Sunday, April 10

gotta get down on friday.

There is a HUGE possibility that I'll be posting three times today.
Meaning... I'm gonna post this cause it's awesome. (You'll see)
And then an outfit post, cause my outfit today was tres magnifique
Annnnd then the last one SHOULD be pictures of my new bike. 
Anyways, on to this one. 

So you're prolly asking yourself "Why is she posting these pictures of herself looking less than amazing with a random cat mug?" 
Well... cause this mug is the BOMB! 
But there is (of course) a story behind it. 
Yesterday my cousin Bradford called me up, telling me he was gonna paint my new (to me) bike. Soo, I went over to help him at our Uncle Phil's. While working on sanding, and such dirty business, my Uncle Phil comes over to me with this mug. He told me he found it at Goodwill, and he wasn't sure if it was Hello Kitty or not, but it reminded him of me. Well... It's not Hello Kitty. But it sure is darn cute! 
Around the whole thing it says the days of the week and a cat's face to go with it. Like, Monday is this totally tired sad face and it goes through them all and ends on Friday with the bright happy face. 
My Uncle Phil is the sweetest guy. 
And I now have a new favorite mug.
Is that weird to have a favorite mug? I also have a favorite spoon (its a round one). And ice-cream bowl. Does anyone else have favorite's of random household items? 


  1. That mug is too adorable...and totally makes me think of Rebecca Black's catchy (you have to admit, it is catchy!) weekend anthem. :)
    And about favorite household items--I'm going on record saying I have a favorite mixing bowl. Oh, yes.
    xo, Paige Renae

  2. @Paige Renae

    Oh yes, it's DEFINITELY catchy. Unfortunately, because it's also annoying.
    Mixing bowl??? SWEEET!


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