Tuesday, April 12

so the plain wooden buildings- that's wethersfield?

So. I wasn't gonna post anything today, cause I'm dog-tired. (Weird phrase isn't it?)
But, I was wearing this adorbable outfit today. And I decided that since I barely got to wear it today, I'd at least take pictures of it for you all to document that I did in fact wear clothes today. 
You see, I've been working on the play all day. Thursday is my first performance and I'm super duper nervous. Before this play I've never had more than 12 lines, and now I have 267. And because we're getting down to the last couple days I'm practically living at the theater. Therefore I'm living in my costumes. What really stinks though is that I live about an hour from theater... and the cast call has been at 9, which means I need to be there earlier as to get my costume on. Which means I have to leave early. Which ALSO means I have to wake up at 6:30 to do my hair, and then Scarlett's hair (which takes a freaking hour!!) So the whole point of this is... that I'm tired.
Do you like my necklace? I WON it. 
Yeah. I was super proud, cause before now I've never won anything. 
I love this outfit. Mainly because I love this dress. So much. I got it for 3 bucks at Aeropostale. Also, I like the sorta clashing patterns of the plaid blue cami and the polka dot necklace. 

The Dets.
Green Dress: Aeropostale
Blue Cami: Arizona (J.C. Penney)
Polka Dot Bow necklace: WON!!!

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