Tuesday, March 29

hey there delilah

Okay, so you know those clothes that you see on other people and are all "I wish I could pull that off." 
Yeah, that's always been me about white t-shirts. 
I know that's a weird thing not to ever wear, but I've just always thought they looked so dumb on me. No matter what the style. 

But, then, I found this shirt. 
Actually... it's Scarlett's. But anyways, on with the story. 
So I found the shirt, put it on, found it was extremely comfortable, and then decided to wear my darkest jeans with it. 
Then, I was all, "I need something to dress this up a bit."
I'm not good with accessories, so that was out of the question.
But then, I remembered something absolutely glorious!
I got these adorable shoes a couple weeks ago. 
And they're a pretty color. AND they're super comfortable. 
How do you like my goose bumps? Hot right? 
Also in this picture you can see my scar on my left ankle.
I actually have one just like it on my right ankle too.
They're from two or three years ago from ice-skates.
It was my first time ever going ice-skating. I didn't know not to wear ankle socks. They're super deep, and were sooo painful.

The whole outfit still looks casual. 
But, pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. 

I would like to inform the world I'm excited for tomorrow.
I get to see my bestest friend tomorrow, and I haven't seen him for roughly a week. Which is insanity. 
I just love Wednesdays. They hold so many of favorite things.
Piano lessons
Youth group
Being with my best friends.
AND the week is halfway done!!

Clothing Checklist:
Sarah Jessica Parker Dark Jeans (Thrifted/Giftish)
White V-Neck Tee (Borrowed)
Roxy Wedges (Thrifted/Giftish)
You know what this means?? That whole outfit was completely free. I love free things. 

P.S. Do you get the title? 


  1. Plain White T's!! :-)

  2. @Liz
    Yeaaah Liz!!! You got it right!!! (:
    I do love that band!!


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