Thursday, March 3


I've been in hiding. 
Because... well... I have something to tell you all.
But I'm really ashamed. 
I must take a deep breath and just say it....
I'm... um... quitting the 30 for 30. 
What? You can't read that? 
Urgh. Fine. 
I'm quitting the 30 for 30. 

I shall now go and hang my head in shame. 
But, I've decided I have waaay too much going on to be trying to remix my clothes. 
I think I bit off more than I could chew. 
But! I will tell you that I was waaay more than just 12 outfits in. 
There were numerous times that I did get dressed, but just didn't take a picture.
So I was on about outfit 20 to 25. 

But I've decided the next 30 for 30...
I'm in. 
And I will do it for realz. 
But it was a not really thought out decision on my part. 

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