Thursday, January 27

30 for 30

So. Because I'm still sick. (But definitely getting over it.) I'm not gonna post a picture. 
It would not be pretty. Plus, I'm sure you don't wanna see my pjs. Actually, you probably do because they're awesome. But I shall not show you, no matter how much you beg. 
I've signed up for... the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge. 

I'm a bit nervous. 
Ok, scratch that. I'm extremely nervous. 
I don't know why. It's not like I have tons of clothes anyways. 
But it seems like a lot of pressure. 
I do not do well under pressure. I start sweating. So if you see a lot of sweat stains on my clothes... well, I don't have a fever. It's just cause of the 30 for 30. 

So. I definitely need to figure out what I'm going to choose. Like, probably this weekend. 

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  1. Oh, babe...I feel for you. I just spent the last week sick in bed--and signed up for the 30 for 30 remix as well. It's like we're living the same life. Well, not really. At all. But I like to exaggerate. :)
    Good thing I have Friday off school--I need all the time I can get to pick my 30 for 30 pieces!
    xoxo, Paige Renae


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