Sunday, February 6

i'm supergirl.

I decided to be festive. 
So I put a heart background.
I'm such a romantic. 
Haha. I also changed my header, if you didn't notice. 
I still suck at making headers, I use paint, and I think it's probably not the best software to be using. Oh well, it's what I've got to work with. 
But, I like the colors of this. It's cuuuute. 

I'd definitely like some feedback.
Anything you hate about how this looks?
Or wish I'd change back? 
Or is it perfect?? 
Thats what I thought. It's perfect. 
Kidding. But it's pretty darn close. 

I hope you all had a wicked Super Bowl Sunday. 
I did not watch the Super Bowl. I refuse. 
Instead I went to a Super Girl party. Twas fun.
There was a baby, I was in love. 
Waaaay better than watching some dumb guys in tights tackling each other. 


  1. Hi Lauren!
    For some reason I will never know (Actually, I've been super busy lately) I haven't' commented on your blog in a while. So. I am commenting. Possibly the longest comment ever. Anyway, I LOVELOVELOVE your new background and header! It's so cute and festive!
    And HECK YES to your super bowl statement. Uhh, last time I checked going out with the girls is waaa-aaaay better.
    I should stop talikng, because this definitely has the potential to turn into an essay. If it is not already.
    So buh byee, my lovely!
    xo Paige
    P.S. Where oh where did you find that adorable giraffe in your header picture? Super cuuute.

  2. Haha. I love essay comments. When I start to typing it's hard to stop!!
    I got the giraffe when I was really little from an Aunt. Mannnny years ago. And come to find out, I eventually fell in love with giraffes. So I'm suuuper glad I have it. Plus she's cute


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