Sunday, January 30

an... actual... outfit??

White V-Neck: J.C. Penney; Destroyed Skinnies: J.C. Penney
Jacket: Northface; Hair: Awesome.

Be prepared. This... is an outfit post. 
Of sorts. 
I know. I haven't had one of those in eons. 
But I kind of don't like the idea of an "outfit post." I just have posts that happen to talk about my outfit at one point. But I don't think that's all I want my posts to be. 

Yesterday I went to the movies. I saw The Green Hornet. If you haven't seen it:
It was dumber than dumb can be. 
But it was a good time anyways because I was with my best friends. 
Tanner. Hunter. And Scarlett. 
Plus my Mama. 

Hunter's the one with the Carhart. He's my favorite. 
(Shhh. Don't tell the others. You're not supposed to pick favorites.) 

my thirty.

So. It wasn't as hard as I thought to pick my 30. 
I'm kind excited to show you my choices. 
I tried to pick a few pieces that I don't wear often. Just to try to remix it. 
Buuut, I also picked quite a few things that I wear a lot. 

white sweater (from my grandma). grey v-neck (old navy. thrifted.) teal cardi (target).
colorful cardi (josepha. thrifted). cropped lavender cardi (old navy).
Hollister Skinny Jeans (thrifted). Destroyed SouthPole Skinnies (J.C. Penney). Black Skinnies (J.C. P.)
Vigoss Destroyed (thrifted). Sarah Jessica Parker dark wash jean (thrifted). 
Plaid Flowy (J.C. Penney). White Button Up (Walmart). Pink Plaid Button Up (Walmart).
Purple Plaid (J.C. Penney). Hooded Plaid (J.C. Penney). Salmon Scoop Neck (Abercrombie. thrifted).
Cotton Plaid Button Up (J.C. Penney). Purple Scoop Neck (J.C. Penney). Hello Kitty Tee (Meijers)
Blue V-Neck (Aeropostale). VlogBrothers Tee. 
Polka Dot dress (Fashion Bug). Plaid Dress (Taylor Swift. Walmart). Grey Tank Dress (Aeropostale).
Green Tank Dress (Aeropostale). Denimish High Waisted Skirt (Miley Cyrus & Maz Azria. Walmart).
Aeropostale Blue Sweatshirt
Brown Slipper-Like Flatts (American Eagle. Payless). Black Ballet Flatts (American Eagle. Payless).
Brown Winter Boots (Walmart)
     Count 'em. 30. 

P.S. I'm still sorta nervous about this thing. 
Aaaaand I was gonna have cowboy boots too. Buuuut, then I thought "What if it's cold?? What if I need a sweatshirt." So I opted out the cowboy boots. 
My whole life revolves around not being freezing. I guess I'm tiny so maybe that's why I'm always cold. 

Saturday, January 29

if only i really was asian.

In case you haven't noticed... I'm.... Short. (Sssh. Don't tell anyone!) 
And in my shortness (like for real guys, I'm 4 foot 10 inches tall.) I like to pretend I'm Asian. 
Because if I was Asian, it'd make sense. I also like to pretend I look a bit Asian. 
And that's not just some random thing I like to pretend, people literally think I'm Asian. 
(And every time people think that. I literally want to kiss them.)
Because Asian people are beautiful. And adorable. 
And this kid likes adorable things. 
Probably my favorite "kind" of Asian people are Japanese people. 
This could be because Hello Kitty is Japanese.
One of my best friends, Tanner, used to (get this!!) live in Japan. 
So he's always finding cool Japanese things and he shows them to me.
I shall share one with you:

They're adorable. I want them. All of them. Like every single one. 
Buuuuuut, I do have some favorites. (Don't tell the others. They'll get jealous)

Sheldon the giraffe. And Wink the something cute. 

So. Basically I just had to share that awesome stuff right there. 
An outfit post of sorts to come. 

Thursday, January 27

30 for 30

So. Because I'm still sick. (But definitely getting over it.) I'm not gonna post a picture. 
It would not be pretty. Plus, I'm sure you don't wanna see my pjs. Actually, you probably do because they're awesome. But I shall not show you, no matter how much you beg. 
I've signed up for... the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge. 

