Monday, February 28

story time, little ones

I like this outfit. A lot. 
I will tell you one thing. Actually two things. 
1. At the beginning of the day this outfit looked a lot better. 
BUT as I've mentioned a zillion times, Monday's are crazy. I didn't even get home till 8 today. 
And I was rehearsing for hours and hours. AND it was a costume parade, so I had to change out of this outfit into another one a couple times. Hence the slightly disheveled look you are seeing.
2. Tho Jo-Ann's has beautiful material, they have hideous lighting. 
 I love Jo-Ann's though. Sooo much. I get tons of inspiration in that place. 

Story time children!! Gather round. 
Come, come. Sit on the story time rug!! (I'm talking to you Roberta. Sit. Now.)
Once upon a time, Lauren was sitting at Wendy's eating a spicy chicken sandwich.* As she was sitting there sun started streaming through the windows. The warmth of the sun on her skin was splendid, seeing as it's been months and months of eternal cold. Just as she was relishing in the goodness of the sun, she noticed how beautiful the sun through the windows looked. She reached in her coat pocket. Yes! For once in her 16 years she actually remembered to bring her camera with her. The end. 
Now for the illustration to this riveting story:

By the way. Scarlett took my outfit picture. But with my camera. And I edited it. But all the props go to her. Cause she's awesome. 

*It was extra spicy, so extra delicious.

Friday, February 25



See??? I promised something. And I delivered.
I'm the best.
I definitely like the color combo of this outfit. Buuuut, I'm thinking I should have done something to define my waist. Instead I look like this straight little girl. Oh. Wait. I am.
I for real love my hair clip. It's pertty.

Tonight I'm just gonna sit her watching a plethora of movies, including, but not limited to:
The Princess and the Frog
Romona and Beezus
27 Dresses
Yes. I know, you're all jealous. Wanna come over? Make a girls night of it? I'd love that.
I don't really have any girlfriends. Like literally. Other than Scarlett.
Is that sad? I think so.
Anywhooo, have a fabulous Friday night. 


Its been a long week and I feel pretty lousy about the fact that I haven't really posted anything.
But, oh well, life goes on. 
I promise that there will, for sure, be an outfit post later today. Because, guess what?? Lauren has clothes on today!!! I'm so good. 

School is getting crazy for me right now, it's pretty tough being a Junior. 
I've been working on stuff for getting ready for the ACT's (which I'm highly nervous about.) not to mention all the usual things I need to get done. Like five million Algebra 2 lessons, and a zillion books on World War 2. 
I'm sorry, but those are highly boring. 
Ok, I lied. I'm not sorry about it. Cause it's the truth.

My weekly schedule is insane. You know you wanna hear it. At least that's what I think you said. It could have been more like "Nooooo. Just shut up. Stop with the madness!!" 
So here's how it goes:
On Mondays I don't do normal school. I go to my drama group, that starts at 1 o'clock (I live roughly an hour away) and I don't get done with that until 4:30ish. On Monday's I usually don't get home until between 6 and 7. 
Onto Tuesdays: I do my schoolwork, but I have to make sure it's all done by about 2:30. Because at 2:30 I have to get ready to go to work. I teach gymnastics between 4:30 and 7:15. (It takes an hour to get to work. Yes. I live in the middle of absolute nowhere.)
On Wednesdays: I do my schoolwork and leave my house by 3:30. Piano lessons are at 4 and usually last until about 4:45 because the people after me are always late and I always need extra time anyways. I get home around 5, or 5:15. THEN I have to leave my house (again) by 6:30, as youth group is at 7:15. That doesn't get over until 9. (wednesdays are crazy
On Thursdays I do my schoolwork and then every other Thursday (roughly) I clean a lady's house for her. That's usually anywhere between 12 and 2 o'clock and it takes about an hour. Also on Thursdays is "Mustang Night". My Dad had a '70 Mach 1 Mustang that he crashed the day before him and my Mom's wedding. After he died, my Uncle decided he was going to fix it up. Every Thursday my youngest sister, my Mom, and I head over there to help with it. That starts at 6 and we get home around 10.
Friday, I just do school. And catch up on whatever else needs to be done. Buuuut, I do two days worth of school on Fridays so I don't have to do anything on Monday. 

