Sunday, May 1

MMH #8

So technically I'm posting this on Sunday.
But, hey, whatever. I'm doing it because tomorrow I have a cast party to go to and I don't feel like getting up any time before 10, just cause I have a headache. 
So, here goes. 

1. Buttons. 
I don't generally love buttons all that much, but these music note ones are fabulous. And the birdie too. Even the heart and cross-bones.

2. Most prettiest room.
I adore the color of the walls. In case you haven't noticed by the color of my blog and such, I love the color blue. It's my favorite. 

3. Reading owls.
Owls are all the rage, but I can honestly say they've held a special place in my heart for much longer than the fad's been around. My MiMiMi (my great grandma, my grandma is called MiMi) loved owls and they were all over her house. 
This cute little picture is just that... cute. 

4. Red Chucks.
I've wanted a pair for awhile. But now, I really want them.
I went to work today, and there's a new rule about not wearing flip flops, so I decided I must get a pair of these for the summer. 

5. Letters.
I always wished I could have a pen-pal. I did in fourth grade, and we kept up for a long time. Eventually we got some email accounts, and started writing through that. Which was a shame, cause writing letters is a lost art form. I really wish I had someone to write letters to. If anyone wants a pen pal I'm down for it! 

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What do you think of me posting 5 pictures on Must-Have Monday? 

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