Friday, March 21

March Blogger Swap

For the first time I ever I decided to be apart of a Blog Swap! It was super exciting to me, mainly because I love receiving/sending packages and letters. It's def my love language. If you're interested in becoming a participant in the Blogger Swap that I'm apart of make sure to click the linky-poo and sign up! 
I got paired up with Jordan from The Spontaneous Idealist, who runs the cutest little blog! She is such a sweetheart and sent me the best package right when I needed it! I had been having a rough week, full of sickness, and it was just such a blessing to get her package yesterday. I walked to the other end of campus after getting a package slip in my mailbox and could barely contain myself when I saw who it was from. Okay, I couldn't contain myself, because I ripped it open on my walk back to my dorm and practically started crying at how absolutely sweet Jordan was. I'll share a little bit of what Jordan said about each item in my package:

Paris tissues- Because no one should have to deal with spring allergies- at least not in style.
Stationary- Writing is a mutual love between us. 
Floral headband- So dainty and elegant. 
Lollia no. 19 "Breathe"- from a boutique I visited over spring break. Literally a breath of fresh air.
Yankee Candle "Sweet Honeysuckle"- The smell of summer down here in the South. 

Seriously! What a kind spirit she is! I absolutely love everything in my package. It's nice to have such springy things to remind me that warmth is near, when Indiana just got snow overnight. 

Tuesday, March 11

Everything We Do.

Sometimes when you're just having one of those days where you really miss your boyfriend and start getting depressed because you won't see him for another forty-plus days, you just have to pick yourself up. You have to say to yourself, "I'm going to make this day worth being away from him, and I'm going to choose to be happy!" Kind of like that really awesome BBC Robin Hood quote, "Everything is a choice, everything we do!" And then you obviously have to start taking selfies to cheer yourself up.
... and cheer you up, it does.

P.S. If anyone besides me and my family has seen this wonderful BBC show I'm talking about maybe you could speak up so I don't feel like that big of a nerd. But lets be real, here. I sort of am.