Saturday, October 22

a fine story of love

Once upon a time there was a charming young lady, let's call her Lauren, who adored little boys who were dressed like little gentlemen. Button down shirts, bow ties, and the like. Well it just so happened she knew two of the best little boys in the world, Payton and Corbin. They were most gentlemanly, and always adorable. Sometimes they would reach up their little hands to hold onto Lauren's, and occasionally would look up at her with their big blue eyes and profess their love. No matter what they did, it always just melted Lauren's heart. In short, they were sweet and made her happy.
Well one day, at a great gathering of families, one of the little boys older sisters was getting her nails painted and both boys were quite interested. When Lauren asked if they would like their nails painted as well, they looked at her with disgust! Such a crazy idea she had, they were little boys not little girls. 
"But!" Payton exclaimed in his high pitch voice, "Could we paint your nails?" 
"Yes! Could we please?" Corbin added.
"Well, I suppose," said she, "But only my toenails. You can pick any color you want."
Corbin picked orange, Payton brown and off they went! 
After they were done Lauren's toes looked less than fantastic, but because of the sweetness that was involved she absolutely loved them. And that is why she is showing them to the world. 
Corbin is the one with Hunter, Payton is with me. Payton refuses to even talk to Hunter, personally I think he's jealous of Hunter. These were from New Years, my hair has seriously grown out. 

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