Wednesday, June 27

Oh! Forever.

I hate that I've been lacking in the "quality posts" department, but what with the DSLR not working properly I haven't had any way to take quality pictures. I have worn some cute outfits, so if I can find a way to take cute pictures I shall.
In other news, I've been reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Noey and I have been dying to read this book for ages, and when I got a gift certificate to one of my favorite local bookstores I knew precisely what I'd be getting. So on Monday I went marching down there, with my favorite boy in tow, and bought me a book!
Actually, not to deviate from talk of vampires, but Monday was an exceptionally interesting day. Hunter and I were in the great city of Mackinaw going to see the movie Brave {Which, neither of us enjoyed, I might add.} and run some errands. When I picked him up at his house with my '87 Ford pick-me-up truck I knew something was a little off with my brakes but I was already halfwayish to Mackinaw, so why stop now right? We get up there, and slowly the brakes are acting better and better, so I think nothing of it. We parked near the theater but we were a half hour early so we just started walking around, and ended up at the bookstore. We saw the movie. Didn't like it. Then we went to "my store" and bought my bead. When we got back to my truck I turned her on, she roared as usual, and we went on our merry way... until we had to stop at the next stop sign. I put the pedal to the floor and nothing. At all. Lucky, so lucky, for us there was barely any traffic so we were able to pull out and keep going slow till we got to the gas station. Where I proceeded to slam it into park so I wouldn't run into the building. We went inside, got some delish drinks, and hopped back in the truck to discuss what we'd do. It was decided that we shouldn't remain parked where we were, I cautiously drove it behind the store. We then called Tanner and his Dad to come help up. All in all, everything ended up alright. But my brakes are goners. Which isn't good, obs.

See? I lead an extremely interesting life. 

Somebody... please see how my title is funny. Anybody? No? Okay... 

Monday, June 25

Class of 2012

Unfortunately I had a little mishap with our DSLR so the only camera we had to take pictures for my party was my little phone and Instagram. Good thing that my Android takes nice pictures! Eventually I'll probably get some more pictures from Grandmas and the like, but until then this is what you get.
I spent all morning decorating the used-to-be-library with my sisters, Mama, cousin Mindy, and of course Tanner. I was actually really thankful to have Mr. Tan-Tan-the-Muffin-Man help me out because he has such and artistic eye, and him and Noey together are the bomb-diggity*. This little space was my favorite out of everything I decorated, mainly because of the bunting but also the very old tablecloth. Okay, scratch that. Everything about this little section made me giddy.
All in all I really actually enjoyed my party, shocker there right? With all my complaining and whining I know it comes as a surprise. But I was so blessed by the turn out, everyone who means so much to me was there and it truly meant the world to see people come. Being a hostess and walking up to every single person who entered the room isn't my forte, nor is it many people's, but I'm glad I did it.

Well, I better get to going. I'm going to spend some time with Hunter today, obviously the best. We're going to see Brave (The original plan was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but as he's a minor {and I'm NOT!!} he might cause problems to see an R rated movie) and then go into my** store so I can get a new Pandora bead. But I don't know which one yet, so he has to help me. Also, seeing as apparently Hunter reads my blog now: I love you. The end :) 

*I don't really talk like that IRL. I just act like an idiot online.
**When I say "my" I mean the place that I work. 

Friday, June 22

Sweet Tea

You're all probably so sick of me posting about my graduation party, but hey. We blog about what we're doing, and this is what I'm doing. I'm using Scrabble pieces (It's seriously my most favorite game ever) to label things and I've been sorting through pictures all morning. Next on my list is to make some foam mustaches for my straws. I'm so darn crafty.
Have fun guessing which one I am in the last two pictures.

