Friday, April 15

break a leg

I'm a bad blogger.
But I have the valid excuse that I literally have not been home at all this week, as I've been at the theater. 
So, this is sort of a filler, and then I'll tell you a story.
Watch it. It's no secret that I love Harry Potter, and this is just simply amazing.
Now, for the story. Gather 'round, children.

So as of tonight, I've went through this play three times with an audience.
Well, last night during the last performance of the night. Everything was going great! No one forgot any lines, no cues were missed. The audience was even responding amazingly. 
After Intermission there's a part in the play where they burn my character's friends house down (maybe you've read The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I'm Kit Tyler in the play) and at the end Kit's little love interest tells her to go home and get warm, as he wraps a blanket around her. Well, he did it. And I was walking offstage... quite literally. I couldn't find my way back so I fell OFF the stage. Completely. I twisted my ankle. But then, I had to get back out there to finish up the play so I crawled back up on the stage while getting some help from my friend, Alex. I get up there, and as soon as I'm up I have to go into the next scene. It was dreadful. And now my ankle hurts badly, but I've got two more performances tomorrow. 

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