I'm a bit nervous. 
Ok, scratch that. I'm extremely nervous. 
I don't know why. It's not like I have tons of clothes anyways. 
But it seems like a lot of pressure. 
I do not do well under pressure. I start sweating. So if you see a lot of sweat stains on my clothes... well, I don't have a fever. It's just cause of the 30 for 30. 

So. I definitely need to figure out what I'm going to choose. Like, probably this weekend. 

Tuesday, January 25

sickness is sickening.

So guess who's sick?
This kid. Right here. 
I hate being sick. It is my worst. 
And I never feel like dressing very well when I'm sick.
Buuut, today I tried to look somewhat cute-ish. 
I don't think it helped much. Sooo, I spare you the pictures. 
Except for one! I went to Walmart with my Mommy and guess what I found???
A Hello Kitty toothbrush. It is love. 
So freaking cute. 

Anyways, I hope I get better soon so I can post something real on here instead of filler crap. 

Saturday, January 22

definitely not flawless

What did I do today? Cleaned. 
I'm just a big ball of fun, I know. You do not have to tell me. 
(But I'd be secretly pleased if you did) 
But, seriously. From looking at those pretty pictures you will learn two things:

1. My room is (was) a mess. 

Halfway through


And 2. I was not kidding about the Hello Kitty everything. 
Plus do you see all those giraffes on my little dresser?? Aren't the cute.
Also, do you see that pretty picture of a flower on my dresser? Isn't it beeee-ootiful?
One of my bestest friends, Hunter, took that. I wuv it. 
Beanie: Scarlett's; Scarf: Hand Me Down (gotta love those);
White V-Neck: JCPenneys; Black Jeans: JCPenneys

Close up of scarf. And my face. Hot, right?

I would like to tell you all that I feel pretty darn brave right now.
Those pictures of me... yeah, there's no makeup on. Eek. 
I don't know why that's scary. Maybe because the whole world is seeing what I for real look like, with no enhancement. 
 But, I was thinking about it. And us girls, especially us teenage girls, put so much of our value into how we look. And we want to look perfect. And, that's impossible, at least for me.
I don't want to pretend for you people that I'm perfect, that I always have makeup on. That I always look cute. I don't. (I mean, it is hard to make this face not cute. Kidding.)
So, I decided to put myself out there. Show you my flaws. 
So here I am.

P.S. All of these pictures were taken by yours truly. Scar is sick. Boo. 

Friday, January 21


I unfortunately did not have time to take a picture of my outfit for the day. Possibly tomorrow.
I went to JoAnn Fabrics today. I bought the gymnast material. I'm gonna make some pajama pants. Awesome, right?
And drooled over the Hello Kitty.
Yes. I confess. I'm in love with Hello Kitty. I have Hello Kitty everything.
My bedspread. My sheets. I have hats. Gloves. Lipgloss. Kleenex. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Now for a flannel shirt in the near future? Maybe. My favorite is the last one. Ubbbbbbber cute. I want. Desperately. Hopefully'll it'll go on sale. 

So cute, right??
Also, I got this awesome dress pattern... for 99 freaking cents! 
Can you believe it??? I was like "This is the best thing EVER!" (So what if I get excited over mini things?)
I was especially excited because I've been looking for a white dress for awhile now, and I found this pattern, and was like "This is going to be the PERFECT white dress!!!" 
Now, to buy the white eyelet. I'm gonna let that go on sale too. Maybe for 99 cents?? Let's see how cheap I can make this dress. I can't waaaaaiit. 
(Can you tell I'm a wee bit hyper?? I also had a Carmel Mocha around 2 hours ago.) 

P.S. I got to hold an extremely cute baby. Bonus!!!!

Wednesday, January 19

i'm a happy asian

Jeans: JCPenney; Cami: Miley Cyrus (Walmart); Sweater: Thrifted
It's uber cold today. Literally. It was 8 degrees when I woke up. 
Ick. I don't like the cold. It's definitely a good idea to live in the North, right? 

