Sunday, May 1

20 things- thing 1

I got this idea from Elycia
My birthday is this month (the 20th) and until my birthday I'm gonna post one thing a day about myself. Cool, no? 
Ever since I was little I've been deathly scared of chickens. 
Chicks I like. I'll hold them, and pet them, and name them. But as soon as they turn into chickens... I hate them. 
But, there is (of course) a story as to why. 
When I was little and in gymnastics, I loved my leotard. I wore it everywhere (well I wore them everywhere. I had at least 3.) and one day I wore it to my cousins house. Well, they live on a dairy farm and have chickens. My big cousin, affectionately called Sethie-Poo-Scope (I don't know why), asked me if I knew if chickens could fly. Well, I didn't know, so we decided to find out. He picked up a chicken and threw it in the air, just as I was turning around to answer my calling Mother. Well, this leotard I was wearing was one with a hole in the back (sorta like this) and the chicken landed on my back and scratched me and pecked at me. So now I'm deathly afraid of chickens. 
My dream is someday to have a bunch of chickens and raise them, just so I can kill them all. I know. I'm weird. 

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