Thursday, April 28

my name is foreigner from a far away land

Life is pretty. Even when it's raining... again.
I'm becoming a blogger who talks about the weather.
I'm sooo interesting, and you know it! Ha.

Hm... What's interesting to tell you all?
I'm going back to work Sunday! Which may not be that exciting, except that it's my summer job in the amazing historic Mackinaw City (look it up, cool place). Now even that might not be interesting to you, buuut all the stores in Mackinaw are only open in the summer. WHICH MEANS!!! That it must be summer. 

My job is pretty rad, actually. I sell Pandora Jewelry among other things. 
It's pretty awesome, and I'm fairly good at it. Which is always nice.

The Equation
Levi's Skinnies
Aeropostale Tee
Grey Vest (courtesy of Scarlett)
Hello Kitty Rainboots
I'm Sick of Rain

who owns my heart? is it love, or is it art?

Do you see what I acquired? 
Hello Kitty fedora. 
I've never really thought I looked good in hats.
But this one... I think I rock it. 

Wednesday, April 27

if it all comes down to flavor, the glass is tipping in my favor

It's rainy today, but I shan't let that get to me.
So I've been listening to music all day and wearing my bright cardigan. Annd the hot pink fingernails help a bit too. I love nail polish. 

There is one thing that is definitely great about the rain:
Hello Kitty rain boots & umbrella's. 
Hello Kitty always brightens up the darkest of days. 

Well, people of the internet, I'm off to take a walk (yes. in the rain. i'm just cool like that)  to youth group. I shall converse with you all at a later date. 

The Equation
Destroyed Jeans (JCPenney)
Grey/Pink Cami (JCPenney)
Teal Cardi (Target)
Hello Kitty Rainboots & Umbrella (Sears)
Rain Rain Is Here To Stay

life gave me lemonade and i can't imagine why

Hey. It's raining again.
But I've decided instead of dwelling on the wet, I shall be happy.
So I found some songs. 

Seriously. Take the time to listen to both of them.

Tuesday, April 26

rain, rain, go away

I'm wearing the most odd outfit today, so I imagine you don't really want to see it. 
It's this big bummer, cause it's raining today. Yesterday it was literally 60 degrees!  I was out sunbathing with shorts on!! It was glorious. I was even hoping to get a sunburn, but it didn't happen. Darn it. 

Now that I've rambled, I will tell you to come back tomorrow and there may be something much more interesting. No promises, though. 

Monday, April 25

MMH #7

Sometimes you just need a laugh. And that is a must have.

I apologize about the size of the picture. I don't know why it's acting stupid.
In my brain I'm trying to figure out how to make this cute little bikini into an equally cute, but bigger tankini. 

I just got called back to work today, and it made me want to go look at some Pandora Beads. And I also remembered... it's nearly my birthday. So if you'd like to get me a bead, here are a few options. 

And now... for a song. 

Sunday, April 24

easter best

Happy Easter, little ones! 
Among the obvious reasons behind why Easter is amazing (you know, Jesus rising from the dead after three whole days) another great one is that you can dress up. 

This skirt was pretty cool, cause it used to be a dress. 
And then I fixed it.
Also, what do you think of the new 'do?
It literally took about 15 minutes tops... and it's Hello Kitty. 
What could be better?

The Equation
Purple Tee (JCPenney)
Yellow Skirt (Thrifted/Handmade)
Roxy Shoes (Thrifted)
Necklace (Won from giveaway)
Easter Outfit

Saturday, April 23

claddagh rope

Who knew I had photo-taking skill?

(I'm trying to post a bunch of junk so you will all forget I haven't been paying attention to you. As if there are people reading... Ha.) 


Do you remember when I was telling you all about this bike I found and redid?
Well, yesterday we finally put it together. 
So... I have pictures!!!!
 My wheels waiting to be put on. 
 The frame. 
The cousin (Bradford) putting on the tires. 
 The finished product!!
From what I can find this is either a 1940's or 60's Rollsfast. The seat is probably a Schwinn, but I'm going to get a new one, as it looks a little funny.
Everything is original which is pretty cool. We painted it. Put some Hello Kitty stickers on it, and now it's a one-of-a-kind. 

Tuesday, April 19

MMH #6 (on Tuesday)

I apologize for not posting Monday Must-Haves on Monday.
But I was super sick. I had a fever and the chills. It was terrible.
But now I'm mostly better (with just a headache) so I'll do it today. 

I'm pretty sure this picture needs no explanation. 

I must get this bicycle seat for my new bike. It's too darn cute.

My cousin recently got a pair of Toms. 
And they look so freaking comfy.

Such an amazing song. Fireflight is one of my favorite bands of all time. New Perspective is so good. My favorite part is "We're standing on the ashes with a clearer view and a new perspective." Ahh. So good. 

