Thursday, October 27


I'm doing a link post, mainly because I have nothing else to post about today, just Internet stuff. But I'll make it good. 

Tha-a-a-t's all folks. 

Wednesday, October 26

Tuesday, October 25


There is a reason that the place I live is called Bliss.
This little township is home to about 600 of us in a 70 square mile radius.
It's small and quaint, but its home. 
Bliss is located at the very tip of the mitt, if you're at all familiar with the map of Michigan. If you're not I'll explain what I mean. The Lower Peninsula of Michigan is shaped like a mitten. I'm at the very tippy top of that mitten. 
What I'm getting at here is that yesterday evening I saw the Northern Lights. I went outside to do some sort of chore and there they were in all their greeny-red glory. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I sat in the freezing cold watching for awhile. Scarlett tried getting a picture, but she couldn't. So no picture :( But trust me, gorgeousness. 
It's times like this that I thank God that I don't live in a city. Where the street lights drown out even the stars. Sometimes I wished I lived in a bigger place, a place with a mall (the nearest is 104 miles away) even a McDonalds (sometimes a girl just needs a Big Mac and some sweet tea. the nearest is 28 miles). But then I remember I have wide open spaces and Lake Michigan a mile down the road. I also have the Bliss Store, the cutest general store you will ever see in your whole life. 
Thank God for Bliss, and thank God for my friends and family. 

A picture of the Northern Lights I saw last night! We didn't take the picture, but it was from a couple miles from us. So gorgeous. 

Monday, October 24

what i wore//floral and shimmer

I'm oh so happy I was finally able to properly photograph this shirt. It's my new favorite, basically when I can't figure out what I want to wear I grab this. These are also my favoritest pants. I love rolling them up, I love wearing them go carting, I love wearing them all the time. They're super comfy. And somehow are the right length for me. 
In short, I'm definitely a fan of this outfit. 
You wanna know how you can tell I worked the day these pictures were taken? I have jewelry on. My Pandora bracelets are my love affair, and my Pandora earrings make me giddy. They're wonderful. 
So, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have cute ears. I call them elf ears, they're super tiny and I just really like them. Plus the little mole on my right ear makes me happy. I love all my moles. They make me have character if you ask me. 

Sunday, October 23

Saturday, October 22

a fine story of love

Once upon a time there was a charming young lady, let's call her Lauren, who adored little boys who were dressed like little gentlemen. Button down shirts, bow ties, and the like. Well it just so happened she knew two of the best little boys in the world, Payton and Corbin. They were most gentlemanly, and always adorable. Sometimes they would reach up their little hands to hold onto Lauren's, and occasionally would look up at her with their big blue eyes and profess their love. No matter what they did, it always just melted Lauren's heart. In short, they were sweet and made her happy.
Well one day, at a great gathering of families, one of the little boys older sisters was getting her nails painted and both boys were quite interested. When Lauren asked if they would like their nails painted as well, they looked at her with disgust! Such a crazy idea she had, they were little boys not little girls. 
"But!" Payton exclaimed in his high pitch voice, "Could we paint your nails?" 
"Yes! Could we please?" Corbin added.
"Well, I suppose," said she, "But only my toenails. You can pick any color you want."
Corbin picked orange, Payton brown and off they went! 
After they were done Lauren's toes looked less than fantastic, but because of the sweetness that was involved she absolutely loved them. And that is why she is showing them to the world. 
Corbin is the one with Hunter, Payton is with me. Payton refuses to even talk to Hunter, personally I think he's jealous of Hunter. These were from New Years, my hair has seriously grown out. 

Friday, October 21

best movie of my life.

