Tuesday, April 5


My hair looked better earlier. 
But, I put it up into a pony-tail... and then let it out. 
Bad idea. 
I liked this outfit. It was comfy, and ideal for....
Yes, Lauren went bowling. 
I went withhhh, my little sister Rebekah (also sometimes known as Jadi), my cousin Kassi, my friend Julia and then these two guys: Randall and Devon. I don't know them too well tho. 
I, unfortunately, don't get to have a Spring Break soo I did double the school work and then went with them all. Twas worth it. Seeing as I got.... 
A ninety-freaking-two! I know it sounds lame, but that's like my highest score... EVER. Rebekah beat me, though. And Julia. And Kassi. Oh well. I beat my record.

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  1. Although I'm not that great at it, I love bowling! But not the gross shoes you have to rent. Yuck. You look super cute! Where, oh where, did you find that amazing cardigan?!
    xo, Paige Renae


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