Sunday, March 6

i want you and your beautiful soul.

You poor souls haven't seen a picture of me in around a week.
I bet you're just completely full of grief. 
So. I shall give you a picture overload to make you feel better.
 I must confess: I've grown to like the color pink. It's weird. 
My all time favorite color will always be blue, followed by purple, and now green. 
But, pink has made its way into my favorite colors list. Along with red.
I took these pictures this Wednesday. 
I live about 3 to 5 miles from the church I go to for youth group, and the last two weeks I've walked. 
Well, not all the way. 
I'll leave around 6ish (it doesn't start till 7) and then my Mom'll pick me up on her way there.
Last week I got over 3/4's of the way there. BUT, it was freezing. 
I love the picture of the field. If you look super close, you can see the lake behind the trees.
That is Lake Michigan. I live about 1 mile from it. Tis wonderful in the summer, but frigid in the winter.
 These pictures are from today. 
It's a whopping 30 degrees out today!! HEAT WAVE BABY!
The sad part is... I'm dead serious. 
But I decided I needed to make Spring realize how much she wants to be here, by wearing a bright and happy yellow Hello Kitty shirt. 
Ain't it cute? 
Isn't it also cute how you can see the color of my bra? 
(Ha. You guys didn't think I needed to wear one of those, did you? Well. I do. So there.)
I must also say that in the above picture I realized that I have really long eyelashes. 
Sometimes when I find things I like about myself I think I'm a bit vain.
But I think too many of us girls put ourselves down all the freaking time. So I've decided I'm gonna try to find one thing a day that I like about myself. Maybe it won't always happen, but, hey, why not try? 
Because believe it or not, you're beautiful.
And I'm beautiful.
And it's most definitely not wrong to say that. It's not being vain. 
God made us to be beautiful, and He accomplished His mission. 
You and your soul are beautiful.

Did that remind anyone else of Jesse McCartney?
Anyway, I hope your week was fantabulous, and your weekend even more so. 
Listen, and melt girls.

*Please note: All pictures were taken by me and not Scarlett*

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  1. Wow... you look like a young Olivia de Havilland. Have you ever seen her in any of her old movies?
    Anyway, I totally agree with you about beauty. It's a fine line to walk, though, between knowing you are the way God made you, and obsessing over your self image. Love the song too :)
    Nice blog!


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