I had a whole post planned out for you all. 
This whole big thing. 
I also was wearing this really cute outfit, but when I got home from work I tried to take a picture and I looked disheveled. And now I will tell you why. (But I did manage some pictures in my pajamas without looking like a complete mess. Yay for me?)
I was crying. A lot. 
Now before you go all "You're so negative!!" I will tell you why. 
I cried because I just went to see The Help. I've never cried so much during one movie. Ever. It's the best movie I have ever seen. Ever. I so highly recommend it. Now I'm gonna have to go read the book. I don't think I can describe to you how much I loved it. 
It was the sort of movie that made me want to get off my rump and change the world. I now want to find someone to help... I want to go to the people who don't have a voice. But you know, that's something I've always wanted. Now... how to do that.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. 

Tuesday, October 18


I found a Butterbeer Latte Recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it!
I was a little worried, but I'm so glad I tried it! It's absolutely delicious and it definitely makes me want to be a wizard more than ever before! (Who am I kidding? I am a wizard. I go to PigFarts*, with Rumblerore.)

In case you're too lazy to click the link I'll give you the recipe.
2 TB Butter
2 TB Brown Sugar
1 Cup Milk (we used lactose free for Scar)
1 tsp Vanilla 
Dash Cinnamon

1. Melt butter and sugar together together to make caramel
2. Add milk, vanilla, and cinnamon to and stir to combine. (When you put the milk in it'll make the caramel harden up some, don't freak out. It's normal and will go back to liquid by the end.) 
3. Bring mixture to a boil and pour into a mug.

It's delish! 
*If you understand this, you are now my BFF. 

Monday, October 17

pumpkin spice

 The most perfect pumpkin ever. Seriously. It's so gosh darn cute! After Bible Study I was going to go back to the Pumpkin Barn and buy it for a dollar, but my Aunt Sis was all "Hannah! I have a dollar. Here." 
Casie Ann and I with said pumpkin. 
She was home for fall break from college, and it was a glorious weekend. I was oh so happy to see her (and her friends)! So happy that I practically lived over there Thursday through Sunday. We played games. And laughed. And as seen in these pictures went on a hay ride to the Pumpkin Barn. 
 Cutest sign ever, am I right? 
 I'm not sure what the purpose of these things are, but they're cute!
 These mushrooms were so cool, I begged my cousin Brad(ford) to put me on his shoulders so I could take a picture! Neato, right?
I thought these were pretty, am I right?
I just really like this sign. I've always been a lover of rust. 
What could be better? A red Ford truck AND a John Deere tractor. 
Tanner and Rebekah. QT's. (Yes. I'm aware of how lame saying QT is)
 After the pumpkin barn... Apple cider was made. My Uncle Bruce even built the cider press. He's handy like that. 

On a day like yesterday, how can you not like fall? I mean, I prefer summer. I like being warm. But, the colors are pretty. I much, much prefer Indian Summer. Last week's weather was the bomb. Fo sho. And this weekend the weather was absolutely horrid. But, thankfully, Sunday cleared up. The weather is still not so great, like last night during Bible study it was hailing! And when Hunter's dad came to pick him up he said it was actually snowing at his house. Ugh. The cursed word. Snow. I hate it.

P.S. I took all these pictures? Not all that shabby! 

Friday, October 14


I am an optimistic person.

I am an optimistic person.

I am an optimistic person! 

Sometimes I have to tell myself that about five trillion times an hour to get through the day. Because let's face it, we all have out moments. And I have more than you'd probably care to know. I can be really negative, and it usually has nothing to do with anyone else but myself. I didn't meet my goals. Or I didn't get such and such done. So I get negative. But then I have to tell myself a million times: I am an optimistic person. 
Because I believe optimism is a choice, one of those that you have to choose every second of every day. What does this have anything to do with? 
The fact that I haven't been posting regularly this week. I know. It's something so little. But it makes me mad. Not in the "I'm GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF MAD!!!" but in the "I'm just gonna be a little mopey mad". But this week has been... I don't even know. An emotional roller coaster. I feel worn out. Deflated. Like a balloon... but a really cool balloon obviously, like one that has helium in it. But not anymore I guess. 

