Thursday, April 28

my name is foreigner from a far away land

Life is pretty. Even when it's raining... again.
I'm becoming a blogger who talks about the weather.
I'm sooo interesting, and you know it! Ha.

Hm... What's interesting to tell you all?
I'm going back to work Sunday! Which may not be that exciting, except that it's my summer job in the amazing historic Mackinaw City (look it up, cool place). Now even that might not be interesting to you, buuut all the stores in Mackinaw are only open in the summer. WHICH MEANS!!! That it must be summer. 

My job is pretty rad, actually. I sell Pandora Jewelry among other things. 
It's pretty awesome, and I'm fairly good at it. Which is always nice.

The Equation
Levi's Skinnies
Aeropostale Tee
Grey Vest (courtesy of Scarlett)
Hello Kitty Rainboots
I'm Sick of Rain

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