Wednesday, June 20

Tell Me A Lie

Black & White Top- Thrifted; Jeans- Levi's Curve ID; Pandora Heart Ring; Pandora Bracelets; 
Summer is here. It's boiling, and now that I'm done working for the night I'm sitting in my underwear. Just chilling. You know, the usual. I actually swapped out my jeans after taking these pictures for some bermuda shorts and donned a cardigan for the chilly air conditioner inside of the store.
I'm so loving driving my moped to work. It's wonderful. I have motorcycle blood running through my veins and for now my moped will suffice. One of the very best things about driving a motorcycle is that you get to experience everything as you're driving. I feel the temperature drop. I smell the flowers. And the greatest part is watching the sunset on Lake Michigan. Not so great thing is when you crash on a gravel road and have road rash. But the good far outweigh the bad. 

Monday, June 18

Klutz Junior

The life of Hannah is ever dramatic. No lie, gals, it's crazy in this neck of the woods. {Ha. Get it? I live in the woods...} Basically I'm the most accident prone individual that has ever walked this planet, or I guess ever limped around this planet right now. See, I can do flips on a four-inch balance beam but give me wide flat surface and my face immediately finds the ground. Literally. So, so literally. Since I'm slowing building the suspense here, I'll finally tell you my story.
On Friday afternoon I was driving my little moped to the Bliss Store to acquire some Gatorade and other goodies before heading to the lake for a few hours before going to work. Well, to get to the Bliss Store from my house you have to turn right onto a dirt road. I turned. I straightened myself out. I then proceeded to wipe out. Honestly I'm extremely lucky that the only things messed up are my knee and chin, as I only had shorts and t-shirt on. But, I have some pretty icky road rash on my knee. Which includes a hole in my knee. I'm pretty bad to the bone. 
Then, once I got home from work that evening I went to get on my computer and the power chord wasn't working. A stupid power surge went through it when the electricity went out, so as of right now I don't have my computer. Ugh. Ma life. 

Long story short:
I'm queen of the accident prone, and regular posting should resume tomorrow when I have my own computer. Gosh, I practically forgot how to use a PC. 

On a completely unrelated note, those are my straws for my party on Saturday. Saturday people. I can't believe it's coming up so quick. I have quite a bit of stuff to accomplish by then, like my bunting, my other pictures inside a mason jar, my picture collage thing, and probably a lot more that my mother will tell me in a few minutes. And those pretty flowers were given to me by the Tan Man's mother. I shall probably be using some for my tables. 

Thursday, June 14

In Which I Call It Like I See It

Life is just an allotted amount of time we have to do big things, to make people notice us so that we can live forever in their memories. And we're all screaming, jumping up and down, doing practically anything to make others see us, but no one does. Mainly because they're all preoccupied doing the same darn thing. We all pretend that we like it that way. That we don't want any attention. But we're just kidding ourselves. No one wants to be forgotten. To die and have not a single soul remember them. All of us, the whole human race, tries to act so tough. Like nothing anyone says or does to us even hurts us. But our whole charade is BS. Everyone is just begging for everyone else to care. But you know? You want it. I want it. Everyone else wants it. So don't we be the ones to step out? To say, "Hey. I see that you're going through a hard time. I get that you're really sad, and you just want someone to say they care. So, here I am. I care." We all just want to be pursued.

... I wrote this in my journal the other day {Some mild editing since then} when I was at the beach. By myself. Being sad and depressed about the fact that one of my favorite people in the world had moved away. I'm wounded. Not just by her moving, but by everyday life. We're all so wounded, but no one ever goes to be the bigger person and say "Hey. I'm wounded too. Just like you." That's all any of us wants. Some recognition.
I don't care who you are. You're wounded. I know it. This isn't just an assumption about you, it's something that I know for a fact. We all have our wounds. Some different than others, but all the same. The same in that they hurt. And they're real. Whether your best friend turned her back on you, your dog died, or your Mom is in the hospital. They're all equal pains. And here I am saying, I'm wounded too. Sometimes I let my wounds define me, even. Sometimes I let them control me. A lot of the time I let them control me. And I'm really sick of pretending I'm alright all the time. It's exhausting. 