So yeah. My schedule is insane. What's the whole point of me telling you this, you ask? Well, because I've been thinking of only posting my outfits on Saturdays. You know, take pictures all week long then do like a little roundup thing? Follow me? Of course you do. 
But, yeah. I might try that starting next week. 

So what do you think?
Too crazy only doing it on Saturdays? 

Tuesday, February 22

nap chic

I didn't really get dressed today. 
Well... I wore some leggings and a sweatshirt. I call it "nap chic". 
I won't show you. 
For one reason alone:
I didn't take a picture. 
I would have shown you, but I just didn't get around to a picture for you all.
So, today, I was in a weirdly creative mood. 
I looove when I'm in creative moods, my only problem is that I can't draw. 
I write the occasional poem, and take interesting pictures. 
Anywho, for days the stars have been really neat and I just wish I could either take a picture of them or draw them. But I can't do either. Sooo... I figured something else out:

Monday, February 21

dangling hearts


Sooo today was freakishly windy. 
Hence the crazy hair. 

Ok. So I have a change of clothes. (Probably a good thing. Don't wanna stink.)
I switched out my Hollister skinny jeans for these Levi's skinny jeans.
For a couple reasons. I've decided those pants look HIDEOUS on me.
Aaaand, I knew they had a little hole in the butt area, but it's grown. 
So it's inappropriate to wear them. 

All day today I worked on the play I'm in. 
It's intense. I finally got material for my dress!
P.S. I'm a third of the way done!!!!
It's ugly. 

Sunday, February 20

seven ate nine

First of all. 
I messed up. My last post was outfit number sept. (AKA seven.) 
Now. I shall show you outfit number eight.
Ok. I apologize about the hair. I randomly put it up and I didn't look at myself. 
So I'm wearing that shirt aaand my black skinny jeans.

Here's my problem about outfit number nine.
I didn't take a picture.
But guess what? I wore it. So I figured it counts. And I'll just take a picture of it in the next couple days. 
Buuut I'll count it right now. 
I wore the Vigoss Destroyed Jeans and my Hooded Plaid shirt. 
Yes, tis a quick post. 

Thursday, February 17



Checketh the new header. Cause it's sweet. 
I have literally been working on it all night, and then I was like "Shoot! It's 10! I better post something!"
So, yeah, my "brother" Tanner drew me the giraffe playing the piano.
He's an amazing artist. 
Heck, he's just amazing.
I love my babycakes to death. 
(Yes. I call my "brother" babycakes. I'm not really sure why.) 
Buuuut anyways.

Today has been a completely uneventful day.
I've been doing schoolwork for what seems like forever. 
I hate when I procrastinate and then have to do 3 Algebra 2 lessons and 2 Chemistry lessons.
On a brighter note, I read this book today for school that was ammmmazing.
It's called The Snow Goose. I know, I thought it sounded lame too.
But it's really good and I highly recommend it. 

I adore being home schooled. 
A lot of people would tell you that I'm probably socially awkward, and I'll never really get an education. 
Tell me, though, I seem fairly normal.... Right? RIGHT? 
C'mon, people. Nod your heads and say "You're completely normal, Lauren."
Ehh, what's normality anyways. 
I don't wanna be normal, at least society's idea of normal. 
I like being me without worrying about stereotypes and theories of normality. 

You can just call me.... Lauren the Anit-Normal. 

Wednesday, February 16

purple gurple

Although I looove this outfit, I'm not liking the angle of this picture.
It makes me look much bigger than I actually am.
Or maybe it's not the picture and I need to start working out. 
It could deffffinitely be that. 

You like my house?
It's actually really tiny. 
But I love my house. I don't remember ever living anywhere else.
We used to have a trailer back when I was really, really little. But I remember not a thing. 

