Monday, February 28

story time, little ones

I like this outfit. A lot. 
I will tell you one thing. Actually two things. 
1. At the beginning of the day this outfit looked a lot better. 
BUT as I've mentioned a zillion times, Monday's are crazy. I didn't even get home till 8 today. 
And I was rehearsing for hours and hours. AND it was a costume parade, so I had to change out of this outfit into another one a couple times. Hence the slightly disheveled look you are seeing.
2. Tho Jo-Ann's has beautiful material, they have hideous lighting. 
 I love Jo-Ann's though. Sooo much. I get tons of inspiration in that place. 

Story time children!! Gather round. 
Come, come. Sit on the story time rug!! (I'm talking to you Roberta. Sit. Now.)
Once upon a time, Lauren was sitting at Wendy's eating a spicy chicken sandwich.* As she was sitting there sun started streaming through the windows. The warmth of the sun on her skin was splendid, seeing as it's been months and months of eternal cold. Just as she was relishing in the goodness of the sun, she noticed how beautiful the sun through the windows looked. She reached in her coat pocket. Yes! For once in her 16 years she actually remembered to bring her camera with her. The end. 
Now for the illustration to this riveting story:

By the way. Scarlett took my outfit picture. But with my camera. And I edited it. But all the props go to her. Cause she's awesome. 

*It was extra spicy, so extra delicious.

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