Monday, April 4

MMH #4

Lauren's life goals:
Someday get married and own a little cabin.  
It will preferably be quite a ways back in the woods. 
It needs to look a lot like that one. But hopefully a loft, just cause I love lofts. 
I will then need to acquire a baby. Hopefully a little boy. Cause I love little boys. They're the cutest ever. 
That baby is sooo adorable. And if I am ever blessed with a kid I'm gonna make Scarlett take amazing pictures of it all the time. 
That little boy has BEAUTIFUL eyes. 
I want to melt right into them. 
And his hair. It's love. 
After I have the little guy, his bedroom is gonna look like this. Because what better way to grow up than in a room full of happy pandas? There is no better way! 
After I have my little boy named Samuel and he has his panda room, I will obviously need a cat. It will be orange. And named Fritz, I'm just positive that Fritz is the perfect name for a cat. 

I will also learn how to sing like this boy. 
He basically captures this whole song. 

I forgot! 
I will also have something similar to this in my front yard. 
You know, cause it's only $9,990.00. No biggie. 

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  1. Hi Lauren, I'm not sure how else to get ahold of you, so I'm going to try this! :)

    YOU WON my giveaway! Please email me your mailing address and we'll ship it out!


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