Wednesday, June 13

It's All Been Done Before

1//Beautiful sun streaming through Casie's window// 2//Seriously. Blueberries with milk & sugar is one of my favorite summer-time snacks// 3//I made this for Casie// 4//I really love this card I got from my friend Matt for graduation// 5//Mango anything is my fav!// 6//Perfecting the fishtail braid// 7//Freckles are my favorite// 8//Jones Soda is so delicious, and I've decided I'm getting some for my party!//
Not-So-Awesome Things Lately:
  • Casie leaving last night. Totally a bummer, but I'm really thankful for technology & the knowledge that I'm still going to be able to talk to her. 
  • Peeing my pants. Peeing my pants. Gosh, I'm not even pregnant. I'm basically going from 18 to 85. Cause I know you're wondering, here's the story. I farted a little {Or a lot, actually. TMI?} & I had an instant "Oh no!" moment. That's when I realized I peed myself. Maybe this isn't okay to write... oh, well. It's done. Ha.
Awesome Things Lately: 
  • I'm working on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday! Which is basically the best thing ever, as I'm practically broke. 
  • The beach as been wonderful, & the weather has been spectacular. Summer is in full swing, hallelujah. 
  • On Sunday I got to play with cutest little baby girl. She has the chubbiest, cutest legs. And curly hair. And long eyelashes. Gah, too cute.
  • Getting told by a 5 year old little boy "I have a secret. You're my best buddy!" This kid is basically the cutest little guy in the whole entire world, and it still makes me giggle that he hates Hunter because he's jealous.
  • I've finally figured out playing guitar! Like actual songs. With chords and everything. I'm pretty darn excited about that. 
  • Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. He's the best thing lately. Or ever. 

{Hi, sweet pea. As you're apparently reading this now, I thought I'd say Hi. I love you. That is all}

Tuesday, June 12

I Was Riding Shotgun With My Hair Undone In The Front Seat of His Car

I haven't talked about my hair in quite some time, so I thought it would definitely be necessary. Because I know you all want to know exactly what's going with these locks. 
Right now it's a whopping 23 inches {Up two inches since April!} and as it's summer I know it will be growing lots and lots more in the next few months. So far I'm sticking to my idea of not cutting it until August, but I might be in need of a trim soon. 
As said before I've been trying to not wash as often, which is an ongoing battle. My hair is just so fine and straight that the roots look oily by the end of the day! So in comes dry shampoo. I tried it. I hated it. Yes, I may be the only blogger on the face of the planet to say that. But I just really hated it. It was great for the first half of the day, but by the end of the day it looked even worse than before! It looked just like it does if I use hairspray: Stringy. Greasy. Dirty. But, dear, beautiful readers of mine, I found something instead! Drumroll please! Baby powder. I use it at the roots of my hair and all is well. It smells delicious, it works. I love it. 
Be looking, because I have a video hair tutorial coming up later this week! 

Monday, June 11

Here's To You

This was about the time that I took off my shorts. Hunter pushed me into the lake fully clothed and after all the boys (except for little[r] ones) left I just took of my shorts and was chilling in my undies. I'm all about the class. The boys (and mini sister) all thought taking pictures in the road was stupid. So they started goofing around.  

I took a mini "blogcation" over the weekend, and I'm really glad I did. I really hate when the blog is empty, but sometimes it's just needed. You know? How can I blog about my life if I'm not out there experiencing all of it?
Plus, I really needed to be with Casie. She's moving... on Tuesday. Tuesday. All across the country to Oregon. I'm sad. Really. Really. Sad. I know that it's what's best for her, but I'm still depressed about it. Truth be told, I don't have many girl friends. I never have, mainly because around here most of the kids my age were boys. So I played with them, and they've become my long-time friends. But Casie. Casie is one of my only girl friends, and sometimes it's just nice to have a girl to talk to. Other than Noey. Especially when I want to complain about Noey. Ha. 
Anyways, these are all pictures from being at the beach this weekend. The beach is slowly becoming my home again, and I absolutely love it. 

