Sunday, January 9


Bracelet: Pandora ^_^
Necklace: Planet Jill

Smile Courtesy of Special People
Jeans: JCPenney; Shirt: JCPenney; Cardigan: Target; Scarf: Liz Claiborne (gift); Pea Coat: Deliah's 

Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. I went to a new church today. It was pretty rad. I loved the music there. At the church I usually go to we sing Hymns. And let me tell you, nothing at all is wrong with hymns. It's like singing a poem, and I love a good poem. But, I also love worship music. With guitar, and bass, and drums. I always feel God's presence in music. It's wicked sweet. God's a pretty rad dude, I've come to realize.

Back to the pictures and such. I was in an old trailer behind my house. It was grody. Definitely the perfect place for an asthmatic. It's sorta cool tho. There are mushrooms on the cupboards.Weeeeirdness. 

Isn't my sister doing a grrrreat job with these pictures? She's absolutely genius. 

P.S. I want to be your best friend if you know who sings the song of the title of this post. 


  1. Your outfit is super cute, those colors look great on you.
    Definitely a grody're a brave girl for stepping inside.

    Is it Trailerhood by Toby Keith? I looked it up on Google (I'm serious, they have the answer to everything)...but I could be completely wrong.

    xo, Paige

  2. Very very close! Trailerhood by Josh Turner. Google does knows everything, and will be sure to rule to world someday.


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