SO, I have something to show you girls. (and guys. maybe. possibly? I don't want to be sexist.) 

Isn't this just adorable? 
I got it from one of my besssstest friends for Valentine's Day.
Buuut, he hasn't seen me until today, so that is why it is being shown today. 

I'm suspecting that Scarlett is going to be having a new post soon cause we went on a cool walk today. Sooo check it here:

Monday, February 14

the one day cynic speaks.

Ok. Confession time. 
I broke a rule. 

I know, I know. I'm a terrible human.
I'm wearing a shirt today that was not in my 30 for 30 choices.
If I'm going to be honest... this is the third time I've done it. 

Buuuuuut, I got this shirt from my Aunt for Valentine's Day and it is manditory that I wear it.
I mean, c'mon, how could anyone resist this?? 

Valentine's Day is my very worst holiday.
Maybe back in the day it was kinda cool. You know, when girls would give a lock of their hair to a guy, and there were all these cool homemade cards.
But nowadays, it's just lame. 
It's basically just an excuse for people to get some action. 

Most of the year I am the sappiest person in the universe. 
I'm what I like to think of as a romantic.
But not on Valentine's Day. It's my most cynical day of the year. 

Buuuuut, it is the perfect excuse to wear tons of red and pink and hearts.
And I love hearts. 
Hence the reason I have borrowed Scarlett's red heart earrings.
And then wore a cute heart headband. 
AND Hello Kitty with a heart bow. 

P.S. None of this is to say that I have no heart and don't love someone. 

P.P.S. I'm counting this as in the 30 for 30. I don't care if it's cheating. 

Sunday, February 13


I feel bad. Really bad. 
Because I've really been slacking. 
I pinkie promise that I will be back tomorrow with an outfit. 
I'm soooo behind on the 30 for 30 challenge. 
Like extremely behind. 
In the meantime, listen to this: 

My favoritest song (: 

Tuesday, February 8


If you haven't noticed.... I haven't posted a picture in a couple days. And there is a good reason as to why not. Actually, it's a really lame reason. I'm starting to feel really guilty about the reason, actually.
I haven't posted a picture because...
I have some zits. 
Like I told you, it's really lame and extremely shallow. And the more I think about it, the shallower it is. 
But for some odd reason, I'm extremely stressed about my face right now. I barely ever get zits and all of a sudden I have a face full. Ok, a whole face full is a little bit of an exaggeration. I have 4. Two on my forehead, and two on my left cheek. 
Plus I have this weird thing on the left corner of my mouth. It's not a zit, it's like a patch of dry skin or something. I hate it and its ugly. Therefore making me feel ugly. Which then makes me feel completely hideous, meaning I start feeling fat and ugly and just altogether crummy. 
I know in the long run how I look means nothing. Actually, in the short run how I look means nothing. Nothing at all. There are people out there with no home. No family. No food. Not a single thing in the world, and I'm over here in comfy little America thinking my life is done because I have a freaking zit which will probably be gone in a week. I'm such a selfish brat.
Over here in America I think the majority of us are like I am. Selfish. Shallow. Petty. We care about us, and what makes us feel good right now. We care about the aesthetic things of this world, like our face and our clothes and how nice of a care we have. 
Being a teenage girl, I think I'm more guilty of this than a lot of people. 
I'm putting my value in how many zits I do or do not have. I'm feeling sorry for myself because I'm not perfect. And I don't feel beautiful. But guess what? Beauty isn't a feeling. Just like love, and forgiveness. It's a choice. Being beautiful is in how you carry yourself. And right now, I'm not being beautiful. 
Life is a strange thing you know, the people who don't have it quite as well me who don't have the brand name clothes, the makeup, the showers even. Those are the beautiful people. 

Sunday, February 6

i'm supergirl.

I decided to be festive. 
So I put a heart background.
I'm such a romantic. 
Haha. I also changed my header, if you didn't notice. 
I still suck at making headers, I use paint, and I think it's probably not the best software to be using. Oh well, it's what I've got to work with. 
But, I like the colors of this. It's cuuuute. 

