Friday, January 21


I unfortunately did not have time to take a picture of my outfit for the day. Possibly tomorrow.
I went to JoAnn Fabrics today. I bought the gymnast material. I'm gonna make some pajama pants. Awesome, right?
And drooled over the Hello Kitty.
Yes. I confess. I'm in love with Hello Kitty. I have Hello Kitty everything.
My bedspread. My sheets. I have hats. Gloves. Lipgloss. Kleenex. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Now for a flannel shirt in the near future? Maybe. My favorite is the last one. Ubbbbbbber cute. I want. Desperately. Hopefully'll it'll go on sale. 

So cute, right??
Also, I got this awesome dress pattern... for 99 freaking cents! 
Can you believe it??? I was like "This is the best thing EVER!" (So what if I get excited over mini things?)
I was especially excited because I've been looking for a white dress for awhile now, and I found this pattern, and was like "This is going to be the PERFECT white dress!!!" 
Now, to buy the white eyelet. I'm gonna let that go on sale too. Maybe for 99 cents?? Let's see how cheap I can make this dress. I can't waaaaaiit. 
(Can you tell I'm a wee bit hyper?? I also had a Carmel Mocha around 2 hours ago.) 

P.S. I got to hold an extremely cute baby. Bonus!!!!

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