Thursday, March 31


Oh goodness. 
I want this bike. 
But, sadly, I don't live in Australia. 
That's just another reason to move there. 
If you live in Australia, you can bid on this baby by following this link. 
And while you're at it, you can buy me a matching one and send it my way. 


  1. Hey, my sister has a pink one of those. Hers is older and needs some fine tuning, but it's the same bike.

  2. @AEkd
    I personally looove the ones that need a bit of work. I saw a pink one, too, and loved it. And the orange one!!!
    Funny story, my Mom was over at my uncle's house (he owns as junkyard) and there was a beautiful little cruiser all for my own!!!

  3. Awesome! Fix 'er up! =D What are you going to name it?


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