Saturday, January 15

hats are for dirty hair

You like my pony? 

Along with rediscovering my childhood toy, I discovered Ivory Giraffe's mascot. A white (ivory? kind of?) giraffe! Although the title of my blog in all actuality has nothing to do with white giraffes (it actually stands for piano (ivory keys) and giraffes aka my most favoritest animal). But whatever! It's coolio. Plus it's a coat hanger! Too cute! I should bring it up to my room. I think I'll name it... Lucille. How does that sound? 

On to the outfit... Kind of. I've had these shoes for foreva and have never worn them! Scratch that. I wore them in a play once. That was a stupid idea.
What a wasteful person I am! But, seriously, aren't they cuuuuute? 

Lucille is such a good sport. She let me walk on her. And sit on her. And even kiss her! Isn't she sweet? 
If you haven't noticed (and if you haven't forget I even said it) I'm wearing the same hat I wore yesterday. Do you know what that is a sign of? Unwashed hair. Yup. I decided it was Saturday and I wasn't going to take a shower. I know. I'm gross. Oh well. Only a few people plugged their noses when I walked by. 

Shirt: Gift; Jeans: Hollister (thrifted); Cardigan: Target Shoes: Gift; Hat: Scarlet; Earring: Scarlett
Yes. I had a miniature tea party. For realz. They were mini teacups. Ha. So adorable. 
The beauty in white is my little (yes, she's younger than me. she's 14) cousin, Kassi.
And who's the gorilla, you ask? Well he's my ex-husband Fredrick (pronounced FREE-drick) the Third. 
I divorced him only because he took up too much room on bed. Stupid monkey. 

Among the many things I did today (such as played piano nonstop and cleaning, blech) I went to see Kassi perform in a play. It was called Cafe Murder. What? You've never heard of it? Well, you must be less sophisticated than me. Kidding, kidding. I'm sure you're sophisticated too. 

Wanna see some outtakes? Yeah. They're awesome. I know.

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