This one's good too!! A bit more hard but one of my favorite songs by them! 

Friday, April 15

break a leg

I'm a bad blogger.
But I have the valid excuse that I literally have not been home at all this week, as I've been at the theater. 
So, this is sort of a filler, and then I'll tell you a story.
Watch it. It's no secret that I love Harry Potter, and this is just simply amazing.
Now, for the story. Gather 'round, children.

So as of tonight, I've went through this play three times with an audience.
Well, last night during the last performance of the night. Everything was going great! No one forgot any lines, no cues were missed. The audience was even responding amazingly. 
After Intermission there's a part in the play where they burn my character's friends house down (maybe you've read The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I'm Kit Tyler in the play) and at the end Kit's little love interest tells her to go home and get warm, as he wraps a blanket around her. Well, he did it. And I was walking offstage... quite literally. I couldn't find my way back so I fell OFF the stage. Completely. I twisted my ankle. But then, I had to get back out there to finish up the play so I crawled back up on the stage while getting some help from my friend, Alex. I get up there, and as soon as I'm up I have to go into the next scene. It was dreadful. And now my ankle hurts badly, but I've got two more performances tomorrow. 

Tuesday, April 12

so the plain wooden buildings- that's wethersfield?

So. I wasn't gonna post anything today, cause I'm dog-tired. (Weird phrase isn't it?)
But, I was wearing this adorbable outfit today. And I decided that since I barely got to wear it today, I'd at least take pictures of it for you all to document that I did in fact wear clothes today. 
You see, I've been working on the play all day. Thursday is my first performance and I'm super duper nervous. Before this play I've never had more than 12 lines, and now I have 267. And because we're getting down to the last couple days I'm practically living at the theater. Therefore I'm living in my costumes. What really stinks though is that I live about an hour from theater... and the cast call has been at 9, which means I need to be there earlier as to get my costume on. Which means I have to leave early. Which ALSO means I have to wake up at 6:30 to do my hair, and then Scarlett's hair (which takes a freaking hour!!) So the whole point of this is... that I'm tired.
Do you like my necklace? I WON it. 
Yeah. I was super proud, cause before now I've never won anything. 
I love this outfit. Mainly because I love this dress. So much. I got it for 3 bucks at Aeropostale. Also, I like the sorta clashing patterns of the plaid blue cami and the polka dot necklace. 

The Dets.
Green Dress: Aeropostale
Blue Cami: Arizona (J.C. Penney)
Polka Dot Bow necklace: WON!!!

Monday, April 11

MMH #5

Today's theme (with a couple exceptions): Summer

Does this fruit look absolutely gorgeous, or what?
Annnd highly delicious looking. Fruit=Summer in my book.

The beach. 
Ahh. I cannot wait till it's warm enough to actually lay out in the sun and go swimming.
I've been going to the beach for months now, but not without a trillion jackets on.
Plus, this picture is just the epitome of cuteness. 

This little breakfast nook just screams spring/summer to me.
Someday when I have my little log cabin (see this post) I want my kitchen to look like this. Just cute. And open and airy. With a little booth for a table. 

And now for the two not so summery things. 
Ok. So I love maps and globes. I want one room in my said log cabin to be full of them. I don't know why I like them so much, they just interest me. And they're pretty.
And this little map is so so neat. I don't know... maybe it's cheesy. But if it is, you can call me Swiss, cause I'm mighty cheesy. (Haha. I crack myself up. I seriously just came up with that... ahhh the brain of Lauren is scary spectacular place.)

Now, what would a Monday Must-Have's be without something Hello Kitty?
It'd be absolutely nothing at all, that's what it'd be. 
It's Hello Kitty... and it's Domo. What could get cuter? I want need those. 

All images via

Sunday, April 10

country *girl* will survive

 It was a gloomy day today. 
But, I was happy. Wanna know why??
It meant I could wear my rain boots. 
Lately I haven't been wearing much makeup. 
I actually wore foundation today. Whoooah. 
What do you think of my location today?
I thought it was PERFECT. Like it went with my outfit or something. 
I am a country girl at heart. And this skirt always reminds me of that.
But actually, this is in my front yard, cause I have a horse.
He's a stallion. His name is Sierra. And I don't really like him. We used to have three of them, they were all brothers and born to us, but only Sierra's left and he's my least favorite. He's just sort of mean. 
The Dets.
T-Shirt: Aeropostale (Second Hand)
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: J.C. Penney (Second Hand)
Hello Kitty Rain-Boots: Sears 

P.S. What do you think of the hair? It doesn't look too different. But, I didn't do anything to it today. At all. I'm thinking of getting it cut after I'm done with my play. Not in length at all, but in style. But I don't know what to do to it. Ugh. Hair. 

gotta get down on friday.

