Sunday, April 10

country *girl* will survive

 It was a gloomy day today. 
But, I was happy. Wanna know why??
It meant I could wear my rain boots. 
Lately I haven't been wearing much makeup. 
I actually wore foundation today. Whoooah. 
What do you think of my location today?
I thought it was PERFECT. Like it went with my outfit or something. 
I am a country girl at heart. And this skirt always reminds me of that.
But actually, this is in my front yard, cause I have a horse.
He's a stallion. His name is Sierra. And I don't really like him. We used to have three of them, they were all brothers and born to us, but only Sierra's left and he's my least favorite. He's just sort of mean. 
The Dets.
T-Shirt: Aeropostale (Second Hand)
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: J.C. Penney (Second Hand)
Hello Kitty Rain-Boots: Sears 

P.S. What do you think of the hair? It doesn't look too different. But, I didn't do anything to it today. At all. I'm thinking of getting it cut after I'm done with my play. Not in length at all, but in style. But I don't know what to do to it. Ugh. Hair. 

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  1. I love your photo location, I wish I had a beautiful country yard like that! Although my yard and home are big and beautiful, I'm in a suburb of L.A., in a gated community with cookie-cutter houses...and soedays I wish I was just surrounded by open fields and wild horses. Which brings me to the next topic--LUCKY! I want a horse so badly! Someday...Anyway, cute outfit and hair! I've been trying to wear less makeup lately, but succeeding? Not so much...;)
    xo, Paige Renae


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