Monday, January 10

monsters under my bed.

I am so busy on Mondays. 
Incredibly busy. 
I'm in a drama group, and I'm the lead. And we practice on Monday's only. 
It's crrrrrazy. But fun. 
So I've decided that Monday's are "no picture" days. 
And if I even do anything on Mondays, it will just be writing about life...
Or even better the occasional
Today is a poem day. Enjoy (: 

As I've grown 
The monsters that used to hide under my bed
Have now entered my head,
Waiting for the opportunity to terrorize
My thoughts
My dreams.

The monster taunts me,
Telling me everything is impossible,
You might as well not try. 
With these words,
Darkness surrounds. 
Sucking me into a world of fear. 

But just as when I was young 
And fought off the monster with my night light,
I have a source of Light to fight off the new monster.
I hear them surrender with a shriek. 
The Light always wins over darkness. 

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