Tuesday, April 19

MMH #6 (on Tuesday)

I apologize for not posting Monday Must-Haves on Monday.
But I was super sick. I had a fever and the chills. It was terrible.
But now I'm mostly better (with just a headache) so I'll do it today. 

I'm pretty sure this picture needs no explanation. 

I must get this bicycle seat for my new bike. It's too darn cute.

My cousin recently got a pair of Toms. 
And they look so freaking comfy.

Such an amazing song. Fireflight is one of my favorite bands of all time. New Perspective is so good. My favorite part is "We're standing on the ashes with a clearer view and a new perspective." Ahh. So good. 

This one's good too!! A bit more hard but one of my favorite songs by them! 

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  1. Cute pictures, and I definitely recommend the TOMS--and step outside the box. I was hesitant to get a bold pair at first, but now I'm so glad that I did, because I don't look just like the 589367365347 girls at my school who have plain black.
    Paige Renae


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