Friday, June 7

You Are My Favorite.

Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend I could ever ask for.
You are the Corey to my Topanga.
The Alfalfa to my Darla.
The Noah to my Allie.
The Ben to my Leslie.
And the Nick to my Jess.

I love you, Hunter Kilpatrick.

Tuesday, June 4

Long Hot Summer

As much as I've been talking about "how much I've changed, and improved, and learned" there are a few things that haven't changed at all. Case in point: the fact that I'm absolutely in love with wearing cool colors together like white & grey. There is just something so relaxed and casual about this color pallet and I will never be able to get enough of it. Ever. Under any circumstance! ... I mean it. 
I've been finally running again, and I'm so happy! Although I wouldn't exactly say that I'm in love with running, and I am in love with the feeling of accomplishment after I've ran for the day. The first day I ran three weeks ago it took me, get this... 12 minutes and 52 seconds to run a mile. I know, I know. That's horrible. But I have now successfully started running 8 minute 12 second miles back to back. There's just something about setting a goal and accomplishing it that I love. 
Also, can we talk about how amazing The Voice is? But how messed up America is for keeping Danielle and getting rid of Holly? Like seriously. It's ridiculous. But, as long as Michelle wins I'm happy!