Monday, January 17

you are my sunshine

Nerd Cookies Shirt. Can we say adooorable?
Plus. It's from Walmart. That means cheap. Even better. 

Penguin hat is ADORABLE. Not to mention my little sister, Rebekah. 
So, I thought I'd post pictures of me from yesterday today. That works, right? Psh. What do I care if you don't think it works. It's MY blog. And I can do whatever I want. So there. *sticks out tongue*

Yesterday I went to church. And I did a special. O.o. Exciting. 
But afterwards a bunch of friends and I went to some sand dunes to sled. Extreme funness. I thought my friend, Hunter, was going to die several times. I thought I was going to die several times. 
But it was all good because I had a penguin hat on, what could be better? 

Today my friend gave me these earrings. Aren't the cute? Plus, she made them. 
I love them oh so much. The color is so cool, because it changes in the lighting! Wicked, right? 
That kid is so amazing. 

Earrings made by the fabulous: Sarah. 

If you click on that picture. ^^^ The one right up there. You can also see my necklace. 
It's pretty rad. It's a picture of my Daddy. Check out these cool necklaces at Planet Jill

That sums up my last two days. You could describe them as: CRAZY.

P.S. None of these pictures were taken by Scarlett.
All were by me. Not too shabby, eh? 

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