I feel as if my outfits have been extremely boring. I think I have the winter blues. 
Plus, sometimes you just have to let fashion slide and think: How will I not freeze to death? 

You like the outtakes? I like 'em. Ha. 
"I'm gonna freeze my rump off" 
Happy Asian ^_^

Give Away?? Count me in!

Eek! I entered a giveaway today at Clothed Much. I'm so excited. 
I'm absolutely in love with the necklace. It's uber cute! 
And the ring!
You can enter to win here:

Or maybe you shouldn't... You know, to better my chances. ^_^

P.S. Outfit post to come! 

Tuesday, January 18

hairy legs

Is it just me or does it seem like in winter there is no need to shave? 
Seriously, though. I always shave my armpits because it just bugs me not to, but I seriously barely ever shave my legs in the winter. I don't see much point in it. 
In the summer I shave my legs everyday, and on the days I feel like a rebel, every other day. I know. I'm a risk taker. 
In the winter though, sometimes once a week.
And I only do it once a week because of gymnastics, and I don't want all the little children to think Sasquatch is coming to attack them. 

Anyways. Hairy legs aren't what this post is supposed to be about. 
I've been thinking about what I want the goals to be for my blog (and I was thinking about it in the shower, while shaving my legs, hence the rant about shaving) and the reasons behind Ivory Giraffes. 

Number one: 
I do it because if I didn't, I probably wouldn't get dressed in the morning. For realz. 
Being homeschooled, it's not really necessary to get dressed. If I wanted to I could stay in my pajama's all day. Sometimes I do. But, I always get my work done faster when I have "real" clothes on. 

Number two: 
I want to be seen as a teenager. 
Being 4 foot ten inches tall, I get thought of as 12 or under. Seriously. And this blog helps me be creative. 

Number three:
I want to be able to share my opinions with the world.
Everyone wants to be heard, amiright? I'm not an exception. 

Number four:
I want to be able to inspire others and make a difference. 

So those are my reasons/goals for Ivory Giraffes.

But seriously! What is the purpose behind shaving in the winter? 

Monday, January 17

you are my sunshine

Nerd Cookies Shirt. Can we say adooorable?
Plus. It's from Walmart. That means cheap. Even better. 

Penguin hat is ADORABLE. Not to mention my little sister, Rebekah. 
So, I thought I'd post pictures of me from yesterday today. That works, right? Psh. What do I care if you don't think it works. It's MY blog. And I can do whatever I want. So there. *sticks out tongue*

Yesterday I went to church. And I did a special. O.o. Exciting. 
But afterwards a bunch of friends and I went to some sand dunes to sled. Extreme funness. I thought my friend, Hunter, was going to die several times. I thought I was going to die several times. 
But it was all good because I had a penguin hat on, what could be better? 

Today my friend gave me these earrings. Aren't the cute? Plus, she made them. 
I love them oh so much. The color is so cool, because it changes in the lighting! Wicked, right? 
That kid is so amazing. 

Earrings made by the fabulous: Sarah. 

If you click on that picture. ^^^ The one right up there. You can also see my necklace. 
It's pretty rad. It's a picture of my Daddy. Check out these cool necklaces at Planet Jill

That sums up my last two days. You could describe them as: CRAZY.

P.S. None of these pictures were taken by Scarlett.
All were by me. Not too shabby, eh? 

Saturday, January 15

hats are for dirty hair

You like my pony? 

Along with rediscovering my childhood toy, I discovered Ivory Giraffe's mascot. A white (ivory? kind of?) giraffe! Although the title of my blog in all actuality has nothing to do with white giraffes (it actually stands for piano (ivory keys) and giraffes aka my most favoritest animal). But whatever! It's coolio. Plus it's a coat hanger! Too cute! I should bring it up to my room. I think I'll name it... Lucille. How does that sound? 

On to the outfit... Kind of. I've had these shoes for foreva and have never worn them! Scratch that. I wore them in a play once. That was a stupid idea.
What a wasteful person I am! But, seriously, aren't they cuuuuute? 

