Saturday, January 22

definitely not flawless

What did I do today? Cleaned. 
I'm just a big ball of fun, I know. You do not have to tell me. 
(But I'd be secretly pleased if you did) 
But, seriously. From looking at those pretty pictures you will learn two things:

1. My room is (was) a mess. 

Halfway through


And 2. I was not kidding about the Hello Kitty everything. 
Plus do you see all those giraffes on my little dresser?? Aren't the cute.
Also, do you see that pretty picture of a flower on my dresser? Isn't it beeee-ootiful?
One of my bestest friends, Hunter, took that. I wuv it. 
Beanie: Scarlett's; Scarf: Hand Me Down (gotta love those);
White V-Neck: JCPenneys; Black Jeans: JCPenneys

Close up of scarf. And my face. Hot, right?

I would like to tell you all that I feel pretty darn brave right now.
Those pictures of me... yeah, there's no makeup on. Eek. 
I don't know why that's scary. Maybe because the whole world is seeing what I for real look like, with no enhancement. 
 But, I was thinking about it. And us girls, especially us teenage girls, put so much of our value into how we look. And we want to look perfect. And, that's impossible, at least for me.
I don't want to pretend for you people that I'm perfect, that I always have makeup on. That I always look cute. I don't. (I mean, it is hard to make this face not cute. Kidding.)
So, I decided to put myself out there. Show you my flaws. 
So here I am.

P.S. All of these pictures were taken by yours truly. Scar is sick. Boo. 

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