Wednesday, June 20

Tell Me A Lie

Black & White Top- Thrifted; Jeans- Levi's Curve ID; Pandora Heart Ring; Pandora Bracelets; 
Summer is here. It's boiling, and now that I'm done working for the night I'm sitting in my underwear. Just chilling. You know, the usual. I actually swapped out my jeans after taking these pictures for some bermuda shorts and donned a cardigan for the chilly air conditioner inside of the store.
I'm so loving driving my moped to work. It's wonderful. I have motorcycle blood running through my veins and for now my moped will suffice. One of the very best things about driving a motorcycle is that you get to experience everything as you're driving. I feel the temperature drop. I smell the flowers. And the greatest part is watching the sunset on Lake Michigan. Not so great thing is when you crash on a gravel road and have road rash. But the good far outweigh the bad. 


  1. You have no clue how much I love your nose piercing!! When I'm 16 my Mom is finally letting me get one!! :)

  2. very cute blog and great photos!

    Lindsey Turner


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