Tuesday, October 11

cutie patootie

You know how you can tell when someone has a headache? 
When they have a grimace on their face even though they're wearing a Hello Kitty Halloween shirt. Obviously I'm talking about myself.
And when I get headaches, I don't just "get headaches"... I get migraines. Which probably means I shouldn't be on the computer. But oh well, I have stuff to do. 
I really was trying to do an outfit post, but all of the pictures I have a sour look on my face. Only because my head hurts so. 
But for real... look at this shirt!
The bow? Cuteness. 
The little bats... so freaking cute. 
Everything. The epitome of cute! 
That is probably my favorite aspect of being miniature. I can wear children's clothes. Thank heavens I'm not only short, but have a complete lack of boobs. 
P.S. Tomorrow is youth. So maybe I can get the boy to let me take a proper picture of him. You've haven't really got to see a proper one. 

Thursday, October 6

a photo an hour

Inspired by my two favorite ladies Kaylah and Elycia I've decided to try a photo an hour. Though, I'm by no means a photographer I thought it would be interesting. 
..9 something or other..
Time for school. I woke up around 8:45, jealous?

Whilst working on my Pre Calc I decided I needed some hot chocolate... and tried this recipe, it's delish! 

Why sit inside reading on such a beautiful (and warm!) fall day? 

What a cute kitty I have! Mercy Roo. P.S. She thinks she's a good hider.

Lunch time! Concord grapes and noodles with butter! All the while working on an Algebra 2 test. Multitasker I am.

All done with school!! So I started cleaning myself up for going away.

Picked up my cousin Bradford, and heading up to big ole' Mackinaw City.

While waiting to go to the boys cross country meet we went a wanderin' through the streets and ended up in the Bass Pro shop looking at the fishies. 

Look at that strapping young boy, warming up for his cross country meet!! My boy got 12th place! So good he is. 

After the meet I was icy, icy cold. I was very pleased to get into my warm car. My hair looks horrible... it was so very windy.

I climbed a tree to get this picture. And I'm scared of heights. I was crippled by fear and the boy had to come help me down. But it is pretty, isn't it?

In the middle of youth Hunter actually let me take a picture of him. I really like that boy, even when he's sweaty. 

What have I learned from this?
It's freaking hard. And I do a lot of school. It was hard to try and take pictures of things not related to school from nine to two.
But I think I'd like to do it again, agree? 

Tuesday, October 4

my first recipe

1 jar of Nutella
1 oversized spoon

 Step 1: Grab jar of Nutella, and unscrew the lid (remember righty tight, lefty loosey)
Step 2: With your oversized spoon scoop up an abundance of Nutella

What better midday pick me up could you ask for? 
Other than maybe a delicious coffee to go with it. 

Monday, October 3

the past week via webcam

Picture 1: Unfortunately it's backwards... but they're jalapeƱo pretzels. Seriously spicy. Seriously good. But you can only eat a couple at a time. *insert sad face*

Picture 2: I'm such a junk food junkie... and pop is my weakness. Plus Cranberry Sierra Mist is only around in the fall! So, naturally, I must drink as much as humanly possible. Along with my Dr. Peppers. 

Picture 3: I love my (very limited) lighting. It's hard to tell, but they're actually Hello Kitty Christmas lights. Also do you notice the abundance of Hello Kitty and giraffes on my bed?? And a bottle of none other than Cranberry Sierra Mist. 

Picture 4: Unfortunately there wasn't enough time this weekend to properly photograph my favorite outfit in a long time. Gosh I love that shirt, and my favoritest teal cardi.

Picture 5: One of my favorite aspects of my face is that my eyes nearly disappear when I smile. I like that about me.

Have a glorious rest of Monday.
I shall be sitting here relishing in the fact that the local schools had a Teacher in Service Day and my mother decided that that meant I didn't have to do schoolwork either! Sitting in my Hello Kitty pajamas, watching Harry Potter (the official movies and AVPS!!), until this evening when I shall get normal human clothes on and take some more senior pictures!