I'd definitely like some feedback.
Anything you hate about how this looks?
Or wish I'd change back? 
Or is it perfect?? 
Thats what I thought. It's perfect. 
Kidding. But it's pretty darn close. 

I hope you all had a wicked Super Bowl Sunday. 
I did not watch the Super Bowl. I refuse. 
Instead I went to a Super Girl party. Twas fun.
There was a baby, I was in love. 
Waaaay better than watching some dumb guys in tights tackling each other. 

Saturday, February 5


I'll admit: this isn't my finest picture.
For multiple reasons. 
I am tired. 
It's dark.
The picture was taken with my webcam.

But I'm very proud of my little creation:
My Kusumada. 
I saw that Jenny made one.
And because I'm in love with all things Japanese I decided to make one. 
After 3 hours, 60 pieces of paper, and 5 stick of hot glue
this pretty baby came out. I like. 

You can't really see what I'm wearing but I'm wearing my favorite Hello Kitty t-shirt, my cropped lavender cardigan and my Sarah Jessica Parker jeans. 
Day 4 complete. 

Friday, February 4

daaaay 3.

Scarlett is back in action! 
Good pictures again!!! Yaaay! 

Today I went bowling. 
Twas a fun occasion. I bowled a whopping 34! 
Best I've ever done. 
That's a lie. By best is 50. 

I also memorized some lines for a play I'm in. I'm the lead. 
I have 267 lines, and I'm in about 20 scenes. 
I know have two of those scenes memorized.
I should work on that.

Anyways, I'm even more happy about this outfit. 
When in doubt, wear flannel. It's a life saver.
And warmth keeper. I wuuuv it. 

Thursday, February 3

your love (day 2)

First of all I would like you to know this picture was not taken by Scarlet. 
It's boring. And not the best, cause this chick took it. Although I do have a pretty rad camera (a purple Nikon Coolpix) I just do not have the talent to take beautiful pictures. 

Today was extremely boring. For real. I doubled up on schoolwork, just to do it. 
(Do not ask what is wrong with me, no one knows) 
Annnd on a couple things I did two weeks worth. 
The pure beauty of homeschooling. 

I also went over to my cousin Brad's house. 
We sang. Played guitar and piano. Just hung out. 
I love that guy. I love all my friends. I probably have the best ones there are.
I know everyone says that. But everyone else is lying. 

On to the outfit:
Oddly enough, I like this one waaaaay better than yesterdays.
It's cause I was comfortable in it, and didn't feel like a completely fat lard. 
Which is odd, cause this whole thing is sorta loosey goosey. 
But I really love the color of my shirt with the color of my cardigan. 
I'm fond of it. 

Also, this has nothing to do with anything buuuut I wanna show you gals this picture.
Cause I love it. Even if I don't look my best.
This is from last Sunday. 
We match XD

Wednesday, February 2

i hate my outfit

I don't like this outfit.
At all. I thought it was going to work way better than this.
It didn't.

Anyways, today was youth group and piano lessons.
I love going to piano lessons. So much. I love music. 
New favorite song: 
If My Heart Was A House by Owl City. 
I feel Owl City is now overrated because everyone and their brother looooves them. 
But I don't care. I actually love Adam Young, and I'm proud of it. 
He's got some serious talent.
So yeah, you should go check out that song. 

P.S. During the 30 for 30 I'm not going to tell you exactly what I'm wearing...
Cause you should be able to scroll down and see.
Unless you're stupid. And you're not. 

there's no place like home

I have a problem...
I'm already being tempted. And this is day two.
Ohhh no. 
Wanna see what I'm being tempted by?? Why of course you do!
Lauren's in love. 
Wouldn't they look so cute with my black skinny jeans??? 
Urgh. Darn you 30 30 challenge.
P.S. I didn't post an outfit yesterday because I never got dressed. I went naked all day. Kidding, kidding. (maybe) I just wore my PJ's all day long and then I had to go to work (at a gymnastics club) soo no outfit for you all to see.