Thursday, April 7

Ivory Giraffe makeover... all the time.

I feel bad for all you poor humans.
All I ever do is change my blog. 
Buuut, there's a story behind it all.

I wasn't happy with how things were looking, and I really liked the little lay out that Paige has and I've seen it on other people's blogs and really liked it. So I thought I'd try it out. 
So I go and download the whole thing, and get it on the blog.
But then, I can't figure out how to change the colors. 
Which sucks. Because the whole reason behind me changing it was so I could give it more of a light, airy, springy/summer-y feel... and the colors were this awful rust color. 
And since I know absolutely nothing, repeat nothing, about computers and anything tech-y I had to go back to using the "Simple" layout. And let me tell all you other not tech-savvy people like myself.
If you want to have a blog, and know nothing about the Internet, use the simple template. It's all straight-forward. And you can customize how you wish without all that HTML mumbo-jumbo. 

P.S. I had on the cutest little outfit yesterday, buuuut Scarlett was apparently too busy to take my picture. Which is a shame. Cause it was fabulous. Scar said I looked like a mis-matched four-year old, but I don't really care cause I LOVED it. 
The funny thing I've come to realize about my "style" is that I haven't got one. I never dress in the same style two days in a row, and I like it that way. It keeps people on their toes. 

P.P. S I'm sorry inform you all (you know, that one person reading... hi mom) that I will probably not be posting anything at all next week. It's hell week and I'm gonna be more tired than... than... a flying elephant. But who knows, I might post one or two times. 


  1. Teehee, thanks for the mention!
    I actually love your layout, the background image is so spring-y and fun, and your header is super cute!
    I actually spent about forever and a half composing an email to another blogger friend of mine who needed help with HTML codes...if you'd like I could send it to you! Be forewarned, however, it's abnormally long, and can get a bit frustrating. BUUUUT, once you figure it out, it's the most liberating thing ever.
    xo, Paige Renae

  2. Paige-
    Thanks for the offer buuut, for now I'll stick to the simple stuff. If I re-decide I'll shoot you an email (:


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