Wednesday, August 22


... {pretty} kitty who lays around while i try and pack. try is the keyword. do you have any idea how hard it is to figure what i really need when i'm living six whole hours away? i don't want to overpack. i don't want to under pack. it's a dilemma. any tips from former {or current} college students moving far away?
... {pretty} nails that glitter in the sun. i don't share with you often, but i adore painting my nails. i change them near daily and i'm really loving this combo going on right now. gliiiiitter. ... {pretty} handsome boy who is just about the cutest thing, um, well, ever. he didn't want me to post this anywhere, but, i love this picture. on so many levels. maybe it's because it was just a really great day with him. or maybe it's because he really is this funny most of the time. it just shows his personality, i suppose. 
i love him. ... {pretty} sunsets. i can't believe that tomorrow night is my last night here. wow. this summer has flown by. so quickly, but it's been a good one. i'm not sure if i'm completely ready for a new transition in my life, but like it or not, it's happening. 


  1. your pictures are all so beautiful - such good quality and look lovely. Glitter nail are so pretty and the sun set is stunning. Good luck at College!x

  2. you're going to do great Hannah banana. <3


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