday. Today. 
Today is Friday. 
Sure, it seems like a simple statement. A fact that is known to everyone on the planet. But it's not just any Friday, no. It's the Friday. The Friday I move away from everything I've ever known. The Friday when I become just a bit more independent... okay, well maybe that won't happen until Saturday. But still. It's a step. It's me loading up my Mama's car and driving six hours south. 
Thanks Bliss. For being the perfect place to grow up. Where the trees are plenty, where imagination soars, where Grandmas are just a horse field away. Thank you for being a place where I can lay on the beach on a hot summers day and where I can go sledding when its cold out. Where my sister became my best friend, and where I met my sweetheart. Thank you even for being the place that my Daddy can look forever on a field where horses play. I will miss you. But I'll be back soon. Pinkie promise. 

Wednesday, August 22


... {pretty} kitty who lays around while i try and pack. try is the keyword. do you have any idea how hard it is to figure what i really need when i'm living six whole hours away? i don't want to overpack. i don't want to under pack. it's a dilemma. any tips from former {or current} college students moving far away?
... {pretty} nails that glitter in the sun. i don't share with you often, but i adore painting my nails. i change them near daily and i'm really loving this combo going on right now. gliiiiitter. ... {pretty} handsome boy who is just about the cutest thing, um, well, ever. he didn't want me to post this anywhere, but, i love this picture. on so many levels. maybe it's because it was just a really great day with him. or maybe it's because he really is this funny most of the time. it just shows his personality, i suppose. 
i love him. ... {pretty} sunsets. i can't believe that tomorrow night is my last night here. wow. this summer has flown by. so quickly, but it's been a good one. i'm not sure if i'm completely ready for a new transition in my life, but like it or not, it's happening. 

Tuesday, August 14


Every time I get the urge to show you all something I just bought, or some "cool" thing in my room I feel like I'm in Kindergarten again trying to pick out something to bring for Show-n-Tell. But there is no way I could not share my recent purchase with you! Mainly because I'm head-over-heels in love with the darn thing. But can you blame me? It's so pretty! 
Before you jump to conclusions:
No. This is not a Vera Bradley bag. This is called Stephanie Dawn. Stephanie Dawn actually has quite the story. The people who make the Stephanie Dawn bags used to be employees of Vera Bradley. When she started outsourcing to China, bada-bing bada-boom, she laid off workers. Those workers started their own company: Stephanie Dawn. And yes. All of their bags are made in the US of A. 

Anywho, now that my lecture is out of the way. I'm in love with this duffel. I love how the sides tie down so it can be small, and then you can untie them for more room. I love the colors. The print. I've been wanting to get a nice duffel bag before I go off to college {in roughly a week!}, and this is the one. I'm just completely in love with this bag, if you couldn't already tell. 

Friday, August 10

Time & Love is All We've Got

 Dear Hunter,
You are gone this weekend. This makes me a sad little girl. But also happy because I know you're having fun doing, you know, manly things. Whatever manly things even means. It makes me realize how much it's going to suck in a few weeks when I leave for school. But you know what? That smile above gives me confidence. I know everything is going to be fine. Not necessarily easy. But fine. I hope you have fun this weekend, and please don't injure yourself. I sort of like you in one piece, exactly how you are. 
It's only eight o'clock on Friday night, but I already miss talking to you. I know, I'm horrid. Okay... Monday can hurry up now :)
Yours Always,
Fountain of Awesomeness 

