Friday, January 14

here's my heart and here's my mouth. i can't help if things come out.

Flannel Shirt: JCPenneys; Jeans: Levi's; Hat: Scarlett; Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Shoes: American Eagle; Bracelet: Pandora 
Wow. I haven't written since Monday. I'm lame. 
Not. I'm extremely awesome. Obviously. 

I've been fairly busy. Tuesday was my first day back at work; I teach gymnastics. Wednesday was my first day back at piano lessons and youth group. And then Thursday I went to a Russian Ballet. 

Yes. You read that right. Me, Lauren, went to a Russian Ballet. I'm sophisticated like that. It was Sleeping Beauty. Can you say gorgeousness? (If you can't you might want to get that checkedc or something) 

Today, if it isn't obvious, I went to the library. I've recently started reading the Harry Potter books, and I'm now on the second one. The library I go to is uber small. Just like the whole place I live. You can't even call it a town. Seriously. The nearest Walmart is almost an hour away. 

What have you been up to this beautiful week? 

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  1. And the rest of the good photos from this photoshoot and the rest of the day are on my photography blog.


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