There is a HUGE possibility that I'll be posting three times today.
Meaning... I'm gonna post this cause it's awesome. (You'll see)
And then an outfit post, cause my outfit today was tres magnifique
Annnnd then the last one SHOULD be pictures of my new bike. 
Anyways, on to this one. 

So you're prolly asking yourself "Why is she posting these pictures of herself looking less than amazing with a random cat mug?" 
Well... cause this mug is the BOMB! 
But there is (of course) a story behind it. 
Yesterday my cousin Bradford called me up, telling me he was gonna paint my new (to me) bike. Soo, I went over to help him at our Uncle Phil's. While working on sanding, and such dirty business, my Uncle Phil comes over to me with this mug. He told me he found it at Goodwill, and he wasn't sure if it was Hello Kitty or not, but it reminded him of me. Well... It's not Hello Kitty. But it sure is darn cute! 
Around the whole thing it says the days of the week and a cat's face to go with it. Like, Monday is this totally tired sad face and it goes through them all and ends on Friday with the bright happy face. 
My Uncle Phil is the sweetest guy. 
And I now have a new favorite mug.
Is that weird to have a favorite mug? I also have a favorite spoon (its a round one). And ice-cream bowl. Does anyone else have favorite's of random household items? 

Thursday, April 7

Ivory Giraffe makeover... all the time.

I feel bad for all you poor humans.
All I ever do is change my blog. 
Buuut, there's a story behind it all.

I wasn't happy with how things were looking, and I really liked the little lay out that Paige has and I've seen it on other people's blogs and really liked it. So I thought I'd try it out. 
So I go and download the whole thing, and get it on the blog.
But then, I can't figure out how to change the colors. 
Which sucks. Because the whole reason behind me changing it was so I could give it more of a light, airy, springy/summer-y feel... and the colors were this awful rust color. 
And since I know absolutely nothing, repeat nothing, about computers and anything tech-y I had to go back to using the "Simple" layout. And let me tell all you other not tech-savvy people like myself.
If you want to have a blog, and know nothing about the Internet, use the simple template. It's all straight-forward. And you can customize how you wish without all that HTML mumbo-jumbo. 

P.S. I had on the cutest little outfit yesterday, buuuut Scarlett was apparently too busy to take my picture. Which is a shame. Cause it was fabulous. Scar said I looked like a mis-matched four-year old, but I don't really care cause I LOVED it. 
The funny thing I've come to realize about my "style" is that I haven't got one. I never dress in the same style two days in a row, and I like it that way. It keeps people on their toes. 

P.P. S I'm sorry inform you all (you know, that one person reading... hi mom) that I will probably not be posting anything at all next week. It's hell week and I'm gonna be more tired than... than... a flying elephant. But who knows, I might post one or two times. 

Tuesday, April 5

Help Me.

Oh goodness gracious.
I need some help from someone, ANYONE.
I've been working on the look of the blog... and I found a template I like.
But I can't figure out how to change the font. Or the colors. Or anything.
And since I don't know how to use html, I need some help.
So please, anyone. 
Help this technologically ignorant person. 


My hair looked better earlier. 
But, I put it up into a pony-tail... and then let it out. 
Bad idea. 
I liked this outfit. It was comfy, and ideal for....
Yes, Lauren went bowling. 
I went withhhh, my little sister Rebekah (also sometimes known as Jadi), my cousin Kassi, my friend Julia and then these two guys: Randall and Devon. I don't know them too well tho. 
I, unfortunately, don't get to have a Spring Break soo I did double the school work and then went with them all. Twas worth it. Seeing as I got.... 
A ninety-freaking-two! I know it sounds lame, but that's like my highest score... EVER. Rebekah beat me, though. And Julia. And Kassi. Oh well. I beat my record.

Monday, April 4

MMH #4

Lauren's life goals:
Someday get married and own a little cabin.  
It will preferably be quite a ways back in the woods. 
It needs to look a lot like that one. But hopefully a loft, just cause I love lofts. 
I will then need to acquire a baby. Hopefully a little boy. Cause I love little boys. They're the cutest ever. 
That baby is sooo adorable. And if I am ever blessed with a kid I'm gonna make Scarlett take amazing pictures of it all the time. 
That little boy has BEAUTIFUL eyes. 
I want to melt right into them. 
And his hair. It's love. 
After I have the little guy, his bedroom is gonna look like this. Because what better way to grow up than in a room full of happy pandas? There is no better way! 
After I have my little boy named Samuel and he has his panda room, I will obviously need a cat. It will be orange. And named Fritz, I'm just positive that Fritz is the perfect name for a cat. 

I will also learn how to sing like this boy. 
He basically captures this whole song. 

I forgot! 
I will also have something similar to this in my front yard. 
You know, cause it's only $9,990.00. No biggie.