Lucille is such a good sport. She let me walk on her. And sit on her. And even kiss her! Isn't she sweet? 
If you haven't noticed (and if you haven't forget I even said it) I'm wearing the same hat I wore yesterday. Do you know what that is a sign of? Unwashed hair. Yup. I decided it was Saturday and I wasn't going to take a shower. I know. I'm gross. Oh well. Only a few people plugged their noses when I walked by. 

Shirt: Gift; Jeans: Hollister (thrifted); Cardigan: Target Shoes: Gift; Hat: Scarlet; Earring: Scarlett
Yes. I had a miniature tea party. For realz. They were mini teacups. Ha. So adorable. 
The beauty in white is my little (yes, she's younger than me. she's 14) cousin, Kassi.
And who's the gorilla, you ask? Well he's my ex-husband Fredrick (pronounced FREE-drick) the Third. 
I divorced him only because he took up too much room on bed. Stupid monkey. 

Among the many things I did today (such as played piano nonstop and cleaning, blech) I went to see Kassi perform in a play. It was called Cafe Murder. What? You've never heard of it? Well, you must be less sophisticated than me. Kidding, kidding. I'm sure you're sophisticated too. 

Wanna see some outtakes? Yeah. They're awesome. I know.

Friday, January 14

here's my heart and here's my mouth. i can't help if things come out.

Flannel Shirt: JCPenneys; Jeans: Levi's; Hat: Scarlett; Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Shoes: American Eagle; Bracelet: Pandora 
Wow. I haven't written since Monday. I'm lame. 
Not. I'm extremely awesome. Obviously. 

I've been fairly busy. Tuesday was my first day back at work; I teach gymnastics. Wednesday was my first day back at piano lessons and youth group. And then Thursday I went to a Russian Ballet. 

Yes. You read that right. Me, Lauren, went to a Russian Ballet. I'm sophisticated like that. It was Sleeping Beauty. Can you say gorgeousness? (If you can't you might want to get that checkedc or something) 

Today, if it isn't obvious, I went to the library. I've recently started reading the Harry Potter books, and I'm now on the second one. The library I go to is uber small. Just like the whole place I live. You can't even call it a town. Seriously. The nearest Walmart is almost an hour away. 

What have you been up to this beautiful week? 

Monday, January 10

monsters under my bed.

I am so busy on Mondays. 
Incredibly busy. 
I'm in a drama group, and I'm the lead. And we practice on Monday's only. 
It's crrrrrazy. But fun. 
So I've decided that Monday's are "no picture" days. 
And if I even do anything on Mondays, it will just be writing about life...
Or even better the occasional
Today is a poem day. Enjoy (: 

As I've grown 
The monsters that used to hide under my bed
Have now entered my head,
Waiting for the opportunity to terrorize
My thoughts
My dreams.

The monster taunts me,
Telling me everything is impossible,
You might as well not try. 
With these words,
Darkness surrounds. 
Sucking me into a world of fear. 

But just as when I was young 
And fought off the monster with my night light,
I have a source of Light to fight off the new monster.
I hear them surrender with a shriek. 
The Light always wins over darkness. 

Sunday, January 9


Bracelet: Pandora ^_^
Necklace: Planet Jill

Smile Courtesy of Special People
Jeans: JCPenney; Shirt: JCPenney; Cardigan: Target; Scarf: Liz Claiborne (gift); Pea Coat: Deliah's 

Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. I went to a new church today. It was pretty rad. I loved the music there. At the church I usually go to we sing Hymns. And let me tell you, nothing at all is wrong with hymns. It's like singing a poem, and I love a good poem. But, I also love worship music. With guitar, and bass, and drums. I always feel God's presence in music. It's wicked sweet. God's a pretty rad dude, I've come to realize.

Back to the pictures and such. I was in an old trailer behind my house. It was grody. Definitely the perfect place for an asthmatic. It's sorta cool tho. There are mushrooms on the cupboards.Weeeeirdness. 

Isn't my sister doing a grrrreat job with these pictures? She's absolutely genius. 

P.S. I want to be your best friend if you know who sings the song of the title of this post.