Tuesday, April 5

Help Me.

Oh goodness gracious.
I need some help from someone, ANYONE.
I've been working on the look of the blog... and I found a template I like.
But I can't figure out how to change the font. Or the colors. Or anything.
And since I don't know how to use html, I need some help.
So please, anyone. 
Help this technologically ignorant person. 


  1. Have you tried using the Template Designer? Go to your Design tab, then you'll see "Page Elements", "Edit HTML", and lastly "Template Designer". Click that; once there, lots of options show up in the left column. To change fonts and colors go down to "Advanced". "Page Text" changes the... page text... profound, I know. :) Then there are lots of other options for your gadget titles and so on.
    Hope this helped! :)

  2. One thing though, if you are using an old template (such as Minima), you won't be able to use the Template Designer. If so, I'm afraid I'm not techy enough to help you there, except to suggest switching to a new template in order to be able to edit the fonts.
    Hope I was of some help!


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