Thursday, August 9


Red Toms; Lace Baseball Tee- Aeropostale; Jeans- Delia's; Pandora Bracelets; Sailor Knot Bracelet; Anchor Necklace- Kameleon 
Loving Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser/Mask. It is seriously one of the better face washes I've tried and I've tried quite a few. It just makes my face feel... wonderful!
Reading Wuthering Heights. I'm actually really into classic literature and I'm loving it.
Watching girls gymnastics! Well... not now. But ever since the Olympics started I've been an avid watcher of the girls gymnastics team. They're just so good! I've also been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries . If you like Pride & Prejudice you will absolutely adore this. I'm dying to meet Darcy!
Thinking about how I'm going to spend this weekend. Hunter's going away with Tanner and some other boys for a guys camping trip this weekend, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with myself. Well. Work. Beach? I don't know.
Anticipating the Pandora trunk show that we're having in mid-Septemeber. I'll be coming home for it and I already have a plan of what I'll be purchasing. You know, because I'm definitely in need of a third bracelet.
Listening to Once Again by Rob Vischer. If you haven't heard of him... look him up. He's amazing. And I just love his songs.
Working on packing up some things for school. I'm trying to make lists and such, but I'm still so worried about forgetting stuff. I know I have a few weeks, but still. I want to remember everything.
Wishing that summer lasted all year long.

Wednesday, August 8

My Delicious Secret

I'm not into dry shampoo. Yes, I know, I may be the only blogger on the planet who's not crazy in love with the stuff. I tried it. I hated it. Maybe it was the kind, or maybe I just don't like the stuff in general. I don't know. It just made my hair feel like when you use hairspray and by the end of the day its sort of gross, which is basically the complete opposite of what I wanted it to do. But I do like keeping my hair healthy, and healthy means not washing it every single day. So I started researching other things to use for a similar effect... or rather what the effect was supposed to be... and found out about baby powder. I tried it. And *drumroll please* I loved it.
And it's just so easy. When I read about it I thought "Maybe this'll work... but it's gonna be darn messy." But I tried it, and it's so fricken easy.
I just put some powder in my hand, and run it through my hair. At first it will look like you instantly gained about 40 years, but trust me. I'm not crazy. Either run your fingers through your hair till it's all blended in, or {Probably the better option} use a brush to brush it all through. It's seriously that simple. It soaks up the oil and now you'll smell like a delicious baby. Bam. Life is now complete.

Monday, August 6

Life Lately...

...has consisted of getting dressed in pretty clothes, kissing the boy, drinking mango smoothies, and other random things. Also, watching Pretty Little Liars. I started watching it from the beginning, it's actually better than I thought it would be. I know, I'm so behind on the times.
I know this is a short post but I'm trying to clean my room, just be thankful I didn't show you a picture of that! Eeks, it's a disaster.

Thursday, August 2

How It Flies...

I am simply blown away with how quickly this summer has gone by, not to say it's over by any means. I can't believe that in a mere twenty-two days I'll be leaving Bliss for Indiana. Starting my college career. I am trying to be overly excited about it {I am excited} to cover up my complete terror and fear. Fear of leaving. Of being without Noey, and Hunter. Of not doing well enough in my classes. Of being weird and that my roommate will hate me. Staying here seems like such a safer option. Here I have my family. And my house. And Hunter. And everything is... comfortable. And that's why I want to leave. Is that odd? Wanting to leave because I'm comfortable? But I want to grow as a person, I want to become all that I'm meant to become and sometimes the only way to truly do that is if you step out of your comfort zone a little. Or a lot. 
I'm scared.
But I'm excited.

Wednesday, August 1

The Way the World Turns

Lace Tank- Nadia's; Grey Cami- JC Penney; Jeans- Delia's; White Flip Flops- Billabong 
Before I even write anything, I want to tell you how unhappy I am with these pictures. Not because they're bad quality, or it's not the look I was going for, but rather because I really don't like how I look. I know, I know. Suck it up. Don't let your looks define you. But we all have our days, and that's okay. It's okay that I'm not really fond of how my legs look in these pictures. Me saying that I don't like how my legs look doesn't mean I hate my body. It doesn't mean I'm going to go on a huge diet. It just means that I'm human, and there are days that I don't like how I look. And you know, that's alright, because my worth, your worth, it doesn't come from how we look.

Okay, now that my little sermon is over with:
I love this top. I've been wanting something lace for quite awhile now and finally found this one that I really liked. I couldn't decide when buying it if I wanted the tank or the long sleeve, but as this was half the price quickly decided on the tank. Plus it's more fun for layering. I wore this to work yesterday but donned a grey cardigan for the chilly AC. I'm really averse to air conditioning. It makes me have goosebumps constantly! 
And how about those outtakes?