Sunday, January 30

my thirty.

So. It wasn't as hard as I thought to pick my 30. 
I'm kind excited to show you my choices. 
I tried to pick a few pieces that I don't wear often. Just to try to remix it. 
Buuut, I also picked quite a few things that I wear a lot. 

white sweater (from my grandma). grey v-neck (old navy. thrifted.) teal cardi (target).
colorful cardi (josepha. thrifted). cropped lavender cardi (old navy).
Hollister Skinny Jeans (thrifted). Destroyed SouthPole Skinnies (J.C. Penney). Black Skinnies (J.C. P.)
Vigoss Destroyed (thrifted). Sarah Jessica Parker dark wash jean (thrifted). 
Plaid Flowy (J.C. Penney). White Button Up (Walmart). Pink Plaid Button Up (Walmart).
Purple Plaid (J.C. Penney). Hooded Plaid (J.C. Penney). Salmon Scoop Neck (Abercrombie. thrifted).
Cotton Plaid Button Up (J.C. Penney). Purple Scoop Neck (J.C. Penney). Hello Kitty Tee (Meijers)
Blue V-Neck (Aeropostale). VlogBrothers Tee. 
Polka Dot dress (Fashion Bug). Plaid Dress (Taylor Swift. Walmart). Grey Tank Dress (Aeropostale).
Green Tank Dress (Aeropostale). Denimish High Waisted Skirt (Miley Cyrus & Maz Azria. Walmart).
Aeropostale Blue Sweatshirt
Brown Slipper-Like Flatts (American Eagle. Payless). Black Ballet Flatts (American Eagle. Payless).
Brown Winter Boots (Walmart)
     Count 'em. 30. 

P.S. I'm still sorta nervous about this thing. 
Aaaaand I was gonna have cowboy boots too. Buuuut, then I thought "What if it's cold?? What if I need a sweatshirt." So I opted out the cowboy boots. 
My whole life revolves around not being freezing. I guess I'm tiny so maybe that's why I'm always cold. 

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