Monday, April 11

MMH #5

Today's theme (with a couple exceptions): Summer

Does this fruit look absolutely gorgeous, or what?
Annnd highly delicious looking. Fruit=Summer in my book.

The beach. 
Ahh. I cannot wait till it's warm enough to actually lay out in the sun and go swimming.
I've been going to the beach for months now, but not without a trillion jackets on.
Plus, this picture is just the epitome of cuteness. 

This little breakfast nook just screams spring/summer to me.
Someday when I have my little log cabin (see this post) I want my kitchen to look like this. Just cute. And open and airy. With a little booth for a table. 

And now for the two not so summery things. 
Ok. So I love maps and globes. I want one room in my said log cabin to be full of them. I don't know why I like them so much, they just interest me. And they're pretty.
And this little map is so so neat. I don't know... maybe it's cheesy. But if it is, you can call me Swiss, cause I'm mighty cheesy. (Haha. I crack myself up. I seriously just came up with that... ahhh the brain of Lauren is scary spectacular place.)

Now, what would a Monday Must-Have's be without something Hello Kitty?
It'd be absolutely nothing at all, that's what it'd be. 
It's Hello Kitty... and it's Domo. What could get cuter? I want need those. 

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