Thursday, June 7

The Story of Us

As per request I'm going to talk all about Hunter today. Which is pretty much who I love talking about, and I just refrain myself. So today it's all about Hunter... well, Hunter and I and how we came to be us. Plus, it's his birthday. So, maybe if you're all super sweet and tell him happy birthday I'll show him. :) 
Mancelona Camp 2010 
Hunter and I met in 2008. I was thirteen, he was twelve. After his Mom died, he came to Michigan to live with his Dad. Once Hunter got here he became friends with Brad, and that's when he started coming to youth group. My youth group. The first time I ever met him he was at the church, goofing around playing basketball. (No shocker there.) He was tiny. Like, shorter than me tiny. He was also extremely adorable, and hilarious. He wore a long sleeved shirt and a Carhart, because after moving from Tennessee that's all he wore for a year or so. That first night after all the basketballs and flying objects had been rounded up, everyone sat in a big circle to start our lesson. Right then and there I decided I'd sit next to this boy, even though I'm painfully shy and didn't know what to say. We probably didn't say much other than "Hi" but it opened a door into our friendship, because after that every single week he'd come up to me and tell me about some near-death experience he had at school. There was one about a ceiling tile that was going to fall on him, but luckily he moved in time. The first time we ever got to hang out more than two hours was during the 30 Hour Famine that our youth group held in March of 2008. I had more fun with him than you can even imagine. We were friends. 
Fall 2011 
Around that time Tanner also started coming to youth group. Now, the story of Tanner and Noey is just as good as Hunter's and mine so I'll give you a little snippet. Tanner has been in love with Noelle since he was roughly ten years old. He saw her at Vacation Bible School (Do you see a pattern? The best boys you meet at church functions, apparently!) and knew she was "the one". The funny thing here is, that Tanner thought for sure that Hunter liked Noey. He was just positive of it, and instantly hated Hunter. They didn't get along for a really long time because of it, too. But, then one night on the ride home from youth, Hunter told Tanner that he actually had a crush on me. Ever since then, those two have been inseparable. 

Now, because I'm a stupid, stupid girl I never really realized all of this. Someone told me that he had a crush on me, but I just didn't believe them. Because, I'm stupid. So instead. Ugh. Instead. There was this other boy. This boy that no one liked, because he was player. But he said sweet things to me, and I liked it. I liked being told I was wanted, so I got myself involved. And by "involved" I just mean we talked a lot, and he came to youth group some. But, my heart was all in. Which is tricky, tricky, business. (Just for a timeline for you guys, this was around March 2010) Hunter tried to warn me. He told me this guy was no good, and I just got mad at him and ignored him. How very stupid I am. Well, inevitably this guy just got sick of me. I was heartbroken. Hunter was there. In the background. He never was mean to me about it. 
Well, as some of you may know, on May 20, 2010 my Daddy died. My sixteenth birthday. I was, quite obviously, crushed by this unexpected happening. But, my goal from that day on was to never stop living. To keep on going with everything I had previously said I would do, to keep living. So the day after he died, I had said that I would help out with a youth group fund raiser (Boy. I've been really involved in that youth group...) so I went. I was glad to see some friendly, loving faces. Like, Ben, Tanner, Michelle, and my now good friend Sara. And Hunter. There was something about the knowledge that he knew exactly what was happening that was comforting. He didn't hover over me, he didn't ask questions. For most of that day he was just in the background. At a certain point I was getting sort of stressed out by all the people and I went to lay down a little ways away near the church's soccer field. When I sat up and opened my eyes, there was Hunter. He'd been there the whole time. Just sitting with me. Being there. That's when I realized he was special. 

Hunter and I had been close before then, but that summer. That summer we became best friends. Tanner, Noey, Hunter and I were inseparable. We did everything together. We saw movies sometimes twice a week. We were at the beach nearly every day, just walking, laughing, and laying in the warm sun. Hunter went to the summer church camp that I had been attending since first grade that year. It was the best time. A full week of being with him as much as possible. I remember one day that the youth camp went to an indoor water park. Hunter and I usually teamed up to go down the water slides together, and he was always a gentleman and never let me carry the tube. When we got to the top of the stairs there were these little boys who kept pestering us. Asking if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We said no, over and over again. My face went beet red. Now, Hunter's told me that he wanted so bad to say yes. All in all, that summer was the best. But, at the end I screwed up. Big time. 
Remember the player? Well, he started playing with me again. And I let him. Looking back, I don't even know why. A lot of the time I hated him. He was annoying. Made me feel bad. Hated when I was around Tanner, Noey, or Hunter. But he sometimes said sweet things, and made me feel pretty. Hunter warned me again and again to stop. That this was not smart. But, I told him to shut up and let me do what I wanted. I went to Homecoming with him, which wasn't fun. The night ended in an awkward hug. After Homecoming I left for Florida for a vacation, and this kid got sick of me while I was there. Now, I've been told that he actually hadn't gotten "sick of me" what really happened was that he was found with a girl in the school parking lot in his truck making out with this girl. Such a keeper, right? 
After that Hunter and I didn't go back to normal. He was mad that I hadn't listened to him, I was mad I hadn't listened to him. It was a vicious cycle created by my own stupidity. We didn't talk much. There were no near-death stories, and there was no goofing around. There was one night in particular that I remember wanting our friendship back to normal so badly it hurt. We were at Brad's house, and we were sitting on the couch. Brad knows that I'm terrified of masks so he was purposely freaking me out. I was scared out of my mind and I just remember Hunter trying to calm me down. 

We slowly started becoming friends again. There was even this one Sunday when I thought everything was perfect again. But, then, that Wednesday I found out that he had started dating this girl. I thought for sure that she must have asked him out, and he just said yes. But, come to find out, it was the other way around. She was pretty, and I couldn't blame him. There was this one time that broke me. We were in the church for a talent show, and I was sitting next to him as usual. When she came in late he asked me to move so she could sit by him. I moved. But I thought I could cry. 
They dated for a month, and that month I realized how much I really liked Hunter. That I might even love him. That I didn't want to see him with anyone else. I complained to Tanner. I told him that I realized now. 

This might sound really horrible, but it's the complete truth so I'll tell it, the night that he broke up with his month-long girlfriend he sent me a message on Facebook. He told me he needed to talk to me. That night he told me that he liked me. December 27, 2010. 

We've been us ever since. Best friends. In love. And it's seriously the best thing in the world. I love him. And somehow, he loves me too. Which is crazy awesome. 

I could talk about Hunter all day. I did a few weeks ago. There's just so much that I love about him.
Freckles and blue eyes are the best! 
-His strength and happiness. 
I've always been so impressed by his genuine happiness. He's seriously happy the majority of the time, even when he has every right to be sad. 

-His humor.
He's hilarious. And he's not afraid to be goofy. Just a little while ago he decided to start playing basketball with "T-Rex" hands. And his near death experience stories? They're probably some of the reason I fell for him.

-His unselfishness.
I think it completely kills him that I'm as independent as I am, because he would literally have no probably with doing anything for me. Like carry shopping bags. He literally wanted to carry around my Victoria's Secret bags for me because I said it was heavy. 

-His love of babies... and cats.
Seriously. What is cuter than a seventeen year old making faces at a baby? Nothing. Also what is cuter than a seventeen year old boy wanting to get kittens every time someone at youth asks if someone wants them? Nothing. 

I guess that this is our story. A story of undying friendship. Of loyalty. Of love.  But, our story doesn't end it. It will go on for years and years to come.