Wednesday, April 27

if it all comes down to flavor, the glass is tipping in my favor

It's rainy today, but I shan't let that get to me.
So I've been listening to music all day and wearing my bright cardigan. Annd the hot pink fingernails help a bit too. I love nail polish. 

There is one thing that is definitely great about the rain:
Hello Kitty rain boots & umbrella's. 
Hello Kitty always brightens up the darkest of days. 

Well, people of the internet, I'm off to take a walk (yes. in the rain. i'm just cool like that)  to youth group. I shall converse with you all at a later date. 

The Equation
Destroyed Jeans (JCPenney)
Grey/Pink Cami (JCPenney)
Teal Cardi (Target)
Hello Kitty Rainboots & Umbrella (Sears)
Rain